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Guan (state)


Guan (state)

State of Guan
circa 1046 BCE–circa 1040 BC
Capital Guancheng Hui District, Zhengzhou
Religion Chinese folk religion, ancestor worship, Taoism
Government Monarchy
 -  Established circa 1046 BCE
 -  Disestablished circa 1040 BC
Currency Chinese coin

Guan (Chinese: t 管國, s 管国, Guǎnguó; c. 1046–1040 BC) was an ancient Chinese city-state in present-day Henan. Its capital was Guancheng (管城, lit. "Guan City") in the present-day Guancheng Hui District of Zhengzhou[1] and its power was limited to the immediate surrounding area.

Guan was established soon after the founding of the Zhou dynasty as an appanage for King Wu's younger brother, who was granted the title Guan Shu (lit. "Uncle of Guan"). The three brothers Guan Shu, Huo Shu, and Cai Shu were known as the "Three Guards", for their territories' function protecting the Zhou homeland. Following the death of King Wu, however, the Three Guards and Wu Geng rebelled against the regency of the Duke of Zhou. His victory led to the dissolution of Guan.

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