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Internet Icon (season 1)

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Title: Internet Icon (season 1)  
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Subject: Internet Icon, Squad 85, Andy Fickman, Ryan Higa, Andrew Garcia
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Internet Icon (season 1)

Internet Icon
Broadcast from 12 June – 16 August 2012
Judges Ryan Higa
Christine Lakin
Host(s) Chester See
Broadcaster YouTube: YOMYOMF
Finals venue Los Angeles Center Studios
The Brothers Riedell
Origin San Francisco
Lana McKissack

Internet Icon is an American film-making competition reality television show to find "the next Internet icon". The first season aired on the YOMYOMF YouTube channel from 12 June to 16 August 2012. The judges were Ryan Higa and Christine Lakin, and the host was Chester See. The filming of the show took place at the Los Angeles Center Studios. The Brothers Riedell won the first season, with Lana McKissack as runner-up. The contestants of the first season saw an average subscriber boost of 522%.[1]


  • Top 10 Finalists 1
    • Details 1.1
  • Episodes 2
    • Overview 2.1
    • Challenge One: "The Word Challenge" 2.2
    • Challenge Two: "The Infomercial Challenge" 2.3
    • Challenge Three: "The Prop Challenge" 2.4
    • Challenge Four: "The Topical Challenge" 2.5
    • Challenge Five: "The Judges' Choice Challenge" 2.6
    • Challenge Six: "The Set Challenge/Surprise Promotional Challenge" 2.7
    • Challenge Seven: "The Guest Star Challenge" 2.8
    • Challenge Eight: "Finale" 2.9
  • Elimination Chart 3
  • References 4

Top 10 Finalists

Key      Winner      Runner up      3rd Place
Name / name of act From Position reached
The Brothers Riedell (Chris and Nick Riedell) San Francisco Winner
Lana McKissack Los Angeles Runner-up
The Fu Music (Jacob and Josh Fu) Atlanta, Georgia 3rd Place
Team Morgan (Matt Morgan and Heidi Brucker) Sherman Oaks and Omak, Washington 4th Place
Dayside Productions (Karim, Shawn, Girard and Earl) Queens, New York 5th Place
Kyle Hatch Salt Lake City, Utah 6th Place
Justin James Hughes Los Angeles, California 7th Place
Marlin Chan Stockton, California 8th Place
Joey Held Chicago, Illinois 9th Place
Tahir Moore St. Louis, Missouri 10th Place


  • The Brothers Riedell (Nick and Chris Riedell) are from the greater San Francisco area.[2] The duo's video, Dr. Moscow, won the brothers the first challenge and a thirty-minute head start for the following challenge. They received this benefit again after the fourth challenge. They also received this benefit in the seventh challenge, but could not use it, due to Chris Riedell having a back injury, and not being able to arrive on time. According to the judges, they have been consistently at the top throughout the competition. They were unanimously selected to move on to the finale, where they then won the first season. As of February 2013, they have over 100,000 subscribers on their YouTube channel. Following season 1, the brothers signed with Big Frame and went on to host season 2 and mentor second season contestants.[3]
  • Lana McKissack is from around the Los Angeles area.[4] The final standalone contestant, McKissack has received praise from the judges for her comedy skills and personality. She was saved on a 2-1 vote to continue onto the finals. McKissack came second overall.
  • The Fu Music (Josh and Jacob Fu) are two brothers from They created what Ryan called "the best video in the competition" during the third challenge, using stop-motion animation. This led them to gain the extra 30 minute head start for the fourth challenge. They received this benefit again for the sixth challenge. They placed third overall after Ryan Higa and guest judge KassemG voted for McKissack to continue onto the finals. [5]
  • Team Morgan (Heidi Brucker and Matt Morgan) is a duo from Omak, Washington and Sherman Oaks.[6] The duo received praise for their silent productions and physical comedy. They placed fourth overall.
  • Dayside Productions (Karim, Shawn, Girard[7] and Gru) is a group of four from the Queens area.[8] The group caused controversy among the show's audience for excessively celebrating after being told they were in the top ten finalists. Further controversy was created when the group broke a table belonging to the Los Angeles Center Studios. In the same episode, Karim, a member of Dayside, openly wept while facing elimination in front of the judges; Lakin subsequently asked Karim why he was so emotional. More controversy was caused when Dayside caused many of the actors to complain about them. They were eliminated after turning in a video that, according to the judges, "didn't make sense". They placed fifth overall. Karim later participated in the second season of Internet Icon, making it to the top 100, but no further.[9]
  • Kyle Hatch is from Salt Lake City, Utah.[10] Kyle caused controversy for being eliminated two episodes after Marlin Chan, a fan favorite contestant, despite being questioned by the judges as to whether or not he actually met the required challenge. He placed sixth overall.
  • Justin James Hughes is from Los Angeles, California.[11] Hughes was eliminated after not showing up for judgement on his third video due to a previous commitment. Having many fans, this caused outrage in the comment section when the video was uploaded. He placed seventh overall.
  • Marlin Chan is from Stockton, California.[12] Marlin was eliminated after the second challenge and placed eighth overall. He later participated in the second season of Internet Icon as part of a group, making it to the top 100, but no further.[9]
  • Joey Held is originally from Chicago, Illinois.[13] Held's video How to Pour Cereal had technical problems in the preliminary round. Held later asked the producers if he could show his video on his own laptop, which was allowed. After being shown the video, Higa and Lakin retracted their earlier statements about Held's video, with Higa even saying "that [it] went from the bottom of [his] list [... to] the top.". Held was eliminated after the first challenge and placed ninth overall.
  • Tahir Moore is from St. Louis, Missouri.[14] Moore was the first to be eliminated, after being told that he was not quite technically ready. He placed tenth overall. He later hosted the main interviews of many cast and crew of YOMYOMF productions prior to the finale filming at the "Orange carpet".



