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Enthalpy of sublimation

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Title: Enthalpy of sublimation  
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Subject: Sublimation (phase transition), Enthalpy, Phase (matter), Enthalpy of vaporization, Chemistry/Textbook
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Enthalpy of sublimation

The enthalpy of sublimation, or heat of sublimation, is the heat required to sublime one mole of the substance at a given combination of temperature and pressure, usually standard temperature and pressure (STP). The heat of sublimation is usually expressed in kJ/mol, although the less customary kJ/kg is also encountered.

Sublimation enthalpy substances

symbol substances Sublimation enthalpy (kJ/mol)
Na sodium 108
K potassium 89
Rb rubidium 82
Cs caesium 78
Mg magnesium 150
Ca calcium 192
Sr strontium 164
Ba barium 176
C10H8 naphthalene 72.9
CO2 carbon dioxide 25

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