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Dancing with the Stars (Albania)

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Title: Dancing with the Stars (Albania)  
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Subject: Dancing with the Stars, Mimoza Ahmeti
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Dancing with the Stars (Albania)

Dancing with the Stars Albania
Format Dance competition
Presented by Alketa Vejsiu, Genti Zotaj (Season 1)
Amarda Toska, Ermal Mamaqi (Season 2 & 3)
Judges Ilir Shaqiri
Iva Tiço
Arian Çani (Season 1 & 2)
Ilir Shaqiri
Iva Tiço
Alfred Kaçinari (Season 3)
Country of origin Albania
No. of seasons 3
Producer(s) International Theatre, Tring Digital, Vizion Plus
Original channel Vizion Plus
Original run 18 February 2010 – Present
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Dancing with the Stars Albania is an Albanian reality show filmed in Tirana, Albania and aired on Vizion Plus and Tring Digital since its debut on 18 February 2010. Twelve VIPs and professional dancers form twelve couples that contest in one of the most successful TV formats. The show is a production of International Theatre, in collaboration with Tring Digital and Vizion Plus, according to the original patent distributed by BBC Worldwide.

Season 1: Contestants

Ligia Zacarias and Julind Dervishi

Ligia Zacarias is a model born in Mozambique on September 26, 1977. She has lived in Italy, England and Portugal. She currently lives in Albania together with her husband who works as a foreign diplomatic representative. She has two sons: Daniel 11 years old, and Matteo 6 years old. Ligia says that she has started a new life of peace in Albania, away from the paparazzi (this comes before deciding to run in Dancing with The Stars). She does not want to be known as a model but only for obtaining a British degree in Marketing - an occupation that goes well with her duties as Director of a Private Educational Institution in Tirana.

Jonida Shehu and Davide Zongoli

Jonida Shehu is a well known journalist and news anchor on Vizion Plus. She was born in Tepelene, Albania where she attended primary school. Later she moved to Tirana where she graduated for Journalism in the Faculty of Philosophy and History. She is one of the most popular figures of the Albanian electronic media with many years of experience in television. She anchors news bulletins and a daily morning show called Zip beside the well-known journalist Rezear Xhaxhiu.

Klodiana Shala (Klodi) and Ervis Nallbani (Visi)

Klodiana Shala is one of the most popular athletes in Albania, marking in her career more than 50 national records. She is winner of many gold, silver and bronze medals. She was born on August 22, 1979 in Tirana, and has graduated from the Physical Education Academy in Tirana. Klodiana has competed for the first time at age 14 and since has not stopped running. In Albania she is known as the record holder in four disciplines (100, 200, 400 meters hurdles, 400 meters) participating in 80 international sports competitions. Klodiana Shala is the only Albanian sports personality who has represented Albania and the Albanian flag in three Olympic Games at Sydney 2000, Athens 2004 and Beijing 2008. Her best time is 24.34s and 53.87s. Klodi also holds a national record in 400 meters hurdles at time 56 "48. Only in 2006 she has broken five national records, two in the 220 meters race, second in 400 meters race and a race of 100 meters. In "Dancing with the stars" Klodi reveals her secret passion and talent for dance.

Nik Xhelilaj and Olta Ahmetaj

Nik Xhelilaj is an Albanian actor born in 1983. He graduated from the Academy of Arts of Albania for cinematography and drama. When he was student, he took part in the movie The Sorrow of Mrs. Schneider, directed by Piro Milkani, distinguished by the protagonist role of Serjani Lek. It was this film that made him famous and marked the beginning of his career in acting. In the 2009 he interprets in a leading role in Alive, a film by Artan Minarolli. Xhelilaj is mostly preferred at the theatre stage as directors of the theaters suggest. In 2007 he interprets as General Llukan in the drama Sunset Bells, directed by Alfred Bualoti and Andon Qesari. In the same year he is selected to interpret by the director Timo Flloko as Stanley Kovalsky in the drama A Streetcar Named Desire by Tennessee Williams put on stage in the Academy of Fine Arts. In the theater Alexander Moissi in Durres, he plays in the role of Arthur in the drama Tango by Slavomir Mrozek, staged by director Driada Dervishi in 2009.

