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HP Photosmart

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Title: HP Photosmart  
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Subject: Hewlett-Packard, HP C-series, HP M-series, HP R-series, HP PhotoSmart R607
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HP Photosmart

A HP Photosmart 635 (2.1 megapixel digital camera) mounted on a miniature tripod.

Hewlett-Packard's line of digital cameras is called PhotoSmart The company also makes a line of consumer-based photo printers under the same branding.


  • Digital cameras 1
  • List of models 2
    • HP C-series 2.1
    • HP E-series 2.2
    • HP M-series 2.3
    • HP R-series 2.4
    • Other HP cameras 2.5
    • HP-branded cameras 2.6
  • E-series 3
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Digital cameras

The original HP digital camera was a CompactFlash-based model simply called the Photosmart. It was a VGA-resolution camera with a simple LCD.

The company later broadened its line with a number of series of cameras, all using the Photosmart name.

HP announced on November 7, 2007 that it will seek an alternative business model for its HP-branded cameras and was working to identify an original equipment manufacturer (OEM) partner that would be licensed to design, source and distribute digital cameras under the HP brand.[1]

List of models

  • HP PhotoSmart 120
  • HP PhotoSmart 210
  • HP PhotoSmart 215
  • HP PhotoSmart 315
  • HP PhotoSmart 318
  • HP PhotoSmart 320
  • HP Photosmart 335
  • HP PhotoSmart 433[2]
  • HP PhotoSmart 435[3]
HP PhotoSmart 612.
  • HP PhotoSmart 612/612xi
  • HP Photosmart 618/618xi
  • HP PhotoSmart 620/620v
  • HP PhotoSmart 635
  • HP PhotoSmart 715
  • HP PhotoSmart 720
  • HP PhotoSmart 733
  • HP PhotoSmart 735
  • HP PhotoSmart 812/812xi
  • HP PhotoSmart 850
  • HP PhotoSmart 912/912xi
  • HP PhotoSmart 935
  • HP PhotoSmart 945
  • HP Photosmart 7520
  • HP Photosmart 7525

HP C-series

HP PhotoSmart C912.
  • HP PhotoSmart C912 — identical to Pentax EI-2000
  • HP PhotoSmart C6380
  • HP PhotoSmart C4480

HP E-series

HP M-series

  • HP Photosmart M22
  • HP Photosmart M23
  • HP Photosmart M305
  • HP Photosmart M307
HP Photosmart M407.
  • HP Photosmart M407/M407xi (4.1 megapixel, SD card, two AA batteries)
  • HP Photosmart M415
  • HP Photosmart M417
  • HP Photosmart M425 (introduced in 2006, 5 megapixels, MultiMediaCard and SD card)
  • HP Photosmart M437
  • HP Photosmart M447
  • HP Photosmart M517
  • HP Photosmart M525
  • HP Photosmart M527
  • HP Photosmart M537
  • HP Photosmart M547
  • HP Photosmart M627
  • HP Photosmart M637
  • HP Photosmart M737
  • HP Photosmart Mz67

HP R-series

The R-series was HP's top line of cameras.

HP Photosmart R707.
  • HP Photosmart R707
  • HP Photosmart R717
  • HP Photosmart R725
  • HP Photosmart R727
  • HP Photosmart R742
  • HP Photosmart R817
HP PhotoSmart R837.
  • HP Photosmart R818
  • HP Photosmart R827
  • HP Photosmart R837
  • HP Photosmart R847
  • HP Photosmart R927 (video capability with a VGA resolution of 640 x 480 at 24 frames per second)
  • HP Photosmart R937
  • HP Photosmart R967

Other HP cameras

  • HP Photosmart 3210
  • HP Photosmart 3310
  • HP Photosmart 1400/1410

HP-branded cameras

  • HP CA340
  • HP CA350
  • HP CB350
  • HP CC330
  • HP CC450
  • HP CW450
  • HP CW450t
  • HP PB360t/PW360t
  • HP PC460t
  • HP PW460t
  • HP PW550
  • HP SB360
  • HP SW350
  • HP SW450
  • HP c200
  • HP c500
  • HP s300 Black, Also known as Casio Exilim QV-R100, AIGO DC-F500, Haier S68
  • HP s500 Black


Series Model MP Pixels Screen Type
E200 HP Photosmart E217 4.06 2332 x 1740 1.5" ultracompact
E300 HP Photosmart E317 5 2560 x 1920 1.5" ultracompact
HP Photosmart E327 5.19 2654 x 1955 1.8" ultracompact
HP Photosmart E327v 5.19 2654 x 1955 1.8" ultracompact

See also


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