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Principality of Monaco – small sovereign city-state located in Western Europe.[1] Monaco lies on the northern coast of the Mediterranean and is surrounded by France. Monaco is often regarded as a tax haven, and many of its inhabitants are wealthy and from foreign countries (including France), although they are not a majority.[2]


General reference

Geography of Monaco

Main article: Geography of Monaco

Location of Monaco

Environment of Monaco

Natural geographic features of Monaco

Regions of Monaco

Administrative divisions of Monaco

Municipalities of Monaco

Demography of Monaco

Government and politics of Monaco

Main articles: Government of Monaco and Politics of Monaco

Branches of the government of Monaco

Main article: Government of Monaco

Executive branch of the government of Monaco

Legislative branch of the government of Monaco

  • National Council of Monaco
    • It's a Monaco unicameral parliament
    • It may act independently of the Prince
    • The prince may dissolve it at any time, provided that new elections be held within three months.

Judicial branch of the government of Monaco

Foreign relations of Monaco

International organization membership

The Principality of Monaco is a member of:[1]

Law and order in Monaco

Military of Monaco

Main article: Military of Monaco

History of Monaco

Main articles: History of Monaco

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Years in Monaco

2005 in Monaco
2006 in Monaco

By subject

House of Grimaldi

Princes of Monaco
Monagesque princesses

Culture of Monaco

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Art in Monaco

Monegasque music

Monegasque songs

Monegasque Eurovision songs

Orchestras in Monaco

Sports in Monaco

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Football in Monaco

AS Monaco FC
AS Monaco FC players

Monaco Grand Prix

Monaco at the Olympics


Economy and infrastructure of Monaco

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Education in Monaco

Monegasque people


Fictional Monegasques

Monegasque musicians

Monegasque pop singers

Monegasque scientists

Monegasque sportspeople

Monegasque athletes

Monegasque bobsledders

Monegasque free-divers

Monegasque racecar drivers

Formula One drivers from Monaco
Monaco rally drivers

Monegasque tennis players

Monegasque writers

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  • Official website of the Prince's Palace of Monaco
  • Official website for Tourism
  • CIA Factbook Entry for Monaco
  • History of Monaco: Primary documents
  • (French) Order of the doctors of Monaco
  • (French) La Principauti - The first monthly newspaper of Monaco, available also on line in 3D version
  • (French) MiB)
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