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Jetix Animation Concepts

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Title: Jetix Animation Concepts  
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Jetix Animation Concepts

Launched February 8, 2004
Closed August 10, 2010
Owned by Jetix Europe
Jetix Latin America
ABC Cable Networks Group
Broadcast area Worldwide
Replaced Fox Kids
Replaced by Disney XD
Disney Channel
Sister channel(s) Jetix Play, GXT, K2

Jetix was a worldwide children's television programming brand owned by Jetix Europe, Jetix Latin America and ABC Cable Networks Group (The Walt Disney Company). The Jetix brand was used for children's blocks and channels featuring action-related and adventure-related live-action and animated programming, most of which aired on Fox Kids. Disney retired the Jetix brand in 2010 and replaced it with Disney XD (or Disney Channel in Central and Eastern Europe) an accordance to the company's focus on its Disney, ABC, and ESPN brands. The last remaining Jetix in the world in Russia, was replaced by Disney Channel on August 10, 2010.

Jetix Europe

Jetix Europe N.V. (JE), formerly Fox Kids Europe (FKE), was a television broadcasting company operating kids oriented channels and programming blocks across the European and Middle East markets.

Fox Kids Europe

The first Fox Kids channel in the UK was launched in October 1996 and the Fox Kids Europe (FKE) was incorporated in November 1999 with 75.7% being held by Fox Family Worldwide (FFW) with the balance of ownership listed on Euronext. FFW was acquired in October 2001 by The Walt Disney Company and renamed ABC Family Worldwide Inc.[1] K2 started out as a syndicated block for several local stations in Italy.[2]

In December 2002, FKE signed with BMG Europe for two Fox Kids Hits music compilation albums per year for 10 European markets.[3]

In July 2003, Fox Kids Europe relauched Fox Kids Play interactive channel on Telewest.[4]

Jetix alliance

In January 2004, Fox Kids Europe, Fox Kids Latin America and ABC Cable Networks Group agreed to the Jetix programming alliance that would rebrand Fox Kids as Jetix, all blocks, channels and companies.[5] Fox Kids blocks started to changed over in April and the first channel in France was changed over in August 2004.[6]

SIP Animation co-produced a few animated series with Jetix Europe during the 2000s.[7][8]

Jetix Europe launched GXT as a male teen channel in May 2005 on Mondo Sky in Italy.[9] In 2008, JE licensed out Jetix France to The Walt Disney Company France and Disney-ABC-ESPN Television became its channel distribution servicer.[1] In 2009, K2 became a TV channel.[2]

In February 2008, Jetix Europe was in talks to join affiliated companies, Disney Channel Europe, ESPN Europe and Disney-ABC International Television (DAIT), in their combined distribution sales unit.[10] In June, Jetix Europe agreed to have DAIT take over distribution sales for all channels across Europe, the Middle East and Africa.[11]

On December 8, 2008, Disney made an agreement to increase ownership in Jetix Europe to 96% and intends to purchase the remainer and have Jetix Europe delisted from the Euronext Amsterdam exchange.[12] With full Disney control over Jetix Europe, Disney indicated in February 2009 that Jetix blocks and channels would be switch over to Disney branding starting with the Jetix France channel with Disney XD on April 1, 2009.[13] Jetix Italy management, agreed to purchase the Jetix Italy company, renamed as Switchover Media, GXT and K2 from Jetix Europe in July 2009 while managing the Jetix Italy channel unit it rebrands as Disney XD in the fall.[14][15]

List of international versions

Market type formerly launch date[16] Replacement Replace Date
 Canada block on
Power Box September 10, 2006 discontinued August 1, 2009
 United States block on
ABC Family
Action Block February 2004 discontinued February 13, 2009
 United States block on
Toon Disney
none February 2004 merged with Toon Disney to become Disney XD February 13, 2009
 Italy channel Fox Kids (2000) 2005 Disney XD September 28, 2009
Latin America channel Fox Kids November 8, 1996/July 31, 2004 Disney XD Latin America July 3, 2009
 Japan block on
Toon Disney Japan
December 2005[17] Disney XD Japan August 1, 2009
 India block on
Toon Disney
January 1, 2004 Disney XD November 14, 2009
Central and Eastern Europe channel (April 1999) 2004 Disney Channel Bulgaria, Disney Channel Romania September 19, 2009
 United Kingdom channel Fox Kids (October 1996) 2004 Disney XD August 31, 2009
 Netherlands channel Fox Kids (August 1997) 2004 Disney XD January 1, 2010
 France channel Fox Kids (11/1997) 8/2004[6] Disney XD April 1, 2009[13]
 Poland channel Fox Kids (April 1998) 2004 Disney XD September 19, 2009
Hungary, Czech Republic and Slovakia channel Fox Kids (September 2000) 2004 Disney Channel Hungary, Disney Channel Czech, Disney Channel Slovakia September 19, 2009
Hungary block on TV2 Cartoon Network (2003[18])
Scandinavia channel Fox Kids (April 1998) 2004 Disney XD September 12, 2009
 Spain channel Fox Kids (December 1998) 2004 Disney XD September 18, 2009
 Germany channel (October 2000[19] /June 10, 2005[20]) Disney XD October 2009[21]
Turkey and Middle East channel Fox Kids (November 2000[19]) Disney XD October 3, 2009
 Turkey block on Show TV (2000[22])
 Hungary block on Magyar TV (2000[22])
 Bulgaria block on Balkan News Corp. (2000[22])
 Israel channel Fox Kids (February 2001[19]) 2002 Disney Channel September 9, 2009
 Greece channel Fox Kids (October 2001) 2002 Disney XD (Greece) October 3, 2009
 Russia block on REN TV Fox Kids (2001[18]) 2002 Disney Channel (Russia) August 10, 2010

Other channels

Market name type formerly launch date[16] Replacement Replace Date
Central and Eastern Europe Jetix Play channel Fox Kids Play October 2003
Italy GXT Channel May 2005 (sold)
Italy K2 Syndicated block / Channel Fox Kids 2002[18]/2009 (sold)
Poland Jetix Play channel Fox Kids Play (November 2003) 2004 Playhouse Disney July 2010[23]
Turkey and Middle East Jetix Play channel Fox Kids Play (October 2003) 2004
United Kingdom Jetix +1 timeshift service Fox Kids + Same as Jetix UK Disney XD +1 Same as Jetix UK

Jetix Play

Jetix Play
Jetix Play
Launched November 2003 - Fox Kids Play
January 2005 - Jetix Play
Closed March 12, 2011
Owned by The Walt Disney Company
Sister channel(s) Jetix, GXT, K2

Jetix Play, formerly Fox Kids Play, was an interactive television channel for younger kids.

In July 2003, Fox Kids Europe relauched Fox Kids Play interactive channel on Telewest.[4]

Jetix Animation Concepts

Jetix Animation Concepts, also Jetix Concepts Animation, was a brand used for animation co-produced by and for the Jetix global group by the American partner, ABC Cable Networks Group.[6]



Jetix owned the Saban Entertainment library which included shows from Marvel Productions.[24]


In the UK, Future plc published the official Jetix Magazine. Published every four weeks the magazine featured puzzles and featured based on the channel's shows. The magazine also came with a free DVD featuring shows from the channel.[25]

In other countries, including Bulgaria and Romania, similar Jetix magazines were also produced.

Jetix Magazine was launch in early September 2004 by Jetix Consumer Products and Future Publishing.[25] Cavan Scott was the magazine's initial editor.[26]

With the purchase of the remaining Jetix Europe shares by The Walt Disney Company and the change over of the channels to a Disney branded channel, Future renamed the magazine to "Nitro!" to become an independent magazine with the same general focus as the Jetix magazine.[27]

Monster truck

In 2007, the Monster Jam monster truck series had a truck with the Jetix name and some characters on it. The truck was driven by Dan Evans, who normally drives The Destroyer, and toured in the Monster Jam European tour until December. The truck has not been seen since then and was rebranded as Disney XD.

Jetix Kids Cup

The Jetix Kids Cup was a football (soccer) tournament which kids from all over the world competed to show their skills.

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