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Title: Hamdog  
Author: World Heritage Encyclopedia
Language: English
Subject: Hot dogs, List of hamburgers, Hamburgers, Bun kebab, Buffalo burger
Collection: 2005 Introductions, American Sandwiches, Hamburgers (Food), Hot Dogs
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Place of origin United States
Region or state Georgia
Creator Chandler Goff
Main ingredients Hot dog, beef patty
Variations chili, cheese, onions, egg, potatoes, hoagie roll
Food energy
(per serving)
623 (315 from fat)[1] kcal
Other information fat 35 g[1]

A hamdog is an American dish that consists of a hot dog that is wrapped in a beef patty, deep-fried, covered with chili, a handful of French fries, and a fried egg. It was invented by Chandler Goff in February 2005, and a hamdog eating contest was established in 2007. Dr. Nicholas Lang, professor of surgery at the University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences, advised against ever consuming a hamdog at any point in one's lifetime.[2]


  • History 1
  • Reception 2
  • Preparation and variations 3
  • Health concerns 4
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Chandler Goff, the owner of Mulligan's, a suburban bar in



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See also

The approximate caloric intake for a hamdog is 623, including 315 calories from fat. The total fat in a hamdog is 35 grams, roughly 54% of an average person's daily value. These statistics were listed by The Advocate in a 2005 article.[1]

Goff told the Associated Press that his restaurant served more healthy alternatives, like salads and sandwiches that were not deep-fried. Dr. Nicholas Lang, professor of surgery at the University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences, advised against ever consuming a hamdog at any point in one's lifetime. "If you choke that down, you might as well find a heart surgeon because you are going to need one," he added.[2]

Health concerns

One establishment named Jimmy's just outside of Minneapolis serves a classic hamdog. A frequent visitor and self proclaimed connoisseur of this delicious treat, Randy Koteles, says that Jimmy's hamdog is the best. To show his satisfaction and support of the product he wears a hamdog t-shirt on a regular basis. Randy's motto is eat like a man to be a man, and he demonstrates this by scarfing down hamdogs on a regular basis.

Mulligan's served the hamdog in addition to the Luther Burger, a bacon cheeseburger with Krispy Kreme donuts as its bun. Their version of the hamdog consists of the usual hotdog and beef patty, but is topped with chili, cheese, onions, a fried egg, and two fistfulls of French fries, all served on a hoagie roll. These two dishes were among the attractions of the bar.[2]

Preparation and variations

David Harsanyi mentioned the hamdog in his manifesto against the nanny state, Nanny State: How Food Fascists, Teetotaling Do-Gooders, Priggish Moralists, and other Boneheaded Bureaucrats are Turning America into a Nation of Children. He claimed a group of activists, whom he called "Twinkie Fascists", were trying to prevent him from eating the meal. While some people might not enjoy it as much as he did, that was the beauty of being a free citizen. Harsanyi described the hamdog as "perfect", "greasy", and "scrumptious", but mentioned he could only finish half. That was his body exhibiting self control, "two concepts that nannies, it seems, can't wrap their minds around."[6]


[5], in 2007 by Jimmy's Food and Drink. There is no reward for the winner other than bragging rights.Vadnais Heights, Minnesota A hamdog eating contest was established in [4] in 2006.Indiana State Fair He started selling it at the [3]

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