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International Union of Psychological Science


International Union of Psychological Science

The International Union of Psychological Science, abbreviated IUPsyS or the Union, is the global umbrella organization for psychology. The Unions president is Saths Cooper of South Africa, and the vice-president is Tor Levin Hofgaard of Norway both of which were elected in 2012.

Founded in 1950, IUPsyS represents around one million psychologists worldwide. It is composed of 82 National Members [1] (national psychology organizations or coalitions of national psychology organizations, one per country), and 17 affiliate or special liaison organizations. Together, these organizations represent the large majority of organized psychology today.

The overall mission [2] of IUPsyS as specified in its statutes [3] is the development, representation and advancement of psychology as a basic and applied science regionally, nationally, and internationally. This is accomplished through a variety of activities including quadrennial international congresses (the IUPsyS is the sponsor of the International Congress of Psychology),regional conferences, and workshops; publications; capacity building; development of standards; promulgation of policy; and information dissemination.

IUPsyS operates according to a strategic plan.[4] IUPsyS is a member of the United Nations (ECOSOC and DPI).

The International Journal of Psychology (IJP)[6] is the official journal of the IUPsyS, published by Psychology Press. It provides articles and reviews in every domain of psychology and informs the international community about issues of common interest in its International Platform Section.

The IUPsyS website[7] provides information about IUPsyS and its activities. IUPsyS hosts Psychology Resources Around the World,[8] a web portal with information on the organizations and structure of psychology in 190 countries, and links to psychology information and resources around the world. Other publications include a news Bulletin, Newsletter, informational brochures, and books including a History of the Union, the International Handbook of Psychology, and an international compendium of Psychological Concepts.

The activities undertaken by the IUPsyS are generally organized through its three Standing Committees: Strategic Planning, Capacity Building, Publications and Communications, and their associated Work Groups.[9]

The IUPsyS sponsors a variety of capacity building programs. These include: the biennial Advanced Research Training Seminar (ARTS) [10][11] program that provides training opportunities for scholars from low-income countries to learn about new and up-to-date methodologies and carried forward to their own research programs and to other psychologists in their home communities; capacity building workshops at Regional Conferences of Psychology,[12] and topic-driven capacity building workshop series. In 2012 the IUPsyS is sponsoring a capacity building workshop on the Asian-Pacific region.[13]

The IUPsyS also supports cooperation and exchange among members of the world community of psychologists through regular communication with its National Member organizations, in the biennial meetings of the Assembly of the Union, and through its web and print publications.

Further reading

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