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Jim Jarmusch

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Title: Jim Jarmusch  
Author: World Heritage Encyclopedia
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Subject: List of film director and actor collaborations, Dead Man, Tom Waits, Pandora Film, Ivory Coast/Selected biography
Publisher: World Heritage Encyclopedia

Jim Jarmusch

Sic|nolink=y|Czechosl|avakia}} will soon hold such a festival. And in Japan, where the director is a national celebrity, he is offered huge sums to appear in and direct commercials. To date he has turned down all offers.}} |title=''Dead Man'' talking |publisher=Phoenix Media/Communications Group |date=May 9–16, 1996}} |date=May 17, 2005 |last=Dawtrey |first=Adam |publisher=Reed Business Information |quote=Jim Jarmusch, whose latest pic "Broken Flowers" premieres in the Cannes competition today, has struck a multi-year first-look deal with Fortissimo Films.
This is the first time Fortissimo has entered a formal long-term relationship with an individual filmmaker, and marks a major step forward by the Hong Kong and Amsterdam-based sales company in its drive for English-language movies.
Fortissimo has agreed to provide financing to upcoming Jarmusch films, including a contribution to the overheads of his New York-based production banner Exoskeleton.}} |publisher=MovieMaker Publishing |accessdate=April 26, 2009 |date=January 22, 2004 |last=Jarmusch |first=Jim |date=October 20, 2005 }} |date=April 21, 2000 |title=Director Jim Jarmusch delivers offbeat mob movie ''Ghost Dog'' |quote=Jim Jarmusch makes movies unlike anyone else's. They're unhurried. They're populated by the oddest characters. They do not proceed in straight lines. They're one of a kind.}} |volume=2 |issue=6 |archiveurl= |archivedate=August 3, 2002 |title=Jim Jarmusch, Rock and Roll Director |accessdate=September 27, 2009 |url=|ref=harv}} }} |work=The Onion |last=Tobias |first=Scott |date=May 8, 2009 |accessdate=September 23, 2009 }} |accessdate=May 5, 2009 |date=March 15, 2000 |last=Klein |first=Joshua}} s new film, ''Ghost Dog: The Way of the Samurai'' |episodelink= |url= |series=Morning Edition |serieslink= |credits=Host: |network= |station= |city= |airdate=March 10, 2000 |began= |ended= |season= |seriesno= |number= |minutes= |quote=The 1984 movie ''Stranger Than Paradise'' by Jim Jarmusch is credited with launching the independent film movement. Two years later, Jarmusch introduced American audiences to the wacky Italian actor Roberto Benigni in ''Down by Law''.}} |date=March 22, 1996 |last=Rosenbaum |first=Jonathan|ref=harv}} |date=March 24, 2000}} |date=April 6, 2004 |last=Kimmel |first=Dan |quote=Indie filmmaker Jim Jarmusch will be the sixth recipient of the Filmmaker on the Edge award at the 2004 Provincetown Film Festival, to be held June 16–20 in Provincetown, Mass.}} |date=February 14, 1994}} |interviewer=Terry Gross |callsign=WHYY |accessdate=May 3, 2009 |format=audio}} |accessdate=May 2, 2009 |last=Fennessy |first=Sean }} |volume=10 |issue=4 |date=April 2000 |pages=22–24 |accessdate=October 1, 2009|ref=harv}} |accessdate=May 19, 2009 |date=June 1, 2005 |last=Torday |first=Daniel |ref=harv }}
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