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Djshop Records
Opened 1993
Pricing model Tiered À la carte
Platforms Cross-platform (web-based application)
Format MPEG Layer 3 (.mp3) @ 192 or 320 kbit/s,
WAVE Audio (.wav)
Restrictions DRM-free
Catalogue 1,300,000 tracks, 250,000 releases, 28,000 artist charts from 98,000 artist and remixers across 9,000 signed labels.
Preview 2:00 minute MP3 previews @ 96 kbit/s
Burning/copying Yes
Protocol Hypertext Transfer Protocol Secure (https://)

Djshop Records is a German-based online dance music retail store, selling vinyl records, CDs, music downloads and music accessories, founded by Armin Wirth.[1] The website was created in 1993. In 1998 the site changed into the European commercial franchise store Djshop, with locations in Poland, Vienna, Switzerland, Netherlands and the UK.[2] During the e-commerce boom of the late 1990s, the site differentiated itself from other dance music stores by maintaining a text-based presentation.

In July 2005, Djshop Records added MP3 and WAV downloads to its catalogue. In December 2008 Djshop released the independent digital music upload portal Feiyr [3] that's allowed every dj and artist to sell their music in real time in the djshop. In 2011 has djshop over 10 000 labels and artists under contracts.[4]

With start 2009 Feiyr began cooperation with several online shops like iTunes, Amazon, Napster to sell the digital content from the DJs to there shops.[5] One Year later djshop closed contracts as the first specialized dance store with the big 4 major music companies called Warner, EMI, Sony BMG to sell the major music content in the djshop.[6] Feiyr and djshop starts in 2010 to press individually download files on vinyl.[7]

In November Djshop released the first mobile dance store in the iTunes app store.[8] In January 2011 Djshop won the German biggest Poll from Pioneer and the Raveline Magazine (85 000 readers) as the German most wanted Download Store. Since January 2011 Djshop presents the digital download charts from the Germany biggest DJ mag.[9] With start 2011 djshop release in Germany’s biggest underground party magazine Partysan the music charts.[10]


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Current sites

  • Djshop records – the main international online shop for both physical and digital products, with language support in English and German
  • Feiyr – upload your music – international independent music distribution portal


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External links

Main sites

  • Djshop Records
  • Feiyr – Upload Your Music

Other sites

  • pages/djshop/77387189024 Djshop Records on Facebook
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