Episode No. Episode Premiere Challenge Winner Guest Judge
Part One Part Two
1 "The Search" June 12, 2012 June 14, 2012 N/A N/A
2 "Deliberation" June 19, 2012 June 21, 2012 N/A N/A
3 "The Word Challenge" June 26, 2012 June 28, 2012 Brothers Riedell Andrew Garcia
4 "The Infomercial Challenge" July 3, 2012 July 5, 2012 Justin James Hughes Dominic "D-trix" Sandoval
5 "The Prop Challenge" July 10, 2012 July 12, 2012 The Fu Music Joe "Mystery Guitar Man" Penna
6 "The Topical Challenge" July 17, 2012 July 19, 2012 Brothers Riedell Dave Days
7 "The Judges' Choice Challenge" July 24, 2012 July 26, 2012 The Fu Music Brice Beckham & David Fickas
8 "The Set Challenge/Surprise Promotional Challenge" July 31, 2012 August 2, 2012 Brothers Riedell Jenna Marbles
9 "The Guest Star/Vlog/Music Challenge" August 7, 2012 August 9, 2012 KassemG
10 "Finale" August 17, 2012 N/A

Challenge One: "The Word Challenge"

The first challenge was to use five of ten selected words in a video. Two contestants were eliminated in this round.[15]

Key      Winner of the Challenge      Runner up of the Challenge      High score      Low score      Bottom Four      Eliminated
Contestant Video title Finished
Marlin Chan Butt Ninjas Advanced
Dayside Productions The Rise of the Rising Platypus Bottom Four
The Fu Music Learning German Advanced
Kyle Hatch Jacob DuShane Low score
Joey Held Tech Support Eliminated (9th Place)
Justin James Hughes On Dreams High score
Lana McKissack Interweb Icon Advanced
Tahir Moore Hiiii Yaah Doing Eliminated (10th Place)
Team Morgan Lecons de Performance a Matt et Heidi Advanced
Brothers Riedell Dr Moscow Winner

Challenge Two: "The Infomercial Challenge"

The second challenge was to create an infomercial.[16]

Key      Winner of the Challenge      Runner up of the Challenge      High score      Low score      Bottom Two      Eliminated
Contestant Video title Finished
Marlin Chan The Fanboy Eliminated (8th Place)
Dayside Productions Flatulawesome High score
The Fu Music Lazy Fuzy Advanced
Kyle Hatch Nerves of Steel Bottom Two
Justin James Hughes Handy Bandy Winner
Lana McKissack Peg Arm Judy Advanced
Team Morgan Boozercise Advanced
Brothers Riedell Good Thoughts Box Advanced

