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Evil Eye of Avalon

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Title: Evil Eye of Avalon  
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Subject: Dormammu, JLA/Avengers, Ultimate Nullifier, Black Knight (Dane Whitman), Steel (John Henry Irons), Avalon (Marvel Comics), Prester John (comics)
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Evil Eye of Avalon

The comic book stories published by Marvel Comics since the 1940s have featured several noteworthy concepts besides its fictional characters, such as unique places and artifacts. The following lists detail many of them.


Certain places, some of which exist in real-life and some of which are fictional, figure prominently in the Marvel Universe.

New York City

Most of the action of Marvel Comics takes place in New York City.

New York City is the site of many places important to superheroes:

New York City is a center of industry, serving as the headquarters of:

Two universities are also especially prominent in the Marvel Universe:

Other locations

  • Avengers Compound
  • Citrusville, Cypress County,[2] Florida is a Everglades that appears most frequently in stories related to Man-Thing. Much of its importance lies in that it is physically near what is termed as the Nexus of All Realities. While the majority of the town is depicted as very conservative, to the point of running riot in the high school,[3] it is the home of the Cult of Zhered-Na, and its leader, Joshua Kale, and his grandchildren, Jennifer and Andy. The high school newspaper is called the Quill.
  • Department H
  • Avengers Hydro-Base
  • Caldecott- Fictional western Mississippi county and town where the X-Men's Rogue was born.
  • The Massachusetts Academy is a prep school founded in the 18th century in Snow Valley, in the Berkshire Mountains of Massachusetts. The Academy is one of the oldest and most respected college preparatory schools in the United States. Administered by Emma Frost for most of its modern history, the Massachusetts Academy also had a long-standing alliance with the Hellfire Club. In addition to a large student body, the Academy also houses a clandestine school for young mutants. During her time as the Hellfire Club's White Queen, Frost trained a group known as the Hellions; the Hellions would become long-standing rivals with the New Mutants.
  • Salem Center – a hamlet in the town of North Salem, Westchester County, New York
  • Ravencroft Institute

Regions and countries

  • Atlantis – Home of Namor the Sub-Mariner
  • Attilan (also called The Hidden Land) – Home of the Inhumans. Originally an island in the North Atlantic ocean, it has moved several times, including to the Andes, Himalayas, to the Blue Area on the Moon and finally to the homeworld of the alien Kree, Hala.
  • Deviant Lemuria– Undersea home of the Deviants located at the bottom of the Pacific Ocean.
  • Dynamo City – An interstellar city and space port for dynamism controlled by a Municipal government.
  • Genosha – Island dwarf-nation off the coast of Africa, north of Madagascar; an apartheid-like state where mutants were once enslaved
  • Imaya – Fictional country located in North Africa.
  • Kamar-Taj – A small kingdom in the Himalayas.
  • Krakoa – Living island off the coast of Africa.
  • K'un-L'un - K'un-L'un is the stronghold of a colony of humanoid aliens whose spaceship crashed in a pocket dimension that intersects with Earth. Daniel Rand, the boy who would become Iron Fist discovered K'un-L'un. It was there that he gained his powers and became the Iron Fist.[4] The dominant lifeform of this dimension is the H'ylthri. Its most prominent inhabitants are Master Khan, Yu-Ti, and Lei Kung. The usual means of access to this dimension is through magic.
  • Latveria – Country in Europe ruled by Doctor Doom.
  • Lemuria - Lemuria had been a small continent and group of islands in the Pacific Ocean 21,000 years ago, which was ruled by the Deviants. Lemuria became the center of the Deviant Empire, and the only remaining free land was Atlantis, the continent that held its greatest enemy, the Atlantean Empire. When the Deviants attacked Atlantis, the Atlantean King Kamuu opened the magma-pits which were the city's means of heating. This caused a chain reaction which collapsed and sank the continent. At that same time, when the Second Host of the Celestials came to Earth, the Deviants attacked them. In retaliation, the Celestials sank Lemuria in what is now known as the "Great Cataclysm."[1] The Eternal Ikaris guided a ship of humans to safety.
  • Madripoor – City, modeled after Singapore, to which Wolverine has connections.
  • Monster Isle – Island where Monsters rule.
  • Muir Island – Island off the north west coast of Scotland, containing Moira MacTaggert's mutant research lab.
  • Nova Roma – Home of Magma in Brazil. Ancient Rome-like city.
  • Olympia – Mountain city of the Eternals, located on Mount Olympus in Greece.
  • Project: PEGASUS – A secret government-run energy research facility, specializing in superhuman studies.
  • Providence is an artificial island made of parts from Cable’s old space station, Graymalkin, located in the South Pacific Ocean, southwest of Hawaii. Providence was intended to be a place where the best minds on Earth could gather, live, and find new ways of doing everything in hopes of giving the world a peaceful future. Providence is open to all who wish to immigrate there, though all residents must undergo various psychological and skills tests.
  • Savage Land – Place with tropical climates and prehistoric animals located in the heart of Antarctica.
  • Subterranea
  • Slorenia – An eastern slavic nation.
  • Symkaria – Country in Europe adjoining Latveria, home of Silver Sable
  • Transia – Birthplace of Spider-Woman, Quicksilver, and the Scarlet Witch. One location is Mount Wundagore, a mountain with strong ties to the history of Chthon and the Darkhold In the Sixth Century, a cult of Darkholders led by the sorceress Morgan le Fey attempted to summon Chthon but found him to be uncontrollable. While the Darkholders were incapable of banishing him altogether, they bound him to Mount Wundagore, in what would one day become Transia.[5]
  • Vorozheika – A country to the northeast of Chechnya, formerly part of the USSR and now ruled by the Eternal Druig.
  • Wakanda – An African nation ruled by T'Challa, the Black Panther.

