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Fishing in Guernsey

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Title: Fishing in Guernsey  
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Subject: Fishing by country, Economy of Guernsey, Fishing in Uganda, Soudan Banks, Fishing industry in Palau
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Fishing in Guernsey

Map of the Bailiwick of Guernsey

Fishing within the Bailiwick of Guernsey is common place. The Bailiwick is made up of several islands in the Channel Islands, namely (Herm, Sark, Alderney and Guernsey).

Fishing in Guernsey offers a large range of species available to catch which will involve many different styles of fishing to adopt and learn to become successful.

Most common fish caught off the Bailiwick shores are:

Many more fish are in abundance around the shores.


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Guernsey records


Fish Guernsey Record Year Location British Record
Anglerfish 38-0-0 05-Jul-1974 St Peter Port Breakwater 1967 - 68-2-0
Bass 18-6-5 23-Oct-1999 Pembroke 1988 - 19-0-0
Bream, Black 6-8-6 31-Oct-2001 Creux Harbour, Sark Same as Guernsey Record
Bream, Couchs Sea 2-15-1 04-Aug-2006 St Peter Port Breakwater Same as Guernsey Record
Bream, Gilthead 8-2-2 04-Sep-1983 St Sampsons Breakwater 1995 - 10-5-8
Bream, Red 4-7-0 19-Sep-1979 Alderney Lighthouse Same as Guernsey Record
Brill 7-7-8 07-Nov-1980 Vazon Bay Same as Guernsey Record
Cod 29-0-0 28-Dec-1981 Lancresse Bay 1966 - 44-8-0
Conger 108-0-0 19-Aug-1991 West of Guernsey 1995 - 133-0-0
Dab 1-9-1 09-Aug-1981 Fort Doyle 1936 - 2-9-8
Dogfish, Lesser Spotted 2-13-11 01-Oct-2004 St Peter Port Breakwater 1988 - 4-15-3
Eel, Common 3-15-4 11-Sep-1987 Albert Pier 1978 - 11-2-0
Flounder 5-6-13 23-Dec-1998 St Peter Port Breakwater 1994 - 5-7-0
Garfish 2-11-11 01-Dec-2002 Crown Pier 1995 - 3-4-12
Gurnard, Red 2-4-6 06-Aug-2000 L'Ancresse 1976 - 2-10-11
Gurnard, Tub 5-9-1 26-Jun-2005 Chouet 1976 - 12-3-0
John Dory 3-3-4 18-Aug-1967 St Peter Port Same as Guernsey Record
Mackerel 2-13-0 03-Aug-1977 White Rock 1982 - 5-11-14
Mullet, Golden Grey 3-0-4 11-Oct-1991 Cats Bay, Alderney Same as Guernsey Record
Mullet, Red 3-15-0 01-Oct-1996 Longy, Alderney Same as Guernsey Record
Mullet, Thick Lipped 11-14-6 24-Mar-1985 Longy, Alderney 1979 - 14-2-12
Mullet, Thin Lipped 2-3-3 13-Oct-2002 QEII Marina 1991 - 7-0-0
Plaice 8-3-4 08-Dec-1985 Bordeaux 1989 - 8-6-14
Pollack 16-1-6 21-Dec-1998 Alderney Lighthouse 1986 - 18-4-0
Pouting 4-9-0 07-Jul-1991 Pembroke Same as Guernsey Record
Ray, Blonde 32-8-0 07-Dec-1986 Mannez, Alderney Same as Guernsey Record
Ray, Marbled Electric 12-5-14 27-Oct-1995 Alderney Breakwater 1990 - 13-15-11
Ray, Small Eyed 14-7-10 04-Dec-1993 Corblets, Alderney 1991 - 15-0-8
Ray, Spotted 4-11-8 04-Jul-1982 Herm Island 1980 - 8-5-0
Ray, Undulate 19-0-12 05-Dec-1996 Alderney, South Coast 1983 - 21-4-0
Rockling, Shore 1-0-4 17-Jun-2006 Bordeaux Harbour 1992 - 1-9-12
Rockling, Three Bearded 2-10-10 01-Dec-1987 Alderney Breakwater 2001 - 3-12-14
Salmon, Coho 1-8-1 21-Jun-1977 Petit Port Same as Guernsey Record
Sea Trout 4-11-2 17-Apr-1999 Salerie 1992 - 28-5-4
Shad, Twaite 1-10-8 06-Dec-1994 Belgrave Bay 1978 - 2-12-0
Smooth Hound 6-5-2 29-Jan-2005 St Peter Port Breakwater 2000 - 20-3-0
Smooth Hound, Starry 14-9-2 02-Feb-2006 Alderney Breakwater 1972 - 23-2-0
Sole, Common 6-8-10 13-Sep-1991 Alderney South Coast Same as Guernsey Record
Tadpole Fish 0-15-8 01-Jun-1995 St Peter Port Breakwater 1990 - 1-5-12
Triggerfish 3-10-12 22-Aug-2004 Hog's Back, Sark 1995 - 5-14-8
Whiting 2-3-12 25-Jan-1992 St Peter Port Breakwater 1984 - 4-0-7
Wrasse, Ballan 8-10-13 27-Mar-1993 St Peter Port Breakwater 1998 - 9-1-0
Wrasse, Cuckoo 1-12-9 17-Oct-1999 Rosaire, Herm Same as Guernsey Record


Caught Record Fish Locations


St Peter Port Break Water

St Peter Port Breakwater - (Location of 8 Bailiwick Records (Angler Fish, Couchs Sea Bream, Lesser Spotted Dogfish, Flounder, Smooth Hound, Tadpole Fish, Whiting and Ballan Wrasse)). As the records show, the St Peter Port breakwater is good fishing for many species. Located just passed Castle Cornet in the town of St Peter Port. The breakwater is a light house on the end of a pier. It offers easy access and safe fishing although it can be a very busy site due to this facts.

Pembroke - L'Ancresse - Chouet (All 3 locations are in very close proximity to each other and boast 5 Bailiwick Records (Bass, Cod, Red Gurnard, Tub Gurnard and Pouting)) Located on the North West coast of Guernsey, The lancresse area offers sandy beaches with eay access for rock fishing or beach.

White Rock - QEII Marina - Albert Pier - Crown Pier - Salerie (The White Rock no longer exists due to Land reclamation, which created the QEII Marina - These sites held 4 Records (Eel Common, Sea Trout, Garfish, Mackrel and Thin Lipped Mullet)) All 4 locations are situated in St Peter Port town. They are the piers and that separate the 3 marina's, Albert, Crown and QEII, all 4 of which are also car park areas.

QEII Marina (Guernsey) - Taken from the Salerie

Alderney Breakwater Location of 3 Baliwick Records (Starry Smooth Hound, Three Bearded Rockling, Marbled Electric Ray)


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External links

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