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Internet Icon (season 2)

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Title: Internet Icon (season 2)  
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Subject: Internet Icon, Internet Icon (season 1), Fine Brothers, Philip DeFranco, Matthias
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Internet Icon (season 2)

Internet Icon
Broadcast from May 21 – July 27, 2013
Judges Ryan Higa
Christine Lakin
Timothy DeLaGhetto
Host(s) Chris Riedell
Co-host(s) Nick Riedell
Broadcaster The YOMYOMF Network on YouTube
Finals venue YouTube Space, Los Angeles[1]
Origin Los Angeles, California
Bad Weather Films
The Kloons

The second season of Internet Icon premiered on May 21, 2013 and concluded on July 27, 2013 on the YOMYOMF YouTube channel. Ryan Higa and Christine Lakin both returned as judges, and Timothy DeLaGhetto joined the judging panel for this season. Chester See did not return as host; Chris Riedell took over the role, with his brother Nick Riedell joining as mentor for the contestants. Collectively, the two are known as the Brothers Riedell, winners of the first season.

Like the previous season, there were many guest judges joining Higa, Lakin and DeLaGhetto, including Smosh, Jenna Marbles, Kassem G, Ben and Rafi Fine, Phillip DeFranco, Shane Dawson and PewDiePie.

Matthias, from Los Angeles, California, won the competition, beating the runners-up Bad Weather Films and the Kloons. As the winner, he won $10,000 in cash, a MacBook Pro, a one-year development deal with YOMYOMF, and a meeting with a Hollywood film director.


  • Overview 1
    • Truth Integration 1.1
  • Top 10 Finalists 2
    • Contestants 2.1
  • Episodes 3
    • Overview 3.1
    • Challenge One: "The Next YouTube Trend Challenge" 3.2
    • Challenge Two: "The Vlog/Ugly Truth Challenge" 3.3
    • Challenge Three: "The How-To Challenge" 3.4
    • Challenge Four: "The Chase Sequence Challenge" 3.5
    • Challenge Five: "The Murder Mystery Challenge" 3.6
    • Challenge Six: "The Prop Challenge" 3.7
    • Challenge Seven: "The Trailer Challenge" 3.8
    • "Finale" 3.9
  • Elimination Chart 4
  • Notes 5
  • References 6


The second season of Internet Icon saw the runtime of each partial episode jump to half an hour.[2] During the preliminary round that featured judges Ryan Higa, Christine Lakin, and a new judge, Tim Chantarangsu (better known as Timothy DeLaGhetto), deliberating to reach their top 10 out 100 contestants, their judgement focused on highlighting the high points of each submission video.[2] The Brothers Riedell, winners of season 1, also joined the series as the host (Chris Riedell), and mentor (Nick Riedell).[3][4]

Some of the top 10 contestants created recap videos during the release of the season's episodes. These contestants included Will Pacarro,[5] Bad Weather Films,[6] and The Kloons.[7]

Truth Integration

Truth Orange is a sponsor of Internet Icon. During the broadcast of the season, Truth Orange set up a feature where viewers were able to log on and vote for their favorite contestants (excluding the top three).[3] Will Pacarro was announced as the winner of the Fan Favorite poll during the season finale, and has a guaranteed position in the top ten of season three.[8] Truth Orange also based an entire challenge around "ugly truths".[9] During the Murder Mystery Challenge, the contestants had to include the fact of urea being found in urine and cigarette smoke,[10] and that sodium hydroxide is found in hair removal products.[11]

