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Hengfeng County

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Title: Hengfeng County  
Author: World Heritage Encyclopedia
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Subject: Yanshan County, Jiangxi, Shangrao, Northeastern Jiangxi Soviet, Jiangxi, Anyi County
Collection: County-Level Divisions of Jiangxi, Shangrao
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Hengfeng County

Hengfeng County (Simplified Chinese:横峰;Traditional Chinese 橫峰;Pinyin:Héngfēng) is a small county under the administration of Shangrao city, Jiangxi Province, P.R.China. It is located in the middle part of Shangrao city, about 30 km from Shangrao Xinzhou District which is the locality of the municipality.


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Hengfeng county was set up in Year 39 of the Ming Jiajing Reign (明嘉靖39年, 1560 AD) with the name Xing'an (兴安县). Its first mandarin was Chen Qingyun (陈庆云), who assumed his office that year.

In the Year 3 of the Republic of China (民国3年,1914 AD), the name of the county was changed from Xing'an to the current name (in order to eliminate ambiguity with the like-named county in Guilin Municipality, GX).

In the 1930s Hengfeng was the centre of the Northeastern Jiangxi Revolutionary Base Area (later NEJX Soviet).


The Hengfeng county's east-west distance is 28.3 km, and the north-south is 50.3 km. The total area is 655.24 square km by aircraft measure. The highest mountain is Mill-Dish Mountain(磨盘山) with its peak altitude 1366.6 meters. Xinjiang River,the main river across Shangrao city, lies in the county for 9.82 kilometres. Cengang River runs across the county. The county's intensity of river grid is 0.2 km/square km.


In the last century, the main celebrities are Fang Zhimin and Shao Shiping.

Fang Zhimin (方志敏)

Fang, born 1900 in Yiyang County,Jiangxi Province,led revolution in Jiangxi with Communism faith and Marxism theory, who had the same prestige with Mao Zedong at that time. Fang and Shao Shiping had successfully launched Yiyang-Hengfeng Uprising and built the Northeast Jiangxi Revolution Base. But unfortunately he was captured by the Kuomintang troops in the Huaiyu Mountains, Yushan County, Jiangxi in his adult age in 1935 and killed in Nanchang in the same year. Lovely China he wrote in prison is his masterpiece and influenced a number of revolutionaries.

Shao Shiping (邵式平)

Shao(1900--1965), born too in Yiyang County, was also reputed for the revolution. After the foundation of People's Republic of China in 1949, he was the initial province stadholder of Jiangxi. With Fang, Shao had successfully launched the Yiyang-Hengfeng Uprising and built the Northeast Jiangxi Revolution Base.


Until 2005,the population is about 200,000, most of which work in the primary industry.


The transportation is very convenient. No.320 National Road, No.311 Expressway (alias name is Hukun Expressway, or Liwen Expressway), Zhejiang-Jiangxi Railway, Hengnan Railway make the county 2 hours to Nanchang city, 3 to Hanzhou city, 4 to Shanghai city.


Currently the local government concentrates on developing economy, mainly by building industry garden and offering good policies. Xin'an Industry Garden lies in the western part which is gradually expanding west to the boundary of its nearby county -Yiyang County.

Sights and Resort


Cen Mountain lies in the north of Cenyang Town,which is the place of administration centre. In the mountain there are Cen Mountain Cave Temple and Tiantai Temple, both of which are Buddhist temples. There is a beautiful legend about Cen Mountain Cave. The daughter of the highest administrator of the county got blind caused by illness, and the administrator sought for all kinds of treatments to heal her but none had made sense. The local residents recommended him to use the fountain from the Cen Mountain Cave to wash her eyes. The miracle happened. The girl was able to see the world clearly again. The administrator was so very happy that he decided to build a temple to protect and commemorate the fountain, that is Cen Mountain Cave Temple.


Geyuan Town once was the capital of The Northeast Jiangxi Revolution Base where quite a lot of relics remain, such as Red Square, Hospital, Post Office, The school of Workers Peasants & Warriors, and so on.

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