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Eberhard of Béthune

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Title: Eberhard of Béthune  
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Subject: Eberhard, Grammarians, Latin mnemonics, Flemish people, Medieval university
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Eberhard of Béthune

Eberhard of Béthune (also known as Everard of Béthune, Évrard de Béthune, Éverard de Béthune, Ebrardus Bethuniensis or Bithuniensis, Eberhardus Bethuniensis, Eberard, Ebrard, Ebrad; d. c. 1212)[1] was a Flemish[2] grammarian of the early thirteenth century, from Arras. He was the author of Graecismus, a popular Latin grammatical poem, dated to c. 1212.[3] The name came from a short section on the Greek language.[4] His Laborintus is "an elaborate and critical treatise on poetry and pedagogics";[5] it is also known as De Miseriis Rectorum Scholarum.

He was also actively engaged against the Waldensians,[6] and wrote a book Antihaeresis against them. He is cited in Foxe's Book of Martyrs as to the etymology of the name.[7]


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