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Elections in Abkhazia


Elections in Abkhazia

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Abkhazia elects on national level a head of state - the president - and a legislature. The president is elected for a five term by the people. The People's Assembly has 35 members, elected for a five-year term in single seat constituencies. Abkhazia is a one party dominant state. Opposition parties are allowed, but are widely considered to have no real chance of gaining power. The last elections seems to show a development towards a multi-party system.

On 28 February 1996 Abkhazia's Parliament adopted a referendum law according to which referendums may be initiated by Parliament, by the President or by a group of citizens who have collected at least 10,000 signatures.[1] Since then, Abkhazia has held one referendum in 1999 to approve its constitution and declaration of independence.


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2014 Presidential elections

 Summary of the 24 August 2014 Abkhazian presidential election results
Presidential candidate Vice Presidential candidate votes %
Raul Khajimba Vitali Gabnia 50,586 50.60
Aslan Bzhania Astan Agrba 35,869 35.88
Mirab Kishmaria Said Lolua 6,390 6.39
Leonid Dzapshba Boris Abitov 3,397 3.40
Against all 1,870 1.87
Invalid 1,854 1.85
Total number of votes cast 99,966 100.00
Turnout 99,966 75.24
Abstention 32,895 24.76
Total number of registered voters 132,861 100.00
Source: Apsnypress

2012 parliamentary elections

In early March the 35 seats of Parliament were contested by 150 candidates. It was monitored by some NGOs from countries in the Commonwealth of Independent States,[2] as well as by a delegation from Tuvalu.[3]

2011 Presidential elections

 Summary of the 26 August 2011 Abkhazian presidential election results
Presidential candidate Vice Presidential candidate votes %
Alexander Ankvab Mikhail Logua 58,657 54.90
Sergei Shamba Shamil Adzynba 22,456 21.02
Raul Khajimba Svetlana Jergenia 21,177 19.82
Against all 2,023 1.89
Invalid 2,532 2.37
Total number of votes cast 106,845 100.00
Turnout 106,845 71.92
Abstention 41,711 28.08
Total number of registered voters 148,556 100.00
Source: Abkhazian Ministry of Foreign Affairs

2011 Local elections

2009 Presidential elections

 Summary of the 12 December 2009 Abkhazian presidential election results
Presidential candidate Vice presidential candidate votes %
Sergei Bagapsh Alexander Ankvab 62,231 61.16
Raul Khajimba Vasilii Avidzba 15,584 15.32
Zaur Ardzinba Khripsom Jopua 9,296 9.14
Beslan Butba Almasbei Kchach 8,395 8.25
Vitali Bganba David Dasania 1,326 1.30
Against all 1,893 1.86
Invalid 3,031 2.98
Total number of votes cast 101,756 100.00
Turnout 101,756 73.50
Abstention 36,691 26.50
Total number of registered voters 138,447 100.00
Source: ЦИК Абхазии: на выборах президента победил Сергей Багапш

2007 Parliamentary elections

 Summary of the 4 March 2007 Abkhazian People's Assembly election results
Parties Votes % Seats
Pro-president Aitaira (Revival)   28
Amtsakhara (Signal Lights)  
United Abkhazia  
Others Forum of Abkhaz People’s Unity   7
Communist Party of Abkhazia  
Russian Citizens Union  
Total (turnout %)   35

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  • President of the Republic of Abkhazia. Official site


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