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Title: Dermocystidium  
Author: World Heritage Encyclopedia
Language: English
Subject: Mesomycetozoea, Rhinosporidium seeberi, Sphaerothecum destruens, Dermocystida
Publisher: World Heritage Encyclopedia


Scientific classification
Domain: Eukarya
(Unranked) Opisthokonta
(Unranked) Choanozoa or Holozoa
Class: Mesomycetozoea
Order: Dermocystida
Family: Dermocystidiaceae
Genus: Dermocystidium
Species: see text

Dermocystidium is a genus of cyst forming parasitic protists of fish,[1] which are the causative agents of dermocystidiosis.

Taxonomic History

The genus Dermocystidium was described in 1907. It was previously thought to be a genus of fungal parasites, related to thraustochytrids and labyrinthulids (both those groups are now considered to be stramenopiles rather than fungi). Other biologists considered it to be a sporozoan protist.

It was subsequently identified as one of a group of fish parasites (the "DRIP clade") of previously uncertain affiliation, which were later identified as non-animal, non-fungi opisthokonts,[2] and renamed as Ichthyosporea, and after expansion as Mesomycetozoa. Parasites of crustacea (Dermocystidium daphniae) and molluscs (Dermocystidium marimum) placed in this genus have been found to be stramenopiles and reclassified as Lymphocystidium daphniae and Perkinsus marinus respectively.

The frog parasite Dermocystidium ranae has recently been segregated as Amphibiocystidium ranae.[3]


  • Dermocystidium anguillae - a gill parasite of eels
  • Dermocystidium branchialis[4] - a gill parasite of salmonids
  • Dermocystidium cochliopodii[4]
  • Dermocystidium cyprini[4] - a gill parasite of carp[5]
  • Dermocystidium erschowii - a skin parasite of carp
  • Dermocystidium fennicum - a skin parasite of perch [6]
  • Dermocystidium gasterostei[4] - a parasite of sticklebacks[7]
  • Dermocystidium granulosum[4]
  • Dermocystidium guyenotii[4]
  • Dermocystidium koi[4] - a skin parasite of carp
  • Dermocystidium kwangtungensis[8]
  • Dermocystidium macrophagi
  • Dermocystidium nemachili[4]
  • Dermocystidium percae[4] - a skin parasite of perch [6]
  • Dermocystidium pusula[4]
  • Dermocystidium salmonis[4] - a gill parasite of salmon
  • Dermocystidium sinensis[8]
  • Dermocystidium vejdovskyi[4] - a parasite of pike


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