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Democratic Party vice presidential candidate selection, 2008

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Title: Democratic Party vice presidential candidate selection, 2008  
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Subject: Republican Party vice presidential candidate selection, 2008, Joe Biden, Barack Obama presidential campaign, 2008, Evan Bayh presidential campaign, 2008, Alyson Kennedy
Collection: Barack Obama Presidential Campaign, 2008, Joe Biden, Vice Presidency of the United States
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Democratic Party vice presidential candidate selection, 2008

2008 Democratic presidential nominee Barack Obama (left) chose Delaware Senator Joe Biden as his running mate.

This article lists individuals who were potential Democratic Party candidates for Vice President of the United States in the 2008 presidential election. After Illinois Senator Barack Obama became the Democratic Party's presumptive nominee on June 3, 2008,[1] Obama formed a small committee, made up of James A. Johnson (who later stepped down),[2] Eric Holder and Caroline Kennedy, to help him select a running mate.[3][4][5] Obama strongly considered choosing Senator Evan Bayh and governors Tim Kaine and Kathleen Sebelius, but Obama ultimately decided to select Delaware Senator Joe Biden as his running mate. The Obama-Biden ticket won the 2008 presidential election, defeating the Republican McCain-Palin ticket.


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  • Short list candidates 2
  • Initial candidates 3
    • Contenders for 2008 presidential nomination 3.1
    • Governors 3.2
    • Senators 3.3
    • Other political figures 3.4
    • Denied interest 3.5
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Vice-presidential nominee

On August 23, 2008, via text message, the Obama campaign announced that the then-presumptive Democratic nominee chose Joe Biden as his vice-presidential running mate.[6]

Short list candidates

Media near where Joe Biden was residing during speculation that he may be the Democratic nominee for Vice President.

Various news sources had listed persons thought to be on Senator Obama's short list for Vice President.

Initial candidates

Contenders for 2008 presidential nomination



Other political figures

Denied interest

Final list

In the final days leading up to the Democratic National Convention, four individuals were left on Obama's final list for Vice President.

On August 22, the eve of Obama's scheduled unveiling of his running mate, NBC News reported that Bayh and Kaine had been informed that they were not chosen.[20] Last minute controversy emerged as it was learned that Senator Hillary Clinton was never vetted for the position, when it was earlier thought that Sen. Barack Obama would consider her as he previously stated in various private and public reports.[21] This led to several questions as to whether Clinton supporters would feel betrayed and would defuse the intensity in "dream ticket" scenarios.

That night, ABC News reported that the U.S. Secret Service had assumed protection of Biden, which was seen as a sign that he had been chosen as Obama's running mate.[22] Just hours later, the Associated Press broke the news that Democratic Party officials had confided that Obama had in fact selected Biden as the vice-presidential nominee.[23]

Obama's campaign manager David Plouffe later wrote in his book The Audacity to Win, which was published in November 2009, that Bayh had been a "coin toss" away from becoming Obama's running mate. Plouffe and David Axelrod had interviewed the finalists and Plouffe said that Bayh's answers were "substantively close to perfect, if cautiously so." He recalled that at the time of the interview he thought to himself, "there's no way this guy will color outside the lines... Bayh's up side and down side are probably the closest spread of the three", compared to Biden, who could "reach higher heights but could cause us real pain." As Obama approached a decision, he told Plouffe "it's a coin toss now between Bayh and Biden, but Kaine is still a distinct possibility." On August 17, Obama told Axelrod simply, "I've decided. It's Biden."[24][25]

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