Roland Hysi (Landi) and Loreta Bala (Lori)

Roland Hysi is singer in the group West Side Family. Born in Tirana in 1980, Landi became known as one of three young men that with their songs overrun scenes in the Albanian capital. He is singer in one of the consolidated and everlasting groups in the history of Albanian music. Their songs are hits to the youth today. Together with two other singers in the group, Dr. Flori and Miri, Landi’s friend, he participated in all the music festivals organized in Albania, and received many awards. Landi is the host of the Reality TV show "Mos e Beso Po Deshe" on Vizion Plus. He has stated that he is an adventourius type of person that enjoys emotions previously unknown. He likes the intriguing idea of being a protagonist, rather than spectator, so he has agreed to be also one of 12 players of "Dancing with the stars". In the first edition of “Dancing with the Stars Albania”, he took the third place.

Vasjan Lami and Rovena

Vasjan Lami is a famous movie actor who acts in the National Theatre of Albania as well. Born in Tirana on May 21, 1957, in order to realize his dream of becoming actor, he studied at the Academy of Fine Arts and graduated in the Drama Disclipine. Vasjan performed for the first time on stage in 1978 as Agroni in the drama Spring Flood. In cinema, he first performs in the movie The Old Man and the Opponent. Since then he continued a career in film and theater. Today, he counts over 70 roles and is one of most interesting actors according to the Albanian public. "The theater and movie can not be separated since I believe that both have different emotions and beauty", he is quoted as saying. The mos beautiful role for him has been Garibaldi in Force of Habit, a role which was conducted in the summer of 2009 at the scene of the National Theatre. Football and fishing are his passions in the spare time.

Viktor Zhusti and Isida Mullaymeri

Viktor Zhusti is a famous actor of the stage and the screen. He was born in Athens in 1942 and has grown up in Albania. Viktor, as a movie actor has performed in many Albanian films such as Taulanti Requires a Sissy in 1984, where he portrayed the role of Pirro, then he played in The Second November (1982), Mountains in Verdure (1971), When Shooting a Movie (1981), and There Comes a Day (1986). His gallery of characters is quite broad and encompasses contrasting characters, all executed with finesse. The actor has left footprints in the theater as well. He became quite popular in the comedy Rain in the Beach playing as Alberi (1982). After the 90s, he immigrated to Greece only to return to Tirana in 2008 where he played on stage as the protagonist of the comedy All in Habits (2008). His latest role was in the staging of Who is Afraid of Virginia Wolf (2009–2010). He takes part in the first edition of “Dancing with the Stars Albania” as the oldest participant of the contest.

Soni Malaj and Mirko Luccarelli

Soni Malaj is a prominent, Born 8 November 1981 dark-haired singer of Albanian music with a typical Mediterranean charm. She began her career at the age of 15 as a founding member of the first Albanian female musical group called Spirit Voice. One song that immediately became a hit was Fuoristrada. But after the breakup of the group, Soni followed a career as a solo singer only to publish a solo album entitled Queen of the Night. From this moment Soni's hit songs increasingly occupied the hearts of Albanian fans inside and outside Albania. Since the age of 16, she regularly exercises at the gym. She has a strong character inherited from her birthplace, Tropoje, Albania. Precisely this character has to bear with the various challenges that she had to face during her career.

Julian Deda (Juli) and Ledia Sulaj

Julian Deda is one of the most distinguished comedians of recent years in Albania. He was born in Shkodra in 1981 and dreamed to become an actor which he did by graduating from the Academy of Fine Arts in Tirana at the drama discipline. Juli’s talent stood out when he was still a student, especially because of the ability to interpret characters in comical roles, a talent which Juli inherited from his father, the Albanian humor icon Zef Deda. Immediately after graduation, Juli showed up in various comical roles in several television shows, with whom managed to win the hearts and sympathy of the public. In 2008, Juli interprets in the monodrama Final Toilet of Italian author Roberto Lerici. Recently he left many projects on hold to co-host the humor improvisation show Apartmenti 2XL on Vizion Plus. Juli is married and has a daughter and son.

Genta Ismajli and Dion Gjinika

Genta Ismajli, artistically known as "Genta" is an Albanian singer from Kosovo born 12 April 1984. A few months after her birth, her parents decided to move to Chicago, United States. At first, she became famous with the song "Go," and at 19 she returned to Kosovo and introduced the song "Twiddle," which quickly became hit. She quickly became very popular in the local scene of Albania and Kosovo. Occasionally, she travels to the United States where she composes albums in English. Many of the songs on these albums are written by Kara DioGuardi, a famous American author. Genta is known for her impressive and energetic dance performances.

