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Dale Allison

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Title: Dale Allison  
Author: World Heritage Encyclopedia
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Subject: Quest for the historical Jesus, Pittsburgh Theological Seminary faculty, Matthew 1:2, Matthew 1:14, Matthew 1:1
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Dale Allison

Dale C. Allison (November 25, 1955-)[1] is an American New Testament scholar, historian of Early Christianity, and Christian theologian who for years served as Errett M. Grable Professor of New Testament Exegesis and Early Christianity at Pittsburgh Theological Seminary.[2] He is currently the Richard J. Dearborn Professor of New Testament Studies at Princeton Theological Seminary.[3]



Allison received a B.A. from Testament of Abraham. He has been called "the premier Matthew specialist of his generation in the United States" and "North America's most complete New Testament scholar."[1] Allison has served on many editorial boards including New Testament Studies and the Journal for the Study of the Historical Jesus[3] and he was for many years the main New Testament editor for the multi-volume Encyclopedia of the Bible and Its Reception.

He is a prominent defender of the view of the historical Jesus as an memory. Allison is also associated with the claims that historians of early Christianity have much to learn from cross-cultural messianism as well as from the critical study of visionary experiences both within and without religious contexts.



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