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Elodie Keene

Elodie Keene
Born (1949-04-10) April 10, 1949
Paso Robles, California, U.S.
Occupation Film director, television director, television editor, television producer
Years active 1979–present
Spouse(s) Bruce Fortune
(?–present; 2 children)

Elodie Keene (born April 10, 1949 in Paso Robles, California) is an American film/television director, producer and editor. As a television director her credits include ER, NYPD Blue, The Practice, Ally McBeal, Charmed, Felicity, The Wire, House, M.D., The Closer, Nip/Tuck and among other series.[1]

She has won three Primetime Emmy Awards, two for best dramatic series and one for best editing in a single camera series, all for her work on L.A. Law.[2]


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Year Film Role Notes
1990 L.A. Law "The Bitch Is Back" Season 5, episode 1
"Forgive Me Father, for I Have Sued" Season 4, episode 20
1991 "TV or Not TV" Season 6, episode 2
"There Goes the Judge" Season 5, episode 20
"He's a Crowd" Season 5, episode 12
"Splatoon" Season 5, episode 9
1992 "Second Time Around" Season 7, episode 2
"Silence of the Lambskins" Season 6, episode 19
"From Here to Paternity" Season 6, episode 16
"Steal It Again, Sam" Season 6, episode 13
"Back to the Suture" Season 6, Episode 10
1993 "How Much Is That Bentley in the Window" Season 8, episode 3
"Hackett or Pack It" Season 7, episode 22
"That's Why the Lady Is a Stamp" Season 7, episode 17
"Spanky and the Art Gang" Season 7, episode 10
1994 "Tunnel of Love" Season 8, episode 19
"Whose San Andreas Fault Is It, Anyway?" Season 8, episode 16
"Cold Cuts" Season 8, episode 12
NYPD Blue "You Bet Your Life" Season 2, episode 8
ER "Chicago Heat" Season 1, episode 6
1995 My So-Called Life "In Dreams Begin Responsibilities" Season 1, episode 19
NYPD Blue "Heavin' Can Wait" Season 3, episode 4
"Dirty Socks" Season 2, episode 17
ER "The Birthday Party" Season 1, episode 17
1996 NYPD Blue "A Tushful of Dollars" Season 3, episode 13
1997 Spy Game "Why Spy?" Season 1, episode 1
1998 To Have & to Hold "Tangled Up in You" Season 1, episode 3
Maximum Bob "Good Dog Karl" Season 1, episode 5
The Practice "Duty Bound" Season 2, episode 27
Ally McBeal "Once in a Lifetime" Season 1, episode 15
1999 Popular "Fall on Your Knees" Season 1, episode 10
Charmed "The Power of Two" Season 1, episode 20
Felicity "Happy Birthday" Season 1, episode 18
Ally McBeal "Pyramids on the Nile" Season 2, episode 14
2000 Law & Order: Special Victims Unit "Noncompliance" Season 2, episode 6
Family Law "Love and Money" Season 1, episode 22
"Media Relations" Season 1, episode 12
Felicity "Things Change" Season 2, episode 15
2001 Scrubs "My Day Off" Season 1, episode 9
Boston Public "Chapter Eighteen" Season 1, episode 18
Judging Amy "Crime & Puzzlement" Season 3, episode 11
"The Beginning, the End and the Murky Middle" Season 2, episode 13
Family Law "Planting Seeds" Season 2, episode 24
"Americans" Season 2, episode 21
2002 For the People "Textbook Perfect" Season 1, episode 8
Once and Again "One Step (Parent) Backward" Season 3, episode 15
Judging Amy "Cause for Alarm" Season 4, episode 5
"Nobody Expects the Spanish Inquisition" Season 3, episode 23
2003 Line of Fire "Boom, Swagger, Boom" Season 1, episode 5
Nip/Tuck "Antonia Ramos" Season 1, episode 12
"Kurt Dempsey" Season 1, episode 5
The Wire "Hard Cases" Season 2, episode 4
"Hot Shots" Season 2, episode 3
Boston Public "Chapter Seventy-Six" Season 4, episode 10
2004 Medical Investigation "The Unclean" Season 1, episode 11
North Shore "Leverage" Season 1, episode 13
The D.A. "The People vs. Oliver C. Handley" Season 1, episode 3
Joan of Arcadia "Recreation" Season 1, episode 13
Nip/Tuck "Trudy Nye" Season 2, episode 14
"Rose and Raven Rosenberg" Season 2, episode 9
"Manya Mabika Season 2, episode 3
2005 The Closer "The Big Picture" Season 1, episode 3
Medical Investigation "Black Book" Season 1, episode 18
Nip/Tuck "KiKi" Season 3, episode 2
"Momma Boone" Season 3, episode 1
2006 The Closer "To Protect & to Serve" Season 2, episode 5
"Slippin'" Season 2, episode 3
Nip/Tuck "Dawn Budge" Season 4, episode 5
"Monica Wilder" Season 4, episode 3
2007 The Closer "Culture Shock" Season 3, episode 10
"Dumb Luck" Season 3, episode 6
Nip/Tuck "Duke Collins" Season 5, episode 8
2008 The Closer "Live Wire" Season 4, episode 4
Life "The Business of Miracles" Season 2, episode 3
2009 Glee "Vitamin D" Season 1, episode 6
"Mash-Up" Season 1, episode 8
Dollhouse "Haunted" Season 1, episode 10
Saving Grace "Do You Believe in Second Chances?" Season 2, episode 9
2010 Glee "Bad Reputation" Season 1, episode 17


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