Top 10 Finalists


Key      Winner      Runners-up
Name / name of act From Position reached
Matthias (Matthew Fredrick) Los Angeles, California[12] Winner
Bad Weather Films (Peter Vass and Sam Milman) Los Angeles, California[13] Runners-up
The Kloons (Mitch Lewis, Greg Washburn, Nik Kazoura) Brooklyn, New York[14]
Will Pacarro Oahu, Hawaii[15][16] 4th Place
Joule Thief (Alex Goyette) Mercer Island, Washington 5th Place
Megan Batoon Los Angeles, California[17] 6th Place
The Shields Brothers (Tristan and Rory Shields) Rixeyville, Virginia[16] 7th Place
Shama Llama (Elishama "Shama" Mrema) Greenville, South Carolina[16] 8th Place
Stellar Lense Productions (Orlando Gomez, Phillip Bergman, Michael Bauer, and Lisa Talley) Fresno, California[18] 9th Place
Anthony Ma Los Angeles, California[19] 10th Place
  • Anthony Ma was eliminated in the first challenge.[20]
  • Stellar Lense Productions, consisting of Orlando Gomez, Phillip Bergman, Michael Bauer and Lisa Talley,[21] were eliminated in the second challenge.[22]
  • Elishama "Shama" Mrema,[23] better known as Shama Llama, was eliminated in the third challenge,[24] after being in both the top three and the bottom three in the first and second challenges, respectively.[20][22]
  • Tristan Shields and Rory Shields, collectively known as the Shields Brothers, were eliminated in the fourth challenge.[25]
  • Megan Batoon, the final female contestant on the show and the only singular female contestant of the top 10, was eliminated in the fifth challenge.[26]
  • Alex Goyette, better known as Joule Thief, was controversially eliminated in the sixth challenge,[27] after winning the second challenge.[22] He was the first contestant to be eliminated that had previously won a challenge of the season.
  • Will Pacarro was twice in the bottom two of the contestants, in the third and sixth challenges,[24][27] and was the only contestant in the top four to not have been in the top two of a challenge. Pacarro was eliminated in the seventh challenge.[28]
  • Peter Vass and Sam Milman, better known collectively as Bad Weather Films, won the fifth challenge of the second season,[26] and was also in the bottom two of the fourth challenge.[25]
  • Mitch Lewis, Greg Washburn and Nik Kazoura,[29] better known collectively as The Kloons, won the first, third and sixth challenges of the second season,[20][24][27] which is the most of all of the contestants in the season.
  • Matthew Fredrick, known as Matthias, was initially in the bottom two in the first challenge,[20] but later went on to win the fourth challenge of the season.[25] Matthias was ultimately crowned the winner of the second season in the finale on 27 July 2013.[8]



Episode No. Episode Premiere Challenge Winner Guest Judge
Part One Part Two
1 "The Top 100" May 21, 2013 May 23, 2013 N/A N/A
2 "The Next YouTube Trend Challenge" May 28, 2013 May 30, 2013 The Kloons Wesley Chan, Ted Fu, Philip Wang
3 "The Vlog/Ugly Truth Challenge" June 4, 2013 June 6, 2013 Joule Thief Philip DeFranco
4 "The How-To Challenge" June 11, 2013 June 13, 2013 The Kloons Kassem Gharaibeh
5 "The Chase Sequence Challenge" June 18, 2013 June 20, 2013 Matthias Benny and Rafi Fine
6 "The Murder Mystery Challenge" June 25, 2013 June 27, 2013 Bad Weather Films Shane Dawson
7 "The Prop Challenge" July 2, 2013 July 4, 2013 The Kloons iJustine
8 "The Trailer Challenge" July 9, 2013 July 11, 2013 N/A Ian Hecox, Anthony Padilla
Jenna Mourey
Felix Kjellberg
9 "Finale" July 27, 2013 Matthias N/A

Challenge One: "The Next YouTube Trend Challenge"

The first challenge was to create or start the next big YouTube trend.[30] The guest judges were Wong Fu Productions, consisting of Wesley Chan, Ted Fu and Philip Wang.[20]

Key      Winner of the Challenge      High score      Low score      Eliminated
Contestant Video title Finished
Anthony Ma Ma Xiaolong Eliminated (10th Place)
Bad Weather Films Stashing High Score
Joule Thief Video Nuking Advanced
Matthias Trend Killer Low Score
Megan Batoon Trend Advanced
Shama Llama Wall Dancing High Score
Stellar Lense Productions Blasting Advanced
The Kloons I Love Winner
The Shields Brothers Shark Attack Advanced
Will Pacarro Spegg Advanced

Challenge Two: "The Vlog/Ugly Truth Challenge"

The second challenge was to create a video in which a question is posed to the audience about which of two or more (possibly dubious) truths is uglier.[31] The guest judge was Phillip DeFranco.[22]

Key      Winner of the Challenge      High score      Low score      Eliminated
Contestant Video title Finished
Bad Weather Films Ugly Truth Advanced
Joule Thief The Westerners Water Bottle Winner
Matthias Which Are You High Score
Megan Batoon Dating High Score
Shama Llama Read Before You Judge Low Score
Stellar Lense Productions Ugly Truth Eliminated (9th Place)
The Kloons The More Uglier Truth Advanced
The Shields Brothers Ugly Truth About Brothers Low Score
Will Pacarro What is a Man? Advanced

Challenge Three: "The How-To Challenge"

The third challenge is to teach a skill to the audience in a smart, creative way.[32] The guest judge was Kassem Gharaibeh, better known as KassemG.[24]

