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Title: Ironkey  
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IronKey is the brand name for the family of secure portable data storage and mobile workspace solutions offered by Imation Corp., a global scalable storage and data security company.


From 2005-2012, IronKey was an Internet security and privacy company based in California. IronKey's founding was partially funded by the U.S. federal government, with a grant of US$1.4 million through the Homeland Security Research Projects Agency,[1][2][3] and their products have been used extensively by the U.S. government in various areas.[4][5]

In September 2011, Imation acquired the IronKey secure storage hardware business and brought into Imation the team that designed and developed the IronKey secure USB drives.[6] In October 2012, the former IronKey company rebranded itself as Marble Security, and the IronKey brand became wholly owned by Imation.[7][8]

As part of Imation, the IronKey portfolio now includes products and intellectual property from the former IronKey, as well as technologies from Imation acquisitions of MXI Security and ENCRYPTX.[9][10]

The IronKey secure data storage and mobile workspace product family protects organizations against data loss and supports compliance strategies, provides users secure and convenient access to their data and applications wherever they are, and delivers managed security over a range of USB devices and removable media.[11]

Entry into Windows To Go Portable Workspaces

Among Imation’s IronKey solutions are some of the first flash drives to be certified by Microsoft for Windows To Go.[12]

Windows To Go is an enterprise feature of Windows® 8 that enables the creation of a Windows 8 workspace that can be booted from a USB-connected external drive on PCs that meet Microsoft certification requirements, regardless of the operating system running on the PC. Workspaces enabled by Windows To Go are fully functional and are managed just like Windows desktop or laptop machines.

A certified Windows To Go offering, the IronKey Workspace W300, received the Editors’ Choice accolade from PC Magazine in February 2013.[13]

The IronKey Portfolio

Secure Portable Storage

Imation’s IronKey portfolio delivers a range of hardware-encrypted USB flash drives and external hard drives.

  • IronKey Enterprise S250 and D250 USB flash drives
  • IronKey F200 Biometric Flash Drive
  • IronKey Basic S250 and D250 USB flash drives
  • IronKey F200 Biometric Flash Drive
  • IronKey F150 Flash Drive
  • IronKey Personal S250 and D250 USB flash drives
  • IronKey H100 External USB Hard Drive
  • IronKey H200 Biometric External USB Hard Drive
  • IronKey F100 Flash Drive
  • IronKey D80 Flash Drive
  • IronKey H80 External USB Hard Drive

IronKey Secure Workspaces

  • IronKey Workspace drives are designed to meet the performance needs of portable boot-from-USB desktops that transform any computer into a trusted IT-managed workstation.

Windows 8 :

  • IronKey Workspace W700 Windows To Go (Microsoft certified, FIPS Certified)[14]
  • IronKey Workspace W500 Windows To Go (Microsoft certified)[15]
  • IronKey Workspace W300 Windows To Go (Microsoft certified)

Windows 7 :

  • IronKey Workspace MWES USB Flash Drive with Microsoft Windows Embedded Standard (MWES) edition software.

External links

  • IronKey website


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