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Hans Lukaschek


Hans Lukaschek

Hans Lukaschek
Personal details
Born 22 May 1885
Wrocław/Breslau, Lower Silesia

Germany (at the time he was born),
Poland (by the time he died)
Died 26 January 1960
Freiburg im Breisgau, Germany
Nationality German
Political party Center Party
Christian Democrats
Occupation Politician

Hans Lukaschek (1885–1960) was a German lawyer and politician.

Lukaschek, born 1885 in Breslau (now known to English speakers by its Polish name,

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[12] After the war, Lukaschek joined the

He was removed from his offices by the Nazis and, as a lawyer practicing in Breslau joined the anti-Nazi resistance (Kreisauer Kreis) until his imprisonment in 1944/45.[7] The Nazi court acquitted him in trial[8] The July 20th plotters who wanted to remove Hitler from power, but also to keep Poland occupied by Germany and restore borders from 1914, planned to make Lukaschek the governor of Silesia[9]

[6] He was

[4] Lukaschek offered his resignation in Berlin, after the first attempt was rejected by German state, he offered it second time, stating that he no longer is able to conduct his mission.[3]

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