Eli Fara and Gerd Vaso

Eli Fara is a famous Albanian folklore singer of serenades. She was born in Korca, on May 21, 1967. She became aware of her greta voice in childhood, but only in 1989 she won fame by snatching the first prize in the spectacle Evenings of Folk Music with songs such are Qeraxhiu i Grebenese and 25 Gërshetat. From this year the singer began to take part in many concerts in the country and abroad. A few years later she moved to the United States, but never left the public scene. Until now, she has published six albums, among which: Nostalgia, Beyond, The Heart Says, I Want It By Myself, and Autumn. Eli loves her daughter, Marina and the music. Although she has a good relationship with dance, before becoming a contestant in this competition she said: "When holding a step, however small, it seems to having more..."

Oni Pustina and Greta Hushi (later on replaced by Linda)

Oni Pustina is one of the most famous Albanian models in Italy. Born in Tirana, on April 1, 1970 he has participated in the well known Italian television show called You Have Got Mail by Maria De Filippi in the role of one of the postmen. He is also one of the popular images of calendars and advertisements inside and outside the country. Oni has recently entered cinema as one of his passions. In 2009 he performed in the movie East–West-East, directed by Gjergj Xhuvani.

Season 1 elimination order

Celebrity Job Partner Eliminated in
Viktor Zhusti actor Isida Mullaymeri round 8
Jonida Shehu journalist Davide Zongoli round 5
Oni Pustina model Greta Hushi Winner
Roland Hysi singer Loreta Bala 3RD PLACE
Eli Fara folkhore singer Gerd Vaso round 10
Klodiana Shala athlet Ervis Nallbani round 2
Julian Deda comedian Ledia Sulaj round 11
Vasjan Lami actor of theatre Rovena round 3
Ligia Zacarias model Julind Dervishi round 4
Soni Malaj singer Mirko Luccarelli round 9
Nik Xhelilaj actor Olta Ahmetaj round 6
Genta Ismajli singer Dion Gjinika 2ND PLACE


Couple 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9
Genta & Dion 30 30 30 30 30 30 30+5=35 30+30=60 30+30+30=90
Nik & Olta 19 23 22 21 23 22 21+2=23 24+21=45 26+23+29=78
Soni & Mirko 22 25 23 26 25 26 27+6=33 25+27=52 27+28+27=82
Ligia & Julind 21 24 25 22 27 24 25+3=28 24+24=48
Vasjan & Rovena 26 22 25 28 26 26 27+4=31*
Julian & Ledia 18 18 21 22 24 21 23+1=24
Klodania & Ervis 23 21 24 22 21 22
Eli & Gerd 13 17 14 17 13
Roland & Roleta 15 18 17 19
Oni & Greta 18 21 16
Jonida & Davide 13 15
Viktor & Isida 12'11'
  • Vasjan had a physical injury and was not longer in the contest.

Season 2: Contestants

Agnesa Vuthaj and Simone Pigliacelli

Arian Konomi and Odeta Dishnica

Eloise Le Petit and Fatjon Lito

Big Basta and Olta Ahmetaj

Vesa Luma and Endrit Shkoza

Shpat Kasapi and Isida Mollaymeri

Mimoza Ahmeti and Ervis Nallbani

Hervin Çuli and Rovena Shqevi

Çiljeta Xhilaga and Dion Gjinika

Olsi Mingomataj and Jonida Boka

Olta Gixhari and Janer Veranes


Enver Petrovci and Loreta Bala

Season 3: Contestants

  • Anjeza Maja and Elvisi
  • Seldi and Rovena
  • Dren Abazi and Lori
  • Niada Saliasi and Endri
  • Vedat Ademi and Odeta
  • Adelina Tahiri and Fatjoni
  • Aferdita Dreshaj and Gregori
  • Artan Imami and Isida
  • Ornela Bregu and Dioni
  • Xhani Shqerra and Ledi
  • Inida Gjata - Zhaku and Simone
  • Fotaq "Foto" Strakosha and Linda
  • Bujar Kapexhiu and Olta


  • Elvana Gjata & Gerti


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