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Non-profit organization
Founded 2000
Headquarters New York, NY
Key people
Charles Best, Founder
Revenue $52,625,174[1]
Number of employees
Website is a Charity Navigator’s highest rating every year since 2005.[4]


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History was founded in 2000[5] by Charles Best, a social studies teacher at Wings Academy in the Bronx. Charles and his colleagues often spent their own money on school supplies for their students, and discussed materials they wished they could afford in the teachers’ lunchroom. Charles envisioned a platform for individuals to connect directly with classrooms in need, providing materials requested by teachers. With the help of his students, he built the first version of the site in his classroom and invited colleagues to post material requests. Charles anonymously funded the first 10 project requests to demonstrate the effectiveness of the site.

In 2003, the New York City region to key metropolitan areas across the country.

In 2006, following the destruction of hurricanes Katrina and Rita, the site opened to public school teachers in Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama, and Texas. In 2007, the site opened to every public school in the United States.[7]

As of December 2013, donors have contributed over $200 million to fund more than 400,000 classroom projects posted on the site, reaching 10 million students in public schools across the United States. Real-time impact statistics are available on the impact page [8] and open-source classroom data is offered to developers.[9]

Background enables teachers to request materials and resources for their classrooms and makes these project requests available to individual donors through its website. Donors can give $1 or more to projects that interest them, which are searchable by school name, teacher name, location, school subject, material, and keywords. then purchases necessary supplies and ships them directly to the schools. Every project contains a line-item budget and a description of the project. All donors receive photographs of the project taking place in the classroom and a letter from the teacher. Donors who contribute $50 or more to a project also receive hand-written thank-you notes from students.[10]

The operations of are 100% supported by an optional 15% donation to overhead, teacher outreach, maintenance and build-out of the website. 76% of individual donors opt to include this donation.[11]

Eligibility is open to all public and public charter schools in the United States, as well as GED and Pre-K programs run by public school systems.[12]

All “front line educators” are eligible to create accounts on the site and submit project requests. This includes teachers, librarians, guidance counselors, school nurses and full-time teachers who also act as coaches - all must work directly with students for 75% or more of their time.[13] Those who are not eligible include principals, administrators, PTA members, teachers' assistants, student teachers, substitutes, part-time teachers, after-school teachers, or staff developers.

Press appeared in a Doonesbury strip on September 9, 2007.[14]

It was mentioned in an interview with Craig Newmark on the October 18, 2007, episode of the Colbert Report,[15] and again on March 19, 2008, September 27, 2011,[16] and December 13, 2012, as a recipient of host Stephen Colbert's Super PAC Americans for a Better Tomorrow, Tomorrow.[17]

Charles Best spoke at the first annual Forbes 400 Summit On Philanthropy in June, 2012.[18]

In May 2013, mobilized donations in support of educators in

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