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Filipino Italians are Italians who are either migrants or descendants of migrants from the Philippines. Filipinos form the fourth-largest migrant community in Italy, after the Romanian, Albanian, and North African communities.[2] Italy is also the joint largest European migration destination for Filipinos.[3] The Italian capital Rome is home to the largest Filipino community.[3] Roughly 108,000 Filipinos reside in Italy legally as temporary workers or permanent residents, and estimates on the number of illegal Filipinos vary widely from 20,000 to 80,000.[4][3] In 2008, ISTAT (Istituto Nazionale di Statistica), Italy’s statistics office, reported that there were 113,686 documented Filipinos living in Italy whereas the number had been 105,675 in 2007.[5]

Filipinos today

63% of Filipino Italians are women,[3] and they mostly work as domestic assistants.[2] The Filipino Department of Labor and Employment (DOLE) says that Italy allows 5000 non-seasonal/regular workers, up from 3000 in 2007.[6] The DOLE said that the change was "a sign of appreciation of the good bilateral cooperation with the Philippines in migratory issues."[6] There are approximately 60 Filipino organisations in Italy, most of which are church-based, although there are several cultural and civic groups as well.[7] One of such groups is the Filipino Women's Council with the aim of educating Filipino women migrants about their rights and lobbying on their behalf.[8]

In 2007, Italy gave Filipinos with a Filipino driver's license a free Italian driver's license.[9]


In 2007, Filipinos in Italy sent the equivalent of US$500 million back to the Philippines, making it the fourth-largest source of remittances after the U.S., Saudi Arabia, and Canada.[10] The city of Mabini, Batangas has extensively benefited from Italian Filipinos; the town has the most former residents living abroad than any other Filipino town.[11] Most of those living abroad work in Italy, and a section of Mabini today that has large homes built from remittance money is named "Little Italy."[11] However, due to the economic slump in 2008, remittance money from Italy grew at a much slower pace than usual.[12]

Notable Filipinos in Italy

  • Simone Rota footballer (1984)

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