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Count of Sicily

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Title: Count of Sicily  
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Subject: 1105, Roger II of Sicily, Roger I of Sicily, Simon of Sicily, Mileto, Polizzi Generosa, Treaty of Melfi, Norman conquest of southern Italy
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Count of Sicily

Counts of Sicily

Sicily was granted, pending its Christian reconquest, to Robert Guiscard as "duke" in 1059 by Pope Nicholas II. The Guiscard granted it as a county to his brother Roger.

Hauteville Dynasty, 1071–1130 |- | Mileto
aged 70 |- | Mileto
aged 12 |- | Palermo
aged 58 |}

Kings of Sicily

Roger II received royal investiture from Antipope Anacletus II in 1130 and recognition from Pope Innocent II in 1139. Sicily, which by then comprised not only the island, but also the southern third of the Italian peninsula, rapidly expanded itself to include Malta and the Mahdia, the latter if only briefly.

House of Hauteville, 1130–1198

| Palermo
aged 58 |- | Palermo
aged 35 |- | Palermo
aged 34 |- | Palermo
aged 56 |- | Irene Angelina
no children || 24 December 1193
aged 18 |- | Sibylla of Acerra|| never married||1198
aged 8 |- | Palermo
aged 44 |- |} Constance was married to the Emperor Henry VI and he pressed his claim to the kingdom from William II's death, but only succeeded in displacing his wife's family in 1194.

House of Hohenstaufen, 1194–1266

| Messina
aged 32 |- | Torremaggiore
aged 55 |- | Martirano
aged 30 |- | Lavello
aged 26 |- | Naples
aged 16
(executed) |- | Battle of Benevento
aged 34
(killed in action) |- |} Manfred was regent of Sicily for his nephew, the child Conrad II ("Conradin"), but took the crown in 1258, and continued to fight to keep the kingdom under the Hohenstaufen. In 1254 the pope, having declared the kingdom a papal possession, offered the crown to the King of England's son, Edmund Crouchback, but the English never succeeded in taking the kingdom. In 1262 the pope reversed his previous decision and granted the kingdom to the King of France's brother, Charles of Anjou, who succeeded in dispossessing Manfred in 1266. Conradin continued his claim to the throne until his death by decapitation perpetrated by Charles of Anjou in 1268.

Plantagenet Dynasty, 1254–1263

Edmund Crouchback, son of King Henry III of England, claimed the Crown of Sicily between 1254 and 1263; the claim was taken very seriously by both him and his father, but was completely ineffectual.

Capetian House of Anjou, 1266–1282

| Foggia
aged 58 |- |} Peter III of Aragon, Manfred's son in law, of the House of Barcelona, conquered the island of Sicily from Charles I in 1282 and had himself crowned King of Sicily. Thereafter the old Kingdom of Sicily was centred on the mainland, with capital at Naples, and although informally called Kingdom of Naples it was still known formally as "Kingdom of Sicily". Thus, there were two "Sicilies" — the island kingdom, however, was often called "Sicily beyond the Lighthouse" or "Trinacria", by terms of a treaty between the two states.

House of Barcelona, 1282–1409

| Vilafranca del Penedès
aged 45 |- | Barcelona
aged 60 |- | Palermo
aged 65 |- | Calascibetta
aged 37 |- | Aci Castello
aged 18 |- | Messina
aged 36 |- | Lentini
aged 38 |- | Cagliari
aged 35 |- |}

Martin I died heirless and the kingdom was inherited by his father who united it to the Crown of Aragon

House of Trastámara, 1409–1516

| Barcelona
aged 54 |- | Igualada
aged 36 |- | Naples
aged 52 |- | Barcelona
aged 81 |- | Madrigalejo
aged 54 |- | Madrigalejo
aged 75 |- |}

House of Habsburg, 1516–1713

|- | Isabella of Portugal
10 March 1526
3 children ||21 September 1558
aged 58 |- | Madrid
aged 71 |- | Madrid
aged 42 |- | Madrid
aged 60 |- | Madrid
aged 38 |- | Madrid
aged 62 |- |} At the end of the War of the Spanish Succession, by the Treaty of Utrecht, Sicily was ceded to the Duke of Savoy

House of Savoy, 1713–1720

| Moncalieri
aged 66 |- |} The Spanish invaded the kingdom in 1718 during the War of the Quadruple Alliance. The Duke of Savoy ceded it to Austria in 1720 by the Treaty of The Hague.

House of Habsburg, 1720–1735

| Vienna
aged 55 |- |} Charles I, Duke of Parma conquered the kingdom during the War of the Polish Succession. At the end of the war Sicily was ceded to the new Charles V of Sicily.

House of Bourbon 1735–1816

| Madrid
aged 72 |- | Naples
aged 73 |- |} In 1816 the Kingdom of Naples and the Kingdom of Sicily were merged as the new Kingdom of the Two Sicilies.

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