Challenge Three: "The Prop Challenge"

The third challenge was to use five selected props from the Iconography room and use them in the video. Justin James Hughes was disqualified in this round because he wasn't present at the elimination due to prior-organised filming of a television show.[17]

Key      Winner of the Challenge      Runner up of the Challenge      High score      Low score      Bottom Two      Eliminated
Contestant Video title Finished
Dayside Productions Falling For You Advanced
The Fu Music Coming Home Winner
Kyle Hatch Kyle's Imaginary Friend Advanced
Justin James Hughes Age of the Ignorance Disqualified (7th Place)
Lana McKissack Abstinence Advanced
Team Morgan Love Story Advanced
Brothers Riedell Wanna See Something Advanced

Challenge Four: "The Topical Challenge"

The fourth challenge was to turn an article from a newspaper into a video.[18]

Key      Winner of the Challenge      Runner up of the Challenge      High score      Low score      Bottom Two      Eliminated
Contestant Video title Finished
Dayside Productions Student Loans Low score
The Fu Music It's All About the Mitzvah Low score
Kyle Hatch Kyle's Television Show Eliminated (6th Place)
Lana McKissack The Rocks High score
Team Morgan Hairline News High score
Brothers Riedell CSF Trifecta Winner

Challenge Five: "The Judges' Choice Challenge"

The fifth challenge was to create a video as per chosen by the judges. Dayside Productions were challenged to make a horror video, the Fu Music had to make a video in one take - no edit cuts, Lana McKissack had to make a character-driven video in the style of a documentary, Team Morgan had to make a silent video, and the Brothers Riedell had to make an instructional video.[19]

Key      Winner of the Challenge      Runner up of the Challenge      High score      Low score      Bottom Two      Eliminated
Contestant Video title Finished
Dayside Productions Slasher's Inn Eliminated (5th Place)
The Fu Music There For Me Winner
Lana McKissack Backstage Advanced
Team Morgan Waiting Room Advanced
Brothers Riedell Human School Advanced

Challenge Six: "The Set Challenge/Surprise Promotional Challenge"

The sixth challenge was to make a video entirely in one set (the Fu Music in the Morgue; Lana McKissack in the Bar/Restaurant; Team Morgan in the jail/interrogation room; the Brothers Riedell in the court room). However, during the challenge, the producers surprise challenged the contestants with a one-hour challenge: to make a trailer for Internet Icon.[20]

Key      Winner of the Challenge      High score      Low score      Eliminated
Contestant The Set Challenge video title Finished
The Fu Music All the Madness Advanced
Lana McKissack What Men Really Want Advanced
Team Morgan Jail Birds Eliminated (4th Place)
Brothers Riedell Court Winner

Challenge Seven: "The Guest Star Challenge"

The seventh challenge was to create three videos:[21]

  • Include all of the actors in the Iconography Room, and Damien Dante Wayans.
  • Make a music-based video.
  • Make a vlog.
Key      Winner of the Challenge      Eliminated
Contestant The Guest Star Challenge video title The Music Challenge video title The Vlog Challenge video title Finished
The Fu Music Toligami A Song For You Vlog Eliminated (3rd Place)
Lana McKissack The Delivery You Choose Vlog Advanced
Brothers Riedell Jail Date This Office Space Sucks Brothers Riedell Vlog Winner

Challenge Eight: "Finale"

The eighth and final challenge was to make any video that the contestants wished. The winner was later announced in front of an audience, with various interviews with all Top 10 contestants.[22]

The finale was scheduled to air August 16, 2012 at 8PM EST, but due to uploading errors it wasn't uploaded until early morning of August 17, 2012. It was sponsored by[23]

Key      Winner      Runner-up
Contestant Video title Finished
Lana McKissack Mo Babies, Mo Problems Runner-up
Brothers Riedell Love Transcends Winner

Elimination Chart

Disqualified Eliminated Low Score Top Score Safe Challenge Winner Runner-up Winner
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8
Place Contestant Result
5 Dayside Productions LOW HIGH SAFE LOW OUT
7 Justin James Hughes HIGH WIN DQ
8 Marlin Chan SAFE OUT
9 Joey Held OUT
10 Tahir Moore OUT
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