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Duchy of Aragvi

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Title: Duchy of Aragvi  
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Subject: History of Georgia (country), Satavado, Emirate of Tbilisi, Duchy of Ksani, Divan of the Abkhazian Kings
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Duchy of Aragvi

The Duchy of Aragvi (Aragvi valley, in the foothills of the eastern Greater Caucasus crest, and ruled by a succession of eristavi ("dukes") from c. 1380 until being transferred to the royal crown in 1747.


The first known dukes of Aragvi belonged to the [1]

The dukes of Aragvi had their residences at [2] as well as the fertile area of Bazaleti.

The energetic 17th-century dukes of Aragvi – Nugzar, Zurab, and Zaal – waged a relentless struggle to achieve more autonomy from the royal authority of Kartli as well as to subdue the free mountainous communities of Pshavi-Khevsureti and Ertso-Tianeti.[1][2]

In 1743, the rebellious Aragvians killed their duke Bezhan and surrendered the duchy to Russian Senate ruled their claims to be groundless.

List of Dukes of Aragvi


  • c. 1380 : Mihai
  • c. 1430 : Shanshe I
  • c. 1440 : Nugzar I
  • c. 1465–1474 : Vameq I


  • 1558–1580 : Jason I
    • Founder of Sidamoni dynasty, recognized as Eristav of Aragvi by King Simeon of Georgia 1558
  • 1580–1600 : Avtandil I
    • Son of Jason I
  • 1600–1611 : Nugzar I
    • Grandson of Jason I by brother of Avtandil I, Baadur
  • 1611–1619 : Baadur I
    • Son of Nugzar I
  • 1619–1629 : Zurab I
    • Son of Nugzar I
  • 1629–1635 : David I
    • Son of Nugzar I
  • 1635–1660 : Zaal I
    • Son of Nugzar I
  • 1660–1666 : Otar I
    • Grandson of Nugzar I by brother of Baadur I; George
  • 1666–1687 : Revaz I
    • Son of Nugzar I
  • 1687-1687 : Jason II
    • Grandson of Nugzar I by brother of Baadur I; George (brother of Otar I)
  • 1687–1696 : Baadur II
    • Son of Otar I
  • 1696–1723 : George I
    • Son of Otar I
  • 1723–1724 : Otar II
    • Son of George I
  • 1724–1730 : Teimuraz I
    • Son of Jason II, first cousin once removed of Otar II
  • 1730–1735 : Revaz II
    • Son of George I
  • 1735–1739 : Bardzim I
    • Son of George I


  • 1729-1742 : Revaz III
  • 1742-1743 : Bezhan I

(Both installed by the Turks)


Bagrationi appanage


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