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Gulf Coast Showcase

The Gulf Coast Showcase is a college basketball tournament that started in 2013 held at Germain Arena in Estero, Florida. The men’s eight-team tournament, was designed to showcase the top mid-major programs from across the country. The women's tournament is held the week after the men's tournament. All games are streamed on ASunTV

Gulf Coast Showcase
Sport College basketball
Founded 2013
No. of teams 8
Venue(s) Germain Arena, Estero, Florida
Most recent champion(s) Green Bay
Most titles 1 Louisiana Tech
Official website Gulf Coast Showcase


  • 2013 men's bracket 1
    • 2013 women's bracket 1.1
  • 2014 men's bracket 2
    • 2014 women's bracket 2.1
  • 2015 Men's Bracket 3
    • 2015 Women's bracket 3.1
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2013 men's bracket

Quarterfinals Semifinals Championship
  Louisiana Tech 99
  UNC Greensboro 62
  Louisiana Tech 103
  UIC 78
  San Diego 70
  UIC 75
  Louisiana Tech 76
  St. Bonaventure 72
  Wagner 81
  Stetson 64
  Wagner 67
  St. Bonaventure 70
  St. Bonaventure 83
  Southern Illinois 79
3rd place game
  UIC 94
  Wagner 76
Consolation 2nd Round 5th place game
  San Diego 83
  UNC Greensboro 71
  San Diego 59
  Southern Illinois 56
  Stetson 48
  Southern Illinois 67
7th place game
  UNC Greensboro 75
  Stetson 68

2013 women's bracket

Quarterfinals Semifinals Championship
  Middle Tennessee 88
  Southeastern Louisiana 71
  Middle Tennessee 69
  Wright State 62
  NC State 90
  Wright State 99
  Middle Tennessee 62
  Mississippi State 48
  Mississippi State 71
  Grand Canyon 62
  Mississippi State 65
  James Madison 52
  UCLA 67
  James Madison 77
3rd place game
  Wright State 79
  James Madison 77
Consolation 2nd Round 5th place game
  Southeastern Louisiana 59
  NC State 87
  NC State 67
  UCLA 49
  Grand Canyon 60
  UCLA 62
7th place game
  Southeastern Louisiana 57
  Grand Canyon 62

2014 men's bracket

Quarterfinals Semifinals Championship
  Green Bay 66
  East Carolina 49
  Green Bay 64
  Evansville 62
  Fresno State 52
  Evansville 58
  Green Bay 59
  Florida Gulf Coast 45
  Florida Gulf Coast 58
  Marist 43
  Florida Gulf Coast 62
  San Francisco 47
  San Francisco 88
  Hawaiʻi 73
3rd place game
  Evansville 79
  San Francisco 72
Consolation 2nd Round 5th place game
  East Carolina 58
  Fresno State 52
  East Carolina 73
  Hawaiʻi 75
  Marist 55
  Hawaiʻi 62
7th place game
  Fresno State 64
  Marist 68

2014 women's bracket

Quarterfinals Semifinals Championship
  Georgia Tech 50
  Green Bay 71
  Green Bay 63
  Arizona State 57
  Arizona State 51
  Villanova 46
  Green Bay 53
3 Connecticut 89
  Vanderbilt 71
  Minnesota 54
  Vanderbilt 52
3 Connecticut 91
3 Connecticut 84
  College of Charleston 25
3rd place game
  Arizona State 72
  Vanderbilt 67
Consolation 2nd Round 5th place game
  Georgia Tech 71
  Villanova 63
  Georgia Tech 69
  Minnesota 72
  Minnesota 74
  College of Charleston 50
7th place game
  Villanova 60
  College of Charleston 41

2015 Men's Bracket

First Round
November 23
November 24
November 25
  Murray State
  Western Kentucky
  Weber State
  Central Michigan
3rd place game
November 25
Consolation 2nd Round
November 24
5th place game
November 25
7th place game
November 25

2015 Women's bracket

November 27
November 28
November 29
  Missouri State  
3rd place game
November 29
Consolation 2nd Round
November 28
5th place game
November 29
7th place game
November 29

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  • Gulf Coast Showcase
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