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Florida Sports Hall of Fame

The Florida Sports Hall of Fame (FSHOF) is an association dedicated to honoring athletes with outstanding achievement in sports in Florida.[1] It has expanded its goals to include encouraging physical fitness among Florida's citizens through the example of its honorees.[2]

The FSHOF was founded by the Florida Sports Writers Association and the Florida Sportscasters Association in 1958,[3] but first opened in 1977 at Cypress Gardens in Winter Haven. It closed in 1985, then moved north to Lake City, Florida in 1990.[4] Attendance there was never high enough to support the operation, and Florida governor Jeb Bush vetoed state funding in 2002, leaving the Hall $90,000 in debt.[3][5] Hall of Fame exhibits and memorabilia were placed in storage while the board of directors tried to find a home.[3][6] The FSHOF considered building a location in St. Petersburg, but was unable to reach an acceptable arrangement.[7] The Lake Myrtle Sports Complex, which began construction in Auburndale, Florida in August, 2008 offered a home to the facility,[8][9] and on June 22, 2010, the facility reopened and inducted four new members: Catie Ball-Condon, Jack Hairston, Pat Borders and Hubert Green.[4]


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