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Fight song

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Title: Fight song  
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Fight song

In American and Canadian sports, a fight song is a song associated with a team. In both professional and amateur sports, fight songs are a popular way for fans to cheer for their team. Although the term "fight song" is primarily used in America, the use of fight songs is commonplace around the world, but they may be referred to as team anthems or team songs in other countries, such as Australia, Mexico and New Zealand. Fight songs differ from stadium anthems, used for similar purposes, in that they are usually written specifically for the purposes of the team, whereas stadium anthems are not.

Hundreds of colleges have fight songs, some of which are over a century old. The oldest collegiate fight song in the United States is Boston College's "For Boston", composed by T.J. Hurley in 1885.[1]


  • List of professional sports team fight songs 1
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List of professional sports team fight songs




United States

List of college fight songs


  • Colleges whose names begin with "University of" or "College of" are listed by traditional name; for example, the University of Cincinnati is listed under C, not U.
  • The service academies are universally referred to in sports media by their associated branch of service. This means, for example, that the United States Military Academy is found at A, for Army.
  • Schools which are normally known by a different contraction of their official name, or an acronym/initialism, are listed by their most common name. Examples:
  • Other regional campuses, such as California State University, Fresno, are listed by their regional name, meaning the aforementioned school can be found under F.



























Cucumber University- Cucumber song

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