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JJ Lin

Lin Jun Jie
JJ Lin
Chinese name 林俊傑 (traditional)
Chinese name 林俊杰 (simplified)
Pinyin Lín Jùnjié (Mandarin)
Ancestry Fujian, Kinmen, Taiwan
Origin Singapore
Born (1981-03-27) 27 March 1981
Other name(s) Wayne Lin
Occupation Musician, singer, songwriter, record producer, actor
Genre(s) Mandopop
Instrument(s) Vocals, piano, guitar, drums, beatboxing
Voice type(s) Light Lyric Tenor
Label(s) Ocean Butterflies (2003–2011)
Warner Music Taiwan (2011–present)
Years active 2003–present
Official website JJ Lin official homepage

JJ Lin (traditional Chinese: 林俊傑; simplified Chinese: 林俊杰; pinyin: Lin Jun Jie) is a Singaporean singer, songwriter, record producer and actor based in Taiwan.[1] JJ Lin was managed by Ocean Butterflies from 2003 to 2009.[2] He is managed by Warner Music Taiwan.[3] Lin won Best New Artist for his work on his debut album Music Voyager at the 15th Golden Melody Awards in 2004.[4]He won Best Male Mandopop Performer for his work on his 10th album Stories Untold at the 25th Golden Melody Awards in 2014.


  • Biography 1
  • Career 2
  • Endorsements and other work 3
  • Appearance on The Voice of China (season 4) 4
  • Filmography 5
  • Discography 6
    • Studio albums 6.1
    • Compilation album 6.2
    • DVD 6.3
  • Awards and nominations 7
  • World Tour 8
  • Brand of himself 9
  • References 10
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Lin is born in Singapore and studied at Anglo-Chinese School and Saint Andrew's Junior College before completing his National Service with the Singapore Armed Forces.


In addition to English and Mandarin, Lin sings in Hokkien and Cantonese using romanized pronunciation system, and has released his songs in Cantonese. In Taiwan, he was awarded the "Best New Artist" award in the Taiwan Golden Melody Awards.[5]

He is well known for his songwriting skills. He has written songs for various musical artists while he was still a trainee under Ocean Butterflies. His notable compositions include "Remember" (記得 Jì Dé) for Taiwanese singer A-Mei, A-Do's "Let Go" (放手 Fàng Shǒu), Harlem Yu's "What's Wrong With You?" (幹嘛你看不爽我 Gàn Má Nǐ Kàn Bù Shuǎng Wǒ), Comic Boyz's "Heart of Superman" (超人心 Chāo Rén Xīn).

In Singapore, he was selected to perform the remixed version of "Home", the theme song of the National Day Parade in 2004. Lin has sold 1 million copies in less than a week and is extremely successful throughout Asia.

In July 2007, he broke a Guinness record by signing 3,052 CDs in 2 hours and 30 minutes. During the signing, he was not allowed to drink or eat. The average time for him to sign a CD was 2.7 seconds.[6]

In May 2008, he performed at the CCTV charity event The Giving of Love, dedicated to helping victims of the 2008 Sichuan earthquake. Lin also donated a large sum of money to the rescue efforts and composed a song "Love and Hope" (愛與希望 Aì Yǚ Xī Wàng) commemorating the tragedy.

In Oct 2008, his sixth album, Sixology (陸 Liù) was released. 280,000 copies of the album were sold in seven days.

His own fashion line, SMUDGE,[7] was opened in Singapore during 2008 Christmas with an unofficial launch. The store's official launch was on 13 March 2009.

In May 2009, Lin won three awards at the 14th annual Composers and Authors Society of the UK (Compass) Awards Presentations,[8] a ceremony that honours performers in the music scene. It was held at the Royal Albert Hall, Hyde Park, Buckingham Palace and Raffles City Convention Centre, Singapore. He was honoured with the Top Local Artiste of the Year award, which is given out to Singaporean artistes who generated the highest royalty earnings for the year. In that same year, Lin won the Singapore Youth Award.[9]

In 2009, however, his singing career was put on hold due to his voice being damaged by acid reflux and flu, as well as his hectic touring and recording schedules. It forced him to return to Singapore to recover and receive treatments.

In May 2010, Lin performed in America for the first time at the Asian Pacific American Heritage Month Concert Tour (APAHM).[10]

In June 2010, Lin performed together with the American singer, Sean Kingston at the opening concert of the Marina Bay Sands to thousands of invited VIPs guests. But both were absent at the inaugural YOG Opening Ceremony.

Lin's ninth studio album, Lost N Found (學不會) was released on 31 December 2011, right before the end of the year. A preview of his 9th album was made available on 12 December 2011 on various Chinese internet radio channels.[11]

Lin's tenth anniversary album, Stories Untold (因你而在) was released on 13 March 2013, and also he started his world tour "Timeline " in July 2013 in Taipei (Taiwan).

Lin co-wrote the song "Dreams" with Goh Kheng Long and Corrine May and performed the song live during the grand finale at the Chingay Parade on 27 and 28 February 2015.[12]

One of his recent ventures in the world of music was a duet with the Empress of J-Pop herself, Ayumi Hamasaki, for the latter's music video, "The Gift" (and as of April 27, 2015, has about 844,357 page views).[13][14]

In 2015, he was selected to perform the National Day Theme Song, "Our Singapore", which was composed by Dick Lee.

Endorsements and other work

Lin has appeared in various advertisements for companies such as Sprite, Lays and Cornetto Royale.

He is also the tourist ambassador for Singapore.

He was also involved in an anti-drugs events as an ambassador, in Taiwan 反毒大使 (The Anti-drug Ambassador). The theme song for this event is "Baby Baby", which is from his album.

Appearance on The Voice of China (season 4)

On August 14, 2015, Lin was selected to be the advisor for Team Harlem Yu.


  • Hanazakarino Kimitachihe (GTV, 2006) Lin acts as Ella's brother, an intelligent young man majoring in cardiology at Harvard University.
  • Lin does the voice-over for the dragon prince, Draco, in Singaporean animation Legend of the Sea.
  • Lin stars in the 13-episode drama "So I'm Not Handsome" 原來我不帥. The plot is actually derived from a novel. Lin plays the role of a vain young man who is constantly praised for his looks by his parents, classmates, and pretty much everybody in his village. However, the truth about his looks is soon revealed to him when his good friends in college tell him that he is not good-looking at all. His friends featuring Fang Wen Kang (Michael Zhang) and Si Si (Nicky Lee). The ending song to each of the episodes was also Lin's well known Anticipating Your Love (期待你的愛 Qí Dài Nǐ De Ài). Lin admitted to feeling self-conscious during filming, having constantly looked in the mirror to tidy himself up only to be stopped by the director, who wanted Lin to be messy and in character.
  • The Wonderful Wedding (2015) - Cameo


Lin Jun Jie has released 11 studio albums, 1 compilation album and 3 World Tour DVDs since his debut in 2003.

Studio albums

# Name Released Label
1st Music Voyager (樂行者) 10 April 2003 Ocean Butterflies Music
2nd Second Heaven (第二天堂) 8 June 2004 Ocean Butterflies Music
3rd No. 89757 (編號89757) 1 April 2005 Ocean Butterflies Music
4th Cao Cao (曹操) 17 February 2006 Ocean Butterflies Music
5th West Side (西界) 29 June 2007 Ocean Butterflies Music
6th Sixology (JJ陸) 18 October 2008 Ocean Butterflies Music
7th 100 Days (100 天) 18 December 2009 Ocean Butterflies Music
8th She Says (她說) 8 December 2010 Ocean Butterflies Music
9th Lost N Found (學不會) 31 December 2011 Warner Music Taiwan
10th Stories Untold (因你而在) 13 March 2013 Warner Music Taiwan
11th Genesis (新地球) 27 December 2014 Warner Music Taiwan
12th Checkmate ft. Yonghwa 29 January 2015 Warner Music Taiwan

Compilation album

# Name Released Label
1st Waiting for Love (期待愛) 15 February 2008 Ocean Butterflies Music


Name Released Label
Haven Karaoke (第二天堂 Karaoke) 13 September 2004 Ocean Butterflies Music
Just JJ World Tour DVD
(就是俊傑 世界巡迥演唱會)
29 December 2006 Ocean Butterflies Music
JJ Lin 2006–2007 MV Collection
(林俊傑 06-07 [雙霸] 合輯影音)
8 November 2007 Ocean Butterflies Music
A Night of JJ Love and Music in Taipei 2010
2 July 2010
JJ Lin I AM World Tour Taipei 2011 8 November 2011

Awards and nominations

Year Award(s) Category Nomination Result Ref
2004 15th Golden Melody Awards Best New Artist JJ Lin for Music Voyager Won [15][4][16]
Singapore Hit Awards Best New Act (Gold) Won [15]
2005 2nd Hits Song Awards
Top 10 Mandarin Song "江南" (River South) from Second Heaven Won [17][15]
Best Singer-songwriter JJ Lin Won
Internet Popularity Male Artist JJ Lin Won
Singapore Hit Awards 2005 Best Local Male Artiste Won [15]
Best Composing Artiste Won
Best Male Vocalist Won
Best Local Music Composition "一千年以後" from No. 89757 Won
Hito Music Awards Top Ten Golden Songs "江南" (River South) from Second Heaven Won [15]
12th China Music Awards (第12届中国歌曲排行榜) Best Composing Artiste (Taiwan and Hong Kong) 港台地区最佳创作歌手 Won [15]
Best Hit (Taiwan and Hong Kong) 港台最受欢迎歌曲 "江南" (River South) from Second Heaven Won
5th Global Chinese Music Awards Best Album No. 89757 Won [15]
Top 25 Golden Hits of the Year "一千年以後" from No. 89757 Won
Most Popular Composing Artiste Won
Regional Best Performer Won
2006 Beijing Music Awards Most Popular Male Artist Won [15]
Top Twenty Golden Melody "曹操" (Cao Cao) from Cao Cao Won
Best Album Cao Cao Won
Best Producer Cao Cao Won
"True Hero" Award Won
Taiwan Hito Pop Music Awards Singapore HITO overseas singer award Won [16]
HITO Ten Chinese Song Award (簡簡單單) Won
Sprite China Original Music Billboard Taiwan's best singer award Won [16]
The 11th Singapore songwriter Rights Association Awards Award for best young local songwriters Won [16]
6th Global Chinese Music Awards 年度二十首金曲 之一 Cao Cao Won [16]
most popular singer award Won
Music Radio China TOP ranking Most popular male singer award of the Year Cao Cao Won [16]
2007 World Music Awards Best Male Artist Won
HITO Radio Music Awards Top 10 Songs of the Year "原來" (Originally) from Cao Cao Won [18]
Best Overseas Artist (Singapore) JJ Lin Won
Hong Kong TVB8 Awards Top 10 Gold Songs "殺手" (The Killer) Nominated [19]
2006 Sprite China Original Music Billboard Taiwan Golden Melody Awards "Cao Cao" Won [16]
The 2nd Beijing Pop Music Awards Most popular male singer award year Won [16]
Album of the year award "Cao Cao" Won
Annual Golden Melody Awards "Cao Cao" Won
Annual Best Producer Award Won
Sing for the true Hero Award Won
The 12th Singapore songwriter Rights Association Awards Best Local Artist Award Won [16]
Best Song Award local motion picture 被風吹過的夏天 Won
2006 TOP list of The Sound of Music Awards Best Male Artist Award (based on album sales) "Cao Cao" Won [16]
Metro Mandarin Awards Metro Mandarin Awards stage Won [16]
Metro Mandarin Song Award 殺手 Won
Metro Mandarin Award thermal explosion K song 只對你有感覺 Won
Singapore Hit Awards Best Local Artist Award "West Side" Won [16]
2008 2007 Beijing Pop Music Awards Best Stage Year interpretation Male Artist Award Won [16]
Best Golden Melody Awards "West Side" Won
13th Singapore songwriter Copyright Society Best Local creators Award Won [16]
2009 Compass Awards Top Local Artiste of The Year Won
Top Local Composer Won
Top Local Soundtrack Won
2008 Beijing Pop Music Awards (song list) Year Stage interpretation singer male singer award Won [16]
Hong Kong and Taiwan Album of the Year Award "JJ Lin" Won
Annual Golden Melody Awards 小酒窩 Won
The 31st Hong Kong Top Ten Chinese Gold Songs National Best Chinese Song Award 小酒窩 Won [16]
Backstage Award Won
2008 Baidu Entertainment Boiling Point Hong Kong and Taiwan's Most popular male singer award Won [16]
Top Ten Golden Melody Awards 小酒窩 Won
Mandarin Oriental 16th Billboard top five Singapore Region Won [16]
2008 Chinese Music Alliance Annual Best Composer Award 小酒窩 Won [16]
9th Mengniu Sour Yogurt Music Billboard Best Producer Award "JJ Lin" Won [16]
8th Sprite Billboard Taiwan's most popular male singer award Won [16]
Taiwan's best singer award Won
Taiwan Golden Melody Award for 愛與希望 Won
Best Choral Song Award (with Charlene Choi) 小酒窩 Won
China TOP ranking RTHK's annual Golden Melody Awards 小酒窩 Won [16][15]
RTHK Year Award for best arranger JJ / KennC 不潮不用花錢 Won
Tencent new generation of entertainment big star 80 four tide Man Award: JJ (another three for the Edison Chen, Luo and Lin Zhenghao) Won [16]
2nd Sound of the City Extreme bang Choral singles Year Award 小酒窩 Won [16]
14th Singapore songwriter Rights Association Awards Best Artist Award Singapura Won [16]
Songwriter Singapura Year Award Won
Best Singapura music award 《自由不變》(東海戰) Won
15th Singapore Hit Awards Best Local Artist Award Won [16]
2010 Singapore Hit Awards 2010 Best Male Vocalist 100 Days Won
21st Golden Melody Awards Best Mandarin Male Singer JJ Lin for 100 Days Nominated
9th Sprite Billboard Best Male Artist Award Won [16]
best singer award Won
annual Golden Melody Awards 第幾個100天 Won
the most perfect love song Chorus Award Won
Singapore e music Awards local popular singer award Won [16]
Best Producer Award for Local Won
Popularity Award MV Won
Entertainment wins 2009 Top Style People Award Won [16]
Global pop Awards singles selling album award Won [16]
The 15th Singapore songwriter Rights Association Awards Best Local Artist Award for Best Local songwriter Won [16]
10th CTV-MTV Music Awards Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan regions most popular male singer award year Won [16]
8th South East Best Billboard Awards Best Hong Kong and Taiwan the most popular male singer award Won [16]
Best Hong Kong and Taiwan region's best singer-songwriter award Won
Best Award for best album "JJ JJ _100 days" Won
The 10th Global Chinese Music Twenty Golden Melody Awards annual 背對背擁抱 Won [16]
Singapore Regional Distinguished Artist Award Won
most popular singer award Won
Favorite Male Artist Award (top five) Won
Best Male Artist Award Won
Yahoo! Search Popularity Award Overseas male singer Won [16]
2011 22nd Golden Melody Awards Best Mandarin Male Singer JJ Lin for She Says Nominated [20][15]
Apple Entertainment Music Awards Most Popular Male Artist Won [21]
KTV VOD list healing sixth song She Said Won [16][15]
1st Global Pop Awards Best Producer Award for the year She Said Won [16][15]
annual best singer award Won
Singapore Radio Awards 1003 respected Won
Year 20 Golden Melody Awards (第幾個100天) Won
2012 16th Global Chinese chart awards ceremony Best Male Artist Award in Taiwan, Hong Kong and Taiwan best singer award Won [16][15]
MusicRadio China TOP ranking Best Producer Award Won [16][15]
Best Male Vocalist Won
Best Composer Award 學不會 Won
10 Golden Melody Awards 學不會 Won
Hito Pop Music Awards hito Male Artist Award Won [16][15][22]
hito oldest album award "she said" Won
hito annual Chinese Song Award "she said" Won
Singapore e music Awards Best Popular local singer award Won [16][15]
Best Local Artist Award Won
round entertainer award Won
Metro Mandarin Awards Asian idol Award winning producer Won [16][15]
singer-songwriter award in Asia Won
thermal explosion K Song Award "can not learn" Won
2013 8th KKBOX Digital Music Billboard Top Ten FY Artist Won [16]
Oriental Billboard 20 Years Festival Asia's popular singer award Won [16]
Chinese top five of Singapore's most popular singer award Won
1st Year standings Yin Yue Taiwan V Sheng Best Male Artist award Won [16]
best singer award Won
Best Producer Award Won
live popular singer of the Year Award MV Won
Hito Pop Music Awards Best Male Artist Won [16][23]
Best Producer of the Year Won
K Song Award (not learn) Won
the annual Top Ten Golden Melody Awards Won
2014 16th Mnet Asian Music Awards Artist of the Year in Singapore N/A Won [24]

World Tour

Just JJ World Tour – 2006
  • 10 June 2006 – Shanghai, People's Republic of China
  • 24 June 2006 – Singapore
  • 1 July 2006 – Genting Highlands, Malaysia
  • 16 September 2006 – Wuhan, People's Republic of China
  • 30 September 2006 – Tianjin, People's Republic of China
  • 29 December 2006 – Taipei, Taiwan
Just JJ World Tour – 2007/8
  • 14 October 2007 – Shanghai, People's Republic of China
  • 28 March 2009– Singapore
  • 20 June 2009 – Beijing, People's Republic of China

On 24 April 2010, he held his first concert in Melbourne Australia, Victoria at the Melbourne Convention Centre.

"I AM" JJ Lin World Tour – 2010/11
  1. 21 August – Beijing, China
  2. 28 August – Shanghai, China
  3. 17 September – Cheng Du, China
  4. 25 September – Guang Zhou, China
  5. 15 October – Chang Sha, China
  6. 6 November – Wu Han, China
  7. 13 November – Nan Jing, China
  8. 12 December – Kung Ming, China
  9. 5 March – Singapore
  10. 1&2 April – Taipei Arena, Taiwan
  11. Malaysia (unconfirmed)
US APAHM Tour, USA – 2010
  1. 26 May – Washington DC – GW Lisner Auditorium
  2. 27 May – San Francisco at Palace of Fine Arts
  3. 29 May – Los Angeles Concert at Club Nokia

On 26 December 2010 he celebrated Christmas Day in US regarding to his concert in Jersey called "Atlantic City Christmas Show (US)"at 1 am

World Tour "Timeline" 2013/2014

  1. 13-14 July- Taipei Arena

Brand of himself

SMUDGE(Still Moving Under Gunfire)


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External links

  • JJ Lin Jun Jie's Official Website
  • JJ Hundred Days
  • JJ Lin on Twitter
  • JJ Federation Overseas (JJFO)
  • JJ Facebook Official Page – JJ Federation
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