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Jinny Ng

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Title: Jinny Ng  
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Subject: Young Charioteers, My "Spiritual" Ex-Lover, Jade Solid Gold, 2014 TVB Star Awards Malaysia, Ng (name)
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Jinny Ng

Jinny Ng
Birth name Jinny Ng
Ancestry China, Fujian
Born (1992-05-23) 23 May 1992
Fuzhou, Fujian
Occupation Singer, musician, actress, model
Genre(s) Cantopop, Mandopop
Instrument(s) Piano, Ukelele
Label(s) Craze Music(2010)
Stars Shine International(2010 - 2013)
Voice Entertainment(2014 - present)
Years active 2010–present

Jinny Ng Yuek-hei (Chinese: 吳若希; born 23 May 1992) is a Hong Kong Cantopop Singer, hostess and Actress. She is currently a singer of Voice Entertainment and an actress under TVB.[1] She was born in Mainland China and emigrated to Hong Kong along with her family at the age of nine. She has risen to prominence since 2014 as she performed several theme songs and hosted TV programs for TVB.


  • Career 1
    • 2008: Discovery 1.1
    • 2010: Start of Music Career and Debut Album 1.2
    • 2011: Chorus Single and Several Awards 1.3
    • 2012: Second Album and Illnesses 1.4
    • 2013: Third Album 1.5
    • 2014 - present: Retrospective Album and rise to fame 1.6
  • Discography 2
    • Personal Albums 2.1
  • Filmography 3
    • Television Dramas 3.1
  • References 4
  • External links 5


2008: Discovery

In 2008, 16-year-old Jinny Ng was discovered by an agent while singing in karaoke with her friends. She had been secretly trained to sing and play instruments for two years before her start in music career, which was a tough time she had undergone.[2]

2010: Start of Music Career and Debut Album

Early in 2010, Jinny Ng and Enzo Siu chorused the song Love@Earth, which marked the start of her music career. On 8 November 2010, she released her debut album Love Diary(戀愛日記) which had received positive criticisms.

2011: Chorus Single and Several Awards

In 2011, Jinny Ng released a single Intimate(《知己》), which was chorused with Alfred Hui. It became a hit single as it reached to the peak of TVB Chart of pop songs and was awarded several times.

2012: Second Album and Illnesses

On 28 May 2012, Jinny Ng released her second album BlueSky(《蓝天空》), which contains her eight new Canto songs. In early July, she got a stomachache and went to the hospital for emergency. Later while participating in a public activity, she felt dizzy and visited a private doctor. After a careful inspection, it was found that she had a tumor in her stomach. She followed the doctor's advice and took Invasiveness of surgical procedures to excise the tumor.[3] Subsequently she found there was a callus in her throat.[4]

2013: Third Album

On 26 June 2013, Jinny Ng released her third album I Understand(《我懂了》).

2014 - present: Retrospective Album and rise to fame

From the start of 2014, Jinny Ng joined Voice Entertainment from Stars Shine International and contracted with TVB. She sang several theme songs for TVB dramas, including A Time of Love, Storm in a Cocoon, Swipe Tap Love and Line Walker. Her song Love Is Not Easy is played for plenty of times in Line Walker especially when a crucial moment occurs. The song became very popular and a hot topic for the audiences along with the drama. On 27 November 2014, Jinny Ng released her fourth album, a Retrospective album called Love Collection: Love Is Not Easy(《越难越爱 Love Collection 精选》), which includes her theme songs and classics in her previous albums.

Jinny Ng is also a hostess in TVB programs such as All Things Girl and Jade Solid Gold. Additionally, she has begun to act in some TVB dramas such as Come On, Cousin, My "Spiritual" Ex-Lover and Young Charioteers.

On 18 January 2015, in the 2014 Jade Solid Gold Awards Presentation, Ng's Love Is Not Easy won the award of Golden Song, which denotes it as the best song among the other awarded songs. The song has been known by one and all and widely named the "brainwash song". It also has a Vietnamese version.[5]


Personal Albums

Album # Title Type Publisher Released Date Track list
1st Love Diary(《戀愛日記》) EP Stars Shine International 13 November 2010
2nd BlueSky(《蓝天空》) Studio album Stars Shine International 28 May 2012
3rd I Understand(《我懂了》) Studio album Stars Shine International 26 June 2013
4th Love Collection: Love Is Not Easy(《越难越爱 Love Collection 精选》) Retrospective album Voice Entertainment 27 November 2014


Television Dramas

TV Dramas (TVB)
Year Name Role Note
2014 Come