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Japan Record Award

Japan Record Award
Awarded for Outstanding achievements in the record industry
Country  Japan
Presented by Japan Composer's Association
First awarded 1959
Official website

The Japan Record Awards (日本レコード大賞 Nihon Rekōdo Taishō) is a major music awards show that recognizes outstanding achievements in the Japan Composer's Association in a manner similar to the American Grammy Awards, held annually in Japan. Until 2005, the show aired on New Year's Eve, but has since aired every December 30 on TBS Japan at 6:30 P.M JST and is hosted by many announcers.

EXILE holds the record for most wins, with four awards.[1]


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Grand Prix shield

The shield itself, designed by painter Seiji Togo.


The Japan Record Awards include, but are not limited to, four awards which are not restricted by genre.

  • Japan Record Award - awarded to the performer and the production team of a single song.
  • Best Vocal Performance Award- awarded to the best singer.
  • Best New Artist Award- awarded to a performer who releases, during the Eligibility Year, the first recording which establishes the public identity of that artist (which may not necessarily be their first proper release).
  • New Artist Award - automatically nominates 4 Best new artist for the ‘Best New Artist Award,’ which will select the top debuting artist from the four winners.
  • Best Album Award- awarded to the performer and the production team of a full album.
  • Excellence Album Award
  • Excellent Work Award
  • Best Composer Award
  • Best Arranger Award
  • Best Songwriter Award
  • Planning Award
  • Achievement Award
  • Special Award
  • Lifetime Achievement Award
  • Japan Composer's Association Award

List of Japan Record Award Winners

Award Year Song Recordmaker Artist
1 1959 Kuroi Hanabira Toshiba Music Hiroshi Mizuhara
2 1960 Dare yori mo Kimi o Aisu JVC Victor Kazuko Matsuo
Hiroshi Wada and Mahinastars
3 1961 Kimi Koishi JVC Victor Frank Nagai
4 1962 Itsu demo Yume o JVC Victor Yukio Hashi
Sayuri Yoshinaga
5 1963 Konnichiwa Aka-chan King Records Michiyo Azusa
6 1964 Ai to Shi o Mitsumete Nippon Columbia Kazuko Aoyama
7 1965 Yawara Nippon Columbia Hibari Misora
8 1966 Muhyo JVC Victor Yukio Hashi
9 1967 Blue Chateau Nippon Columbia Jackey Yoshikawa and Blue Comets
10 1968 Tenshi no Yuwaku Toshiba Music Jun Mayuzumi
11 1969 Ii ja nai no Shiawase naraba JVC Victor Naomi Sagara
12 1970 Kyo de Owakare Polydor Yoichi Sugawara
13 1971 Mata Au Hi Made Phonogram Kiyohiko Ozaki
14 1972 Kassai Nippon Columbia Chiaki Naomi
15 1973 Yozora Tokuma Music Hiroshi Itsuki
16 1974 Erimo Misaki Victor Music Shinichi Mori
17 1975 Cyclamen no Kaori King Records Akira Fuse
18 1976 Kita no Yado kara Nippon Columbia Harumi Miyako
19 1977 Katteni-Shiyagare Polydor Kenji Sawada
20 1978 UFO Victor Music Pink Lady
21 1979 Miserarete CBS Sony Judy Ongg
22 1980 Ame no Bojo Teichiku Aki Yashiro
23 1981 Ruby no Yubiwa Toshiba EMI Akira Terao
24 1982 Kitasakaba Nippon Columbia Takashi Hosokawa
25 1983 Yagiri no Watashi Nippon Columbia Takashi Hosokawa
26 1984 Nagaragawa Enka Tokuma Japan Hiroshi Itsuki
27 1985 Meu amor é... Warner Pioneer Akina Nakamori
28 1986 Desire Warner Pioneer Akina Nakamori
29 1987 Orokamono CBS Sony Masahiko Kondo
30 1988 Paradise Ginga Pony Canyon Hikaru Genji
31 1989 Samishii Nettaigyo Polystar Wink
32 1990 Enka Koi Uta Tsuzuri Polystar Takao Horiuchi
Pops Odoru Pompokolin BMG Japan B.B.Queens
33 1991 Enka Kita no Daichi Nippon Crown Saburo Kitajima
Pops Ai wa Katsu Polydor KAN
34 1992 Enka Shiroi Kaikyo King Records Miyako Otsuki
Pops Kimi ga Iru Dake de Sony Music Kome Kome Club
35 1993 Mugonzaka Polydor Records Kaori Kozai
36 1994 Innocent World Toy's Factory Mr. Children
37 1995 Overnight Sensation: Jidai wa Anata ni Yudaneteru Avex TRF
38 1996 Don't Wanna Cry Avex Namie Amuro
39 1997 Can You Celebrate? Avex Namie Amuro
40 1998 Wanna Be A Dreammaker Avex Globe
41 1999 Winter, again Unlimited Records Glay
42 2000 Tsunami Victor Entertainment Southern All Stars
43 2001 Dearest Avex Ayumi Hamasaki
44 2002 Voyage Avex Ayumi Hamasaki
45 2003 No Way to Say Avex Ayumi Hamasaki
46 2004 Sign Toy's Factory Mr. Children
47 2005 Butterfly Rhythm Zone (Avex) Kumi Koda
48 2006 Ikken Columbia Music Entertainment Kiyoshi Hikawa
49 2007 Tsubomi Warner Music Japan Kobukuro
50 2008 Ti Amo Rhythm Zone (Avex) Exile
51 2009 Someday Rhythm Zone (Avex) Exile
52 2010 I Wish For You Rhythm Zone (Avex) Exile
53 2011 Flying Get You! Be Cool! (King Records) AKB48
54 2012 Manatsu no Sounds Good! You! Be Cool! (King Records) AKB48
55 2013 Exile Pride: Konna Sekai o Aisuru Tame Rhythm Zone (Avex) Exile



  1. ^ EXILE Takes Home Top Honors at The 55th Japan Record Awards. Nihongogo, Jeffrey To

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