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Daniel Granger (Doctors)

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Title: Daniel Granger (Doctors)  
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Subject: Daniel Granger, Ruth Pearce, Cherry Clay, Zara Carmichael
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Daniel Granger (Doctors)

Daniel Granger
Matthew Chambers as Daniel Granger (2012)
Doctors character
Portrayed by Matthew Chambers
Duration 2007, 2008—[1]
First appearance 9 July 2007
Introduced by Peter Eryl Lloyd
Classification Present; regular
Occupation General practitioner
Home Letherbridge

Dr. Daniel Granger MBBS is a fictional character in the soap opera Doctors, portrayed by Matthew Chambers. He made his first appearance on 9 July 2007. He temporarily departed Doctors in 2012.[2]


On arrival, Daniel was clearly hiding some dangerous secrets. After stealing a wad of cash from his former Practice partner in London, he used the money to clear part of a £200,000 debt he had run up as a result of an out of control gambling addiction. Not content on facing up to his problem, his addiction spiralled out of control when he came face to face with a couple of criminals to whom he owed money. They kept Melody Bell and Joe Fenton hostage as bait to lure Daniel into repaying them. After the ordeal, Daniel came to terms with his addiction and turned himself into the police. He was later faced with a tribunal and the possibility of being struck-off.

In Series 10, his colleague Ruth Pearce had symptoms of mental illness and she locked him in the sick bay. While holding him captive, Ruth had tried to save a patient from a heart attack, psychotically declaring and pretending to be her friend nurse Michelle Corrigan. Daniel tried to escape from a window, which injured his leg. When Daniel saved the patient from a near death experience, he called Melody Bell, warning her that Ruth may be suffering from a breakdown. This led Melody referring Ruth to a mental health institute, under the Mental Health Act to keep her from endangering herself and others.

Daniel has recently taken a liking to new nurse Cherry Malone. Cherry knocked Daniel back much to his disappointment. Daniel was upset recently to learn that a patient Cybil Lambert had died. She liked Daniel very much, and left him £50,000 in her will. Daniel splashed out on a new sports car and flash apartment. He upset Lily by not telling her he was moving out. Lily later told him she would be glad to see the back of him from her place. Since his windfall Daniel has been keen to impress new GP Zara Carmichael. She came over to his flat but Zara ended the relationship within the same day, stating that they needed to get it out of the way before they could work together. Cybil Lambert's son Malcolm, sold a story to the Letherbridge newspaper, about Daniel conning Cybil. Julia saw it and called a meeting with Lily and Heston about it. Daniel claimed to Lily Hassan that he shouldn't have to apologise because the money was a gift, however Lily insisted that he should. Daniel went over to The Mill to see Julia. He tried to explain that he kept the money for the benefit of his daughter, but she was having none of it. With his own hard work and the backing of the partners Daniel has now opened the "Granger Clinic", a botox clinic which is run in The Mill. The other doctors are quite unwilling to help in his enterprise and since he seems to have little sense of advertising and sales, resorts to unorthodox techniques to get customers, including plying Simon Bond with cream horns and drinks to attempt to get him to encourage his homosexual friends to have treatment.

Daniel is enrolled on a team building course with Zara by Julia Parsons, after she is fed up of constantly seeing Daniel and Zara arguing with each other at the surgery, much to their annoyance. At the lesson, he tries his best to comfort Zara when the whole class was assigned to tell each other about their personal life. She emotionally talked about her father and his imprisonment and that she was helping him battle to prove his innocence of manslaughter. They get very close and nearly kissed. Beforehand, Daniel talked about Izzy to the whole class.

Zara had slept with Daniel numerous times. She pretended to be his girlfriend so Daniel could have access to his daughter, Isobel. On Tuesday 27 July, Daniel took Zara bowling, and they officially became an item. In October 2010, Zara starting having hot flushes and menopausal symptoms whilst Daniel was present. He at first asks if there is anything wrong, and if shes pregnant, but she lies and says it's probably just PMT. Viewers can see lying to Daniel is getting to her. Zara finally comes clean about the menopause, and Daniel can't seem to say anything right. Zara thinks Daniel wants to end the relationship a couple of days later. Misreading the situation, she ends it first. Daniel traps Zara in her office and they get back together. They are seen leaving the Mill holding hands.

