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Iubilaeum Anno Dracula 2001

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Title: Iubilaeum Anno Dracula 2001  
Author: World Heritage Encyclopedia
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Subject: Theatres des Vampires, Desire of Damnation, The Addiction Tour 2006, Alessandro Nunziati, List of Young Dracula characters
Collection: Theatres Des Vampires Albums
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Iubilaeum Anno Dracula 2001

Iubilaeum Anno Dracula 2001
EP by Theatres des Vampires
Released November 2001
Recorded July 2001 at Alfa Music Studio
Genre Symphonic black metal
Melodic black metal
Length 39:07
Label Blackend Records
Producer Theatres des Vampires
Theatres des Vampires chronology
Bloody Lunatic Asylum
Iubilaeum Anno Dracula 2001
Suicide Vampire
A tribute to the historical character that has contributed to the creation of the myth of the vampire which gave inspiration to Bram Stoker for his famous novel. With these compositions we wish to celebrate the 570 years of the birth of an immortal myth, that has become for many, the main reference in the compiling of literary works as well as musical, theatrical and all other forms of art. A myth that will never die.
—Booklet of Iubilaeum Anno Dracula 2001

Iubilaeum Anno Dracula 2001 is the first EP by the Italian band Theatres des Vampires. The name of the album, as well as the logo in the cover art is a parody on the Great Jubilee of 2000 ("Iubilaeum Anno Domini 2000").

The logo of the Great Jubilee of 2000. In the Iubilaeum Anno Dracula 2001 version the words "Christus heri, hodie, semper" (Christ yesterday, today, forever) were changed to "Sanguis vita est" (Blood is life).

Track listing

All music composed by Lord Vampyr and Necros.
No. Title Lyrics Length
1. "Anno Dracula"   Lord Vampyr
with quotes from Friedrich Nietzsche,
2. "Love Never Dies"   Justine 7:03
3. "Vampyrica" (Theme for Vampyria) Lord Vampyr 6:18
4. "Dances with Satan" (Cut the Throat version) Lord Vampyr with quotes from E. A. Poe 5:48
5. "Blutdivine"   Lord Vampyr 7:08
6. "The Brides of Dracula" (Love Never Dies reprise) Instrumental 2:46
7. "Dracole Waide"   Quotes from Pope Pius II, Mozart, Die Geschicht Dracole Waide, Bram Stoker 6:47
Total length:


  • Lord Vampyr − vocals, acoustic guitar
  • Necros − keyboards, samples, backing vocals
  • Incubus − lead guitar
  • Mortifer − rhythm guitar
  • Blutsauger − bass
  • Blasfemator − drums, backing vocals
  • Scarlet − backing vocals
  • Justine − backing vocals
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