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Deal or No Deal (Arab world)

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Title: Deal or No Deal (Arab world)  
Author: World Heritage Encyclopedia
Language: English
Subject: Deal or No Deal, Ota tai jätä, Miljoenenjacht, Sdelka ili ne, Áll az alku
Publisher: World Heritage Encyclopedia

Deal or No Deal (Arab world)

Deal or No Deal's Arabic version was first broadcast on September 14, 2004, having a brief weekly run on the Pan-Arabic channel MBC 1, called Al Safqa (الصفقة) and hosted by Amir Karar, the top prize was US$1,000,000.

After being cancelled, the show was revived as a daily program between April 1, 2005 and 2006 on LBC, called Deal or No Deal and hosted by Michel Sanan, the top prize was US$250,000 and was using the French format.


  • Case Values 1
    • MBC 1 Version 1.1
    • LBC Version 1.2
  • References 2

Case Values

MBC 1 Version

The show starts with 26 contenders being asked five general-knowledge questions, each one with three possible answers. The players answer the questions using keypads. If a player gets a question right, they receive one point for each contestant who got that question wrong. The two best players face off at the Temptation Round. In this round, one of the two players can decide to leave the game and take home a valuable price. If both reject this option, an open-ended buzzer question is asked. If a contestant buzzes in with the correct answer, they proceed. If a contestant buzzes in with a wrong answer, they get eliminated and their opponent moves on to the final round where the case game is played. After the winning player has selected his briefcase, the 25 contenders who did not make it to the final round are given one of the 25 remaining cases each. When the finalist selects a case to be opened, the player holding it has to guess its content and is awarded a small amount of money if his guess is proved to be correct.

The case game consists of 26 cases, which ranges from US$0.01 to US$1,000,000:
Left Side Right Side
US$0.01 US$1,000
US$0.05 US$2,500
US$0.10 US$5,000
US$0.20 US$10,000
US$0.50 US$20,000
US$1 US$30,000
US$5 US$50,000
US$10 US$100,000
US$25 US$200,000
US$50 US$300,000
US$100 US$400,000
US$250 US$500,000
US$500 US$1,000,000

LBC Version

The show consists of 22 boxes, which ranges from US$0.01 to US$250,000:
Left Side Right Side
US$0.01 US$1,000
Joke prize (or US$1) US$2,500
Joke prize (or US$5) US$5,000
Joke prize (or US$10) US$10,000
Joke prize (or US$25) US$15,000
US$50 US$25,000
US$100 US$50,000
US$150 US$75,000
US$200 US$100,000
US$300 US$125,000
US$500 US$250,000


  • [1] (In Arabic)
  • [2] (In Arabic)
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