Daniel tells Zara to pack her suncream as they are going on holiday. Zara is very excited, however whilst out shopping with Daniel and Isobel, his daughter, Izzy is taken from a carousel ride. After a lot of looking and searching, Zara tracks down the abductors, follows one onto a motorway bridge, and talks her into giving Isobel back. During this we hear about how much she loves Daniel, and that she has had her eggs frozen. After this, Daniel cruelly dumps Zara for Lisa, leaving Zara devastated. Daniel does not currently appear to seem happy with Lisa. In April 2011, Daniel and Zara get back together. In mid-April Lisa leaves Letherbridge, this means that Daniel only gets to see Izzy every other weekends. On Tuesday 19 April, Zara met up with her father - who is desprete to have a grandchild. This meeting leaves Zara feeling empty & broody. On Wednesday 20 April 2011 Zara is shown pretending she is pregnant with a coat up her shirt, Heston walks in and she is left in tears.

Over May, June and July 2011, Daniel and Zara tried IVF. They were left devastated when they discovered it hadn't worked and Zara wasn't pregnant. However, they are going to try again at some point, and we can only hope. When Zara arrives for work on the Friday the 5th of August, she is nursing the mother of all hangovers. During the day Zara seems to get better until lunch when she sees everyone eating and has to run to the toilets to be sick. When she and Daniel arrive home, he makes her marmite toast to combat the hangover but this only makes her feel worse. Knowing what this could mean Daniel rushes out to a chemist, when he returns Zara is sitting on the bed with a pregnancy test in her hands. After Daniel tells her he loves her, she reveals the results of the test, and both she and Daniel are overjoyed to discover that she is pregnant.

On February 13, 2012, Zara goes into early labour at the Mill. However, Daniel is unaware of this as he's gone to town with friend and colleague Jimmi Clay as the pair, along with Jimmi's friend Franklyn, have gone shopping for trousers for Jimmi's impending wedding. Daniel is driven back to the Mill and holds his newborn baby boy for the first time. Daniel, his baby and Zara are taken to hospital. Following a phone call from his maternal uncle Dr Joe Fenton, the couple decides to name their son Joe.

Isobel Torres

Isobel Torres
Doctors character
Portrayed by Nicol & Jasmin Parkinson (2008-2011)
Maizey Corbett (2012-)
Laura Fedorowycz (Adult Izzie)
Duration 2008-
First appearance 15 December 2008

Isobel 'Izzy' Torres first appeared on 15 December 2008 and was originally played by twins Jasmin and Nicole Parkinson. In 2012 the role was recast with Maizey Corbett now playing the role. The adult version of Izzie - seen in If a Tree Falls was played by Laura Fedorowycz. When Izzy first came on to the soap she was looked after by her father, Daniel Granger at his colleagues, Lily Hassan's house. Daniel and Izzy built up a strong relationship with each other but in January 2009 Izzy's mother, Lisa turned up and took Izzy away from Daniel. Lisa let Daniel see Izzy but after a while it seemed to stop. That was because jealous colleague of Daniel, Ruth Pearce who is his former girlfriend told Lisa about his past of gambling and prostitution. Lisa then took Izzy away. After many occasions Izzy saw her father but something always seemed to go wrong with Daniel. Daniel has recently opened a botox clinic at the Mill and hopes it will give him enough money to get access to see Izzy. In November 2010, Isobel was kidnapped whilst in Letherbridge with her father and Zara. She was found a few days later.


Matthew Chambers and Elisabeth Dermot-Walsh who plays Zara Carmichael were nominated for "Best on-screen partnership" but lost out to Jake Wood and Jo Joyner who play Max and Tanya Branning on EastEnders.[3]


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