Outer space

(List of alien races in Marvel Comics)



  • Achernon – Home of a purple-skinned humanoid race. Natives of Achernon are tall, averaging 6'4". Presently, the planet is at a pre-Industrial level of technology. Its government is dictatorial. Achernon is a rocky world, 60% covered in volcanic rock with an atmosphere possessing a high sulfur content.
  • Aerie – Alleged home world of the Shi'ar (unknown if this planet still exists)
  • A-Chiltar III – a marshy planet (60% marsh, 40% prairie), and the atmosphere has a high methane content
  • Ankara
  • Arcturus IV – fourth planet orbiting the star Arcturus where Arcturans are from.
  • Arima – Home to a humanoid race of Alpha Centaurians
  • Astra – planet in Mu Cephei.
  • Astra — A planet where humanoid aliens possess magnetic and molecule-controlling powers that enable them to have power over all metal.
  • Asylum – prison planet run by the Couga.
  • Ba-Banis
  • Battleworld — An artificial planet created by the Beyonder for the Secret Wars
  • Beta – a world of Betans
  • Blackworld – extradimensional world once populated by Regillians and destroyed by a nuclear blast
  • Centauri IV – Fourth planet of Centaurians in Proxima Centauri.
  • Centurri-Six – Sixth planet of Centauri.
  • Chandilar – the "throneworld" of the Shi'ar Empire, possibly located in the constellation Virgo
  • Ciegrim-7 – Ciegrimites, a snail-like race of beings.
  • Clarius – in the Clyph star system of the Milky Way Galaxy
  • Counter-Earth – now occupied by the second duplicate of Earth. The first was built by the High Evolutionary, moved away from the solar system and destroyed by the power of the Infinity Gauntlet. The second and current was built by Franklin Richards in the transition from Onslaught to Heroes Reborn.
  • Cron— homeworld of the Autocrons in the constellation Betelgeuse.
  • Contraxia – in the Elidra star system in the Milky Way galaxy.
  • Cybertron (Marvel Comics) (Transformers Continuity)— The Marvel version of Cybertron
  • Dakkam – humanoids in the Beta Rigel star system in the Milky Way galaxy
  • Darbia – planet of beings which closely resemble humans.
  • Deo – fifth planet orbiting Denebola
  • Dyofor- in the Palyn star system.
  • Earth
  • Femizonia - the new name given to the planet Earth in the 23rd century in multiple alternate realities. As the name suggests, it is depicted as a largely global gynaecocratic culture where women have become physically imposing warriors who at various times either rule over male slaves or fight them in a war of genocidal attrition. This cluster of realities has spawned two recurring characters currently active within the main continuity of the Marvel Universe: Thundra and her genetically engineered daughter Lyra, the Savage She-Hulk.
  • Galador – ROM and the space knights are from here.
  • Gramos
  • Grundar
  • Gunava – advanced reptilian race capable of space travel.
  • Ego the Living Planet— a sentient planet
  • Elanis – planet orbit in Beta Scorpii
  • Entem – planet of octopoids
  • Ergonar
  • Hala – home planet of the Cotati and Kree. After a near complete genocide committed by the Kree on the Cotati were smuggled off of Hala to new planets.
  • Hiberlac – in the Huynoc star system in the Zuccone star system.
  • Horus IV – humanoid planet with spy machines.
  • Huj – seventeenth planet from their sun.
  • Interdis – blue skinned aliens in the Tartaru star system are from here.
  • Jhb'Btt – Arachnoids on the fourth planet from the sun, in the Beta Lyrae star system in the Milky Way galaxy
  • Kakaranathara – homeworld of Fin Fang Foom.
  • Kallu – deep pinked skinned humanoid race.
  • Kn'kn – planet of insectoids.
  • Kodaba
  • Kosmos — A planet from which a criminal sludge-like alien escapes to hide on Earth where he kills The Wasp's father and fights Ant-Man
  • Krelar – The second homeworld of the blue-skinned Kree Race. Home world of Captain Mar-Vell, "Colonel Yonn-Rog," "Captain Atlas," and "Una."