Key      Winner of the Challenge      High score      Low score      Eliminated
Contestant Video title Finished
Bad Weather Films How to Be a Celebrity Advanced
Joule Thief How to Submit a Challenge Video High Score
Matthias How to be You Advanced
Megan Batoon How to All Nighters Advanced
Shama Llama How to Act African Eliminated (8th Place)
The Kloons How to Use Feng Shui In Your Patio To Improve Your Love Life Winner
The Shields Brothers Make Music Without Instruments Advanced
Will Pacarro How to be a Stereotypical Girl Low Score

Challenge Four: "The Chase Sequence Challenge"

The fourth challenge was to create an action-packed chase sequence in honor of the release Fast & Furious 6.[33] The guest judges were Ben and Rafi Fine.[25]

Key      Winner of the Challenge      High score      Low score      Eliminated
Contestant Video title Finished
Bad Weather Films Race Low Score
Joule Thief The Top Floor Advanced
Matthias You Scared? Winner
Megan Batoon White Lies High Score
The Kloons An Action Packed Chase Sequence Advanced
The Shields Brothers I'll Chase After You Eliminated (7th Place)
Will Pacarro The Chase Advanced

Challenge Five: "The Murder Mystery Challenge"

The fifth challenge was to use a list of poisons and sets to create a short murder mystery film.[34] The guest judge was Shane Dawson.[26]

Key      Winner of the Challenge      High score      Low score      Eliminated
Contestant Video title Finished
Bad Weather Films Untitled Winner
Joule Thief LA Studio Noir Advanced
Matthias T is for Torture Advanced
Megan Batoon Arse Nick Eliminated (6th Place)
The Kloons A Traditional Murder Mystery Advanced
Will Pacarro Death Stuff Advanced

Challenge Six: "The Prop Challenge"

The sixth challenge was to create a video that had to contain all of the following props:, a half stick of butter, 27 marbles, a big bouncy inflatable green ball, a helmet, two swords, and a famous crawling baby. Halfway through the challenge, another prop was added; a red cape and hood. None of the other usual props from the "Iconography Room" were allowed.[35] The guest judge is iJustine, better known as iJustine.[27] The second part of this episode received negative reactions from viewers, quickly garnering more "dislikes" than "likes" on the video, due to the elimination of Joule Thief, something which Goyette spoke about in his Q&A presented by The YOMYOMF Network.[36]

Key      Winner of the Challenge      High score      Low score      Eliminated
Contestant Video title Finished
Bad Weather Films The Art of Foley High Score
Joule Thief Amy's Will Eliminated (5th Place)
Matthias Cause She's Hot Advanced
The Kloons Proportunity of a Lifetime Winner
Will Pacarro Advice From My Dad Low Score

Challenge Seven: "The Trailer Challenge"

The seventh challenge is to create an original movie trailer for a movie, television show, or anything, as long it is original.[37] This is the final challenge before the Final 3 are selected. The guest mentor is Kevin Wu, better known as KevJumba. The guest judges are Jenna Mourey (better known as Jenna Marbles), Ian Hecox and Anthony Padilla (better known collectively as Smosh), and Felix Kjellberg, better known as PewDiePie.[28]

Key      Advanced to Finale      Eliminated
Contestant Video title Finished
Bad Weather Films The Troll Advanced
Matthias #WheresTwitter Advanced
The Kloons The Second Coming Advanced
Will Pacarro The Exorciser Eliminated (4th place)


The eighth and final challenge was to make any video that the contestants wished as a good representation of what their channel and personalities are like. They could use any location they would like, and had to finish the video within a week.[38] Unlike the finale of the first season, where only two contestants advanced, three contestants advanced to the finale in the second season.[38]

The finale was broadcast live on the YOMYOMF YouTube channel on 27 July 2013, from YouTube Space, Los Angeles,[39] where Matthias was crowned the winner in front of a live audience.[8]

Key      Winner      Runner-up
Contestant Video title Finished
Bad Weather Films One-Eyed Pete & His Band of Misfits Runner-Up
The Kloons The Edge of Infinity Runner-Up
Matthias Backwards Winner

Elimination Chart

Eliminated Low Score Safe High Score Challenge Winner Fan Favorite Advanced To Finale Runner-up Winner
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8
Place Contestant Result
2 or 3
7 The Shields Brothers SAFE LOW SAFE OUT
8 Shama Llama HIGH LOW OUT
9 Stellar Lense Productions SAFE OUT
10 Anthony Ma OUT
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  1. ^ The finale only crowned Matthias as the winner, without confirming who placed second or third.


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