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Diana L. Paxson

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Title: Diana L. Paxson  
Author: World Heritage Encyclopedia
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Subject: Sword and Sorceress series, Marion Zimmer Bradley, Ancestors of Avalon, Lady of Avalon, Priestess of Avalon
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Diana L. Paxson

Diana L. Paxson
Born (1943-02-00)February , 1943 [1]
Detroit, MI[1]
Citizenship United States
Education MA University of California-Berkeley[1]
Alma mater BA Mills College[1]
Children 2

Diana L. Paxson (born 1943) is an author, primarily in the fields of Paganism and Heathenism. Her published works include fantasy and historical fiction novels, as well as numerous short stories. More recently she has also published books about Pagan and Heathen religions and practices.


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    • Chronicles of Fionn mac Cumhal 3.4
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In addition to her multiple novels and collaborations, she has written over 70 short stories. Her best-known works are the Westria novels, and the later books in the Avalon series, which she first co-wrote with Marion Zimmer Bradley, then - after Bradley's death, took over sole authorship. Paxson's other books include Taking Up the Runes, Essential Asatru, and Trance-Portation. She writes a regular column for the women's spirituality magazine, called Sagewoman.[2]

Paxson has been active in the leadership of a number of organizations. She hosted the first activities of the Society for Creative Anachronism, and was subsequently among that group's founding Directors and Corporate Officers when it incorporated.[3] She was the western regional director of the Science Fiction & Fantasy Writers of America, and is a frequent panelist at science fiction conventions, especially Baycon, where she was the 2007 Fantasy Guest of Honor.[4]

A leader in the Neopagan and Heathen revivals, Paxson is the founder of The Fellowship of the Spiral Path [5] and has served as First Officer of the Covenant of the Goddess. She has been Steerswoman of the Heathen group, The Troth, a member of its Board of Directors, and currently edits its journal, Idunna. She is a pioneer in the revival of Oracular Seidh, which she has taught and performed at many Neopagan and heathen festivals and retreats.

Personal life

She composes and plays music for the harp. She currently lives at her home, Greyhaven, in Berkeley, California.



  1. Lady of Light (1982) ISBN 0-671-45597-4
  2. Lady of Darkness (1983) ISBN 0-671-45882-5
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Lady of Light and Lady of Darkness have been republished in the U.S. as a single volume under the name Mistress of the Jewels (1991), and in the UK as Lady of Light, Lady of Darkness (1990)

Wodan's Children

  1. The Wolf and the Raven (1993) ISBN 0-688-10821-0
  2. The Dragons of the Rhine (1995) ISBN 0-688-13986-8
  3. The Lord of Horses (1996) ISBN 0-688-14606-6

The Hallowed Isle

  1. The Book of the Sword (1999) ISBN 0-380-78870-5
  2. The Book of the Spear (1999) ISBN 0-380-80546-4
  3. The Book of the Cauldron (1999) ISBN 0-380-80547-2
  4. The Book of the Stone (2000) ISBN 0-380-80548-0

These were also published in two volumes, as The Hallowed Isle: Books I & II (2000) and Books III & IV (2001)

Chronicles of Fionn mac Cumhal

In collaboration with Adrienne Martine-Barnes:

  1. Master of Earth and Water (1993) ISBN 0-688-12505-0
  2. The Shield Between the Worlds (1994) ISBN 0-688-13176-X
  3. Sword of Fire and Shadow (1995) ISBN 0-688-14156-0

Avalon series

In collaboration with Marion Zimmer Bradley:

As sole author:

Other novels

  • Brisingamen (1984) ISBN 0-425-07298-3
  • White Mare, Red Stallion (1986) ISBN 0-425-08531-7
  • The Paradise Tree (1987) ISBN 0-441-65134-8
  • The White Raven (1988) ISBN 0-688-07496-0
  • The Serpent's Tooth (1991) ISBN 0-688-08339-0

Sword and Sorceress series

Paxson has authored the following stories from the Sword and Sorceress series, an annual anthology of fantasy stories:

  • Sword of Yraine
  • Shadow Wood
  • Equona's Mare
  • The Sword Slave

Other short fiction

Other books

  • Celestial Wisdom for Every Year of Your Life: Discover the Hidden Meaning of Your Age (with Z. Budapest) Weiser Books (2003) ISBN 1-57863-282-X, ISBN 978-1-57863-282-4
  • Taking Up the Runes: A Complete Guide to Using Runes in Spells, Rituals, Divination, and Magic Weiser Books (April 20, 2005) ISBN 1-57863-325-7, ISBN 978-1-57863-325-8
  • Essential Asatru: Walking the Path of Norse Paganism Citadel (December 1, 2006) ISBN 0-8065-2708-0, ISBN 978-0-8065-2708-6
  • Trance-Portation: Learning to Navigate the Inner World Red Wheel/Weiser Books (November 1, 2008) ISBN 1-57863-405-9, ISBN 978-1-57863-405-7


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