  • Kroke – Toadmen
  • Krylor – Planet of advanced technically savvy race of beings from Andromeda.
  • Kvch – Technarch homeworld
  • Kymellia – home of horse-like creatures.
  • La'kll
  • Lar – home of the Pegasusians, giants able to move large objects into space with their mind.
  • Laxidazia – planet of alcoholic trolls.
  • Lemista – planet of Lem. Home to serpents.
  • Lumin – part of the Charter confederation.
  • Maklu IV – located in the Greater Magellanic Cloud (see also Kakaranathara).
  • Maarin – planet's inhabitants killed by a virus.
  • Mand
  • Marvan – peaceful telepathic race.
  • Marman
  • Mobius – home to Xeron "the Star-Slayer"
  • Moran – bio electric race.
  • O'erlanii – A'askvarii
  • Oorga- planet of the Aakon beings.
  • Power Planet 4 – near the Rigel star in the Orion constellation
  • Pumor – blob planet.
  • Queeg
  • Quon – amphibious race.
  • R'makl'z – race of plant creatures.
  • Ria – Stonemen of Saturn
  • Rys – fourth planet to orbit the star Psori
  • Sakaar – alien war-like world with a monarchy
  • Sirius III-IV – dictatorial government.
  • Skrullos – Origin planet of the Skrulls. Throneworld later moved to Tarnax IV. Located in Andromeda
  • Sszardil – reptoids
  • Stent – yellow skinned race.
  • Stonus I-V stonemen
  • Strontia – homeworld of Gladiator. Speculated to be near the Centaurus or Sagittarius star system.
  • Tarnax IV – The throneworld of the Skrulls and eventually renamed Throneworld. Recently devoured by Galactus.
  • Taur – Taurids destroyed by Galactus within the Taurus constellation.
  • Tayp – reptilian race from the Kormuk star system. Located within Hydra in astrology.
  • Tekton – purple fur-like creatures.
  • Throneworld – See Tarnax IV above.
  • Thuvria
  • Timor – home planet of Ch'od.
  • Tsorcherhi – In the Ella star system of the Shiar.
  • Tun – planet of the Axi-Tun in the S'vihn-Hoont star system orbiting the Ring Nebulae M-57 galaxy
  • Ul'lula
  • Uranus — Outpost of the Kree Empire.
  • Vega Superior – home to agents of the Vegan Star system.
  • Vormir – Red-scaled reptilian race.
  • Vrelnex – insectoids.
  • Wilamean – Earth-like humans.
  • Wobb-Lar – super-psionic beings in Andromeda.
  • Wraithworld – home of the Dire Wraiths, located under The Black Sun in the Dark Nebula.
  • Wundagore II – A planet circling Sirius; the original Wundagore was a mountain in Transia (Eastern Europe)
  • Xandar — Home of the Nova Corps
  • Xanth – also known as Planet X was destroyed to form a new planet called New Xanth.
  • Zenn-La — Home of the Silver Surfer

Satellites and planetoids

  • Asteroid M – secret base of Magneto
  • Blue Area of the Moon – An artificial, self-sustaining, Earth-like environment on the far side of the Moon, the Blue Area was created roughly one million years ago as part of a competition between two alien races, the Kree and the Cotati. The Skrulls, then a benevolent race, moderated this contest, whose goal was to determine the worthiness of both races by discovering which could achieve more within a set period of time. After being taken to the area of Earth's Moon where the Skrulls had created the artificial atmosphere, the Kree used their strength and rudimentary Skrull technology to create a giant city while the Cotati were taken to another barren world in a different solar system where they created a long-term sustainable ecosystem. Learning that the Cotati were going to win the contest, the enraged Kree first slaughtered the Cotati and then attacked and killed the Skrull delegation, stole their starship, and initiated the millennia-long conflict now known as the Kree-Skrull War, which would force the Skrulls to become a society of warriors.[6]
  • Birj – sixth moon of Marman (see above) and where Terrax is from.
  • Titan – main moon of Saturn and technologically advanced home to the Titan Eternals.

Extradimensional places

  • Asgard – home plane of superhuman beings analogous to the Norse gods
    • Hyboria – a southern region of Asgard
  • Avalon – Also known as Otherworld. Home of Merlyn, Roma and the Captain Britain Corps and location of Camelot, the Green Chapel and the Starlight Citadel. Based on the mythical "Avalon".
  • Beyond-Realm
  • Heliopolis is a celestial city in a dimension adjacent to Earth's, founded by the gods who were once worshipped in the Egyptian city of Heliopolis. This godly realm appears to be built upon a small planetary object much like the realm of Asgard, and its passage to earth is a golden bridge through space called the Path of the Gods.[7]
  • Limbo – Associated with Immortus and Rom the Spaceknight, not to be confused with Otherplace.
  • List of Marvel Comics dimensions
  • Microverse
    • Micronaut homeworld – a chain of connected worldlets, resembling a ball-and-stick molecular model.
  • Mojoverse – dimension of spineless aliens
    • Subatomic universe
  • Negative Zone
  • Nexus of All Realities
  • Olympus – home plane of superhuman beings analogous to the Greek gods
  • Otherplace, also called the Demonic Limbo, is home to demons of various sizes, strengths, and intellects.


  • Crossmore, originally known as Crossmoor, is a British prison/psychiatric facility for super-human criminals. It is Her (Britannic) Majesty's Ultimate Security Prison.
  • The Cube - A prison specifically designed for irradiated supervillians.
  • Kyln - A series of spherical containment units located by the universal barrier and maintained by interstellar races and various degrees of mechanical automation, its primary architect is unknown.
  • Lang Memorial Penitentiary, also known as the Big House - A prison where inmates are shrunken for easy storage, using technology developed by Henry Pym.
  • Negative Zone Prison Alpha, also known as Prison 42 - A prison specifically designed for supervillians.
  • Vault – A prison for superhumans in Colorado.


Some items have been created specifically for the Marvel Universe and carry immense powers:

Mystical artifacts

Cosmic artifacts

  • The Cosmic Cube
  • The Cosmic egg
  • Infinity Gems/Infinity Gauntlet – Six gems that grant their owner supreme power over Mind, Power, Soul, Time, Space, and Reality. They can be combined in the Gauntlet. A seventh gem was discovered in another dimension. This gem, called the Ego gem, contained the essence of the entity Nemesis, whose self-destruction created the gems.
  • M'Kraan Crystal – The "nexus of realities". By entering the crystal, the user can enter any universe they wish. The protector of the crystal is singular in all universes, with the same memories in each, which suggests that the reality immediately surrounding the crystal is anchored in place.
  • Quantum bands, used by Quasar and temporarily used by Silver Surfer to wield cosmic energy.
  • The Siege Perilous - is the name of two fictional devices appearing in books published by Marvel Comics. The first appeared in books starring Captain Britain, and the second in books featuring the X-Men. Both devices were created by writer Chris Claremont, who named it after the Siege Perilous, the empty chair at the round table of King Arthur.
  • The Silver Surfer's surfboard, his source of power (in the movie) which he is mentally linked to. When destroyed, the Surfer can recreate another at will.
  • The Ultimate Nullifier

Other artifacts

Elemental substances and minerals

  • Adamantium – a virtually indestructible metal alloy which is best known for being integrated into the skeleton and claws of Wolverine and a version of Captain America's shield.
  • Carbonadium
  • Promethium, a magical metal found only in Belasco's dimension, known as Otherplace.
  • Tritonium, an unstable radioactive mineral
  • Vibranium – a metal which comes in two forms; one variety (Wakandan) absorbs vibratory and kinetic energy, while the other (Antarctic) causes all nearby metals to melt.
  • Uru, the Asgardian metal of which Thor's hammer is made.



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