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Drow deities

The Dark Seldarine is the name given to the fallen, mostly evil deities of the subterranean drow in the Dungeons & Dragons role-playing game. They are not truly a pantheon in the same way the Seldarine are, though, as they do not co-operate. The Dark Seldarine are led by Lolth, whose power sometimes forces the others into obeying her. Their planes are various layers of the Abyss in 2nd Edition D&D and is the Demonweb Pits in the Third Edition cosmology.


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Ghaunadaur (gone-ah-dowr) is also known as That Which Lurks and The Elder Eye. Although officially considered a member of the drow pantheon, its followers include oozes, slimes, jellies, outcasts, and rebels. Most of its followers are lowly drow outcasts.




Selvetarm, known also as The Spider that Waits or Lolth's Champion, is worshipped by few drow in the Underdark. The place where his worshippers are most common is the city of Eryndlyn. He is the patron of unequaled battle prowess and bloodlust. He cares only for battle and destruction everywhere, and he has a great hatred for all things living, although that is nothing compared to the hatred he has for his mistress Lolth.


Vhaeraun ( ), also known as the Masked Lord and the Masked God of Night, is the drow god of thievery, drow males, and evil activity on the surface world in many Dungeons & Dragons campaign settings. His worshipers include assassins, male drow and half-drow, poisoners, shadowdancers, rogues, and thieves.


Zinzerena is the drow deity of chaos and assassins. Her symbol is a shortsword draped in a black cloak, symbolizing her hidden menace. In the Forgotten Realms cosmology, she has been killed or banished by Lolth.

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  • "Vhaeraun and Selvetarm Do Battle," by Steve Prescott
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