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Fukushima Broadcasting

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Title: Fukushima Broadcasting  
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Subject: Yamagata Television System, TV Asahi, Hiroshima Home Television, Kumamoto Asahi Broadcasting, Kyushu Asahi Broadcasting
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Fukushima Broadcasting

KFB headquarters in Kōriyama, Fukushima

Fukushima Broadcasting Co.,Ltd. (株式会社福島放送 Kabushiki-gaisha Fukushima Hōsō), also known as KFB, is a Japanese broadcast network affiliated with the ANN. Their headquarters are located in Kōriyama City, Fukushima Prefecture.




  • Fukushima(Main Station) JOJI-TV 35ch
  • Aizuwakamatsu 41ch
  • Iwaki 36ch
  • Tomioka 40ch
  • Haramachi 48ch
  • Shirakawa 46ch
  • Takine 61ch
  • Mizuishi 60ch
  • Hanawa 42ch
  • Bandai-Atami 21ch
  • Fukushima-Shinobu 47ch
  • Tsuchiyu 53ch
  • Nihonmatsu 57ch
  • Watari 62ch
  • Naganuma 54ch
  • Yanaizu-Mishima 58ch
  • Futaba-Kawauchi 56ch
  • Ishikawa 43ch
  • Tajima 35ch
  • Iidate 48ch
  • Iwaki-Tono 52ch
  • Aizu-Higashiyama 59ch
  • Iidate-Mukōshi 54ch
  • Iidate-Sekizawa 53ch
  • Iwaki-Yotsunami 39ch
  • Ten'ei 59ch
  • Kōriyama-Kawachi 54ch
  • Bandai-Takatama 50ch
  • Warabidaira 39ch
  • Kawamata 43ch
  • Iwaki-Yumoto 50ch
  • Nishiaizu 59ch
  • Nishiaizu-Okugawa 52ch
  • Higashi-Kaneyama 52ch
  • Tsukidate 57ch
  • Yamatsuri 57ch
  • Funehiki 43ch
  • Ōsato 41ch
  • Kaneyama 59ch
  • Nishi-Kaneyama 59ch
  • Arami 60ch
  • Kōriyama-Tamura 41ch
  • Miharu 50ch
  • Shōwa 38ch
  • Higashi-Tadami 61ch
  • Higashi-Shōwa 58ch
  • Tadami 42ch
  • Nangō 38ch
  • Kita-Kawamata 40ch
  • Nishi-Furudono 57ch
  • Furudono 25ch
  • Higashi-Urabandai 60ch
  • Urabandai 48ch
  • Nishigō-Yachinaka 53ch
  • Izumizaki-Ōtagawa 48ch
  • Furudono-Matsukawa 60ch
  • Ina 58ch
  • Tanagura-Tomioka 41ch
  • Inugami 39ch
  • Minami-Kawamata 52ch
  • Nishigō-Nagasaka 38ch
  • Tōwa-Harimichi 42ch
  • Nishigō-Mushikasa 39ch
  • Hobara-Tomizawa 52ch
  • Fukushima-Ōnami 54ch
  • Yomogita 26ch


  • Fukushima(Main Station) JOJI-DTV 29ch


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Fukushima Broadcasting

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