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Governor of Guizhou

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Title: Governor of Guizhou  
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Subject: Guizhou
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Governor of Guizhou

The politics of Guizhou Province in the People's Republic of China is structured in a dual party-government system like all other governing institutions in mainland China.

The Governor of Guizhou is the highest-ranking official in the People's Government of Guizhou. However, in the province's dual party-government governing system, the Governor has less power than the Guizhou Communist Party of China Provincial Committee Secretary, colloquially termed the "Guizhou CPC Party Chief".

List of the CPC Guizhou Committee Secretaries

  1. Su Zhenhua (苏振华): 1949-1954
  2. Zhou Lin (周林): 1954-1964
  3. Li Dazhang (李大章): 1964-1965
  4. Jia Qiyun (贾启允): 1965-1967
  5. Li Zaihe (李再合): 1967-1969
  6. Lan Yinong (蓝亦农): 1969-1973
  7. Lu Ruilin (鲁瑞林): 1973-1977
  8. Ma Li (马力): 1977-1979
  9. Chi Biqing (池必卿): 1979-1985
  10. Zhu Houze (朱厚泽): 1985
  11. Hu Jintao (胡锦涛): 1985-1988
  12. Liu Zhengwei (刘正威): 1988-1993
  13. Liu Fangren (刘方仁): 1993-2001
  14. Qian Yunlu (钱运录): 2001-2005
  15. Shi Zongyuan (石宗源): 2005-2010
  16. Li Zhanshu: 2010-2012
  17. Zhao Kezhi: 2012-Incumbent

List of Governors of Guizhou

  1. Yang Yong (杨勇): 1949-1954
  2. Zhou Lin (周林): 1955-1965
  3. Li Li (李立): 1965-1967
  4. Li Zaihe (李再合): 1967-1971
  5. Lan Yinong (蓝亦农): 1971-1973
  6. Lu Ruilin (鲁瑞林): 1973-1977
  7. Ma Li (马力): 1977-1979
  8. Su Gang (苏钢): 1980-1983
  9. Wang Zhaowen (王朝文): 1983-1993
  10. Chen Shineng (陈士能): 1993-1996
  11. Wu Yixia (吴亦侠): 1996-1998
  12. Qian Yunlu (钱运录): 1998-2001
  13. Shi Xiushi (石秀诗): 2001-2006
  14. Lin Shusen (林树森): 2006-2010
  15. Zhao Kezhi: 2010-2012
  16. Chen Min'er: 2012-Incumbent

List of Chairmen of Guizhou People's Congress

  1. Xu Jiansheng (徐健生): 1980-1983
  2. Wu Shi (吴实): 1983-1985
  3. Zhang Yuhuan (张玉环): 1985-1993
  4. Liu Zhengwei (刘正威): January 1993-July 1993
  5. Liu Yulin (刘玉林): July 1993-January 1994
  6. Wang Chaowen (王朝文): 1994-1998
  7. Liu Fangren (刘方仁): January 1998-November 2002
  8. Qian Yunlu (钱运录): January 2003-December 2005
  9. Shi Zongyuan (石宗源): January 2006-incumbent

List of the Chairmen of CPPCC Guizhou Committee

  1. Shen Yunpu (申云浦): 1955-1956
  2. Xu Jiansheng (徐健生): 1956-1959
  3. Miao Chunting (苗春亭): 1959-1967
  4. Li Baohua (李葆华): 1977-1979
  5. Chi Biqing (池必卿): 1979-1980
  6. Miao Chunting (苗春亭): 1980-1993
  7. Long Zhiyi (龙志毅): 1993-1998
  8. Wang Siqi (王思齐): 1998-2006
  9. Sun Gan (孙淦): 2006-2007
  10. Huang Yao (黄瑶): 2007-incumbent

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