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Dan van der Vat

Daniel Francis Jeroen van der Vat (born 28 October 1939, Alkmaar, North Holland) is a journalist, writer and military historian, with a focus on naval history.[1] Van der Vat grew up in Nazi-German occupied Holland. He went to the Cardinal Vaughan Memorial School in London, and then was a student at St Cuthbert's Society, Durham University from 1957 to 1960, graduating with a BA in Classics. He has written fourteen books.[2]

He then became a graduate trainee on The Journal, Newcastle upon Tyne, later joining the Daily Mail in Manchester and returning to Newcastle as its regional chief reporter. He was recruited by The Sunday Times in 1965 and transferred to The Times in 1967. He was a foreign correspondent for ten years, opening the southern Africa bureau before becoming bureau chief in Germany. He left in 1981 and joined The Guardian in 1982 as chief foreign leader-writer. He still writes obituaries for The Guardian.[1]

Selected works

  • van der Vat, Dan (1985). The Last Corsair: The Story of the Emden. Birlinn Ltd.  
  • van der Vat, Dan (1992). The Pacific Campaign: The U.S.-Japanese naval war 1941-1945. Birlinn Ltd.  
  • van der Vat, Dan (1995). Stealth at Sea: The History of the Submarine.  
  • van der Vat (Co authored with Robin Gardiner), Dan (1995). The Riddle of the Titanic. Weidenfeld & Nicolson.  
  • van der Vat, Dan (1997). The Good Nazi: The Life and Lies of Albert Speer. George Weidenfeld & Nicolson.  
  • van der Vat, Dan (1998). Atlantic Campaign: World War II's Great Struggle at Sea (U.S. Edition). Harper & Row, Publishers, Inc.  
  • van der Vat, Dan (2000). Standard of Power. Hutchinson.  
  • van der Vat, Dan (2001). Pearl Harbor: The day of infamy-- An Illustrated History. Orion Publishing Co.  
  • van der Vat, Dan (2001). Atlantic Campaign: The Great Struggle at Sea 1939-1945. Birlinn Ltd.  
  • van der Vat, Dan (2002). The Grand Scuttle.  
  • van der Vat, Dan (2003). D-Day: The greatest invasion-- A people's history.  
  • van der Vat, Dan (2009). The Dardanelles Disaster - Winston Churchill's Greatest Failure.  
  • van der Vat, Dan (2009). Eel Pie Island (with Michele Whitby).  


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