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Fluxbox with a customized theme
Developer(s) Henrik Kinnunen
Stable release 1.3.7 / February 8, 2015 (2015-02-08)[1]
Written in C++[2][3]
Operating system Unix/Unix-like[note 1]
Type Stacking window manager
License MIT
Website .org.fluxboxwww
Fluxbox 1.3 Xsession running on Debian 7 GNU/Linux

Fluxbox is a [5] Fluxbox has high compliance to the Extended Window Manager Hints specification.[6]

Fluxbox can show some eye candy: colors, gradients,[2] borders, and several other basic appearance attributes can be specified. Recent versions support rounded corners and graphical elements. Effects managers such as xcompmgr, cairo-compmgr and transset-df (deprecated) can add true transparency to desktop elements and windows. Enhancements can also be provided by using iDesk or fbdesk, or the ROX Desktop. Fluxbox also has several features Blackbox lacks, including tabbed windows and a configurable titlebar.[7]

Because of its small memory footprint and quick loading time, Fluxbox is popular in many Live CDs such as GParted. It was the default window manager of Damn Small Linux and antiX, but was replaced with JWM in 2007 and 2009 respectively. It is currently the default window manager of PCFluxboxOS, a remaster of PCLinuxOS, and of Linux Mint Fluxbox CE. Fluxbuntu, an Ubuntu derivative with lightweight applications, was released in October 2007.[8]


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  • Customization 2
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Features of the Fluxbox window manager include:

  • Right-clicking on the desktop gives a root menu
  • Customizable root menu
  • Support for wallpaper
  • Running applications appear in a taskbar
  • Support for desktop themes[2]
  • Customizable keyboard shortcuts
  • Window tabbing
  • Slit for applications such as system monitors


Customization is done by editing configuration files in the .fluxbox subdirectory in the user's home directory. Keyboard shortcuts are stored in the ~/.fluxbox/keys file, menu layout is in the ~/.fluxbox/menu file, everything that's run at startup is kept in the ~/.fluxbox/startup file, and the fluxbox configuration file is held at ~/.fluxbox/init.

See also


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Further reading

  • Shingledecker, Robert; Andrews, John; Negus, Chris (2007). The Official Damn Small Linux Book: The Tiny Adaptable Linux That Runs on Anything. 

External links

  • Official website
  • Fluxbox themes at
Useful tools
  • Fbsetbg : Set wallpaper for Fluxbox.
  • FluxSpace : A window manager and workspace enhancer and integrator.
  • Fluxter : A slit pager.
  • iDesk : a desktop icon utility
  • iPager : A lightweight pager.
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