Hylophobia, also known as Xylophobia, Ylophobia, and Dendrophobia, is a psychological disorder defined by an irrational fear of wood, forest or trees.[1]


Hylophobia is derived from the Greek hylo-, meaning wood or forest, and phobo- meaning fear.[2][3]

Causes and contributing factors

Most phobias start through an incident or memory in childhood, and hylophobia is no different.[4] Normally, it will involve getting attacked in a forest or being badly injured by a wooden object.


Phobias such as hylophobia are usually treated by putting the patient in therapy and making them recall the incident in question, and making them see it from an adult perspective. This is often a hard task, as the original incident will have been forgotten, and hypnosis or anti-anxiety medicine will have to be used.

In popular culture

  • In the BBC T.V. show, New Tricks, one character, Gerry Standing, admits to suffering from hylophobia on Series 2 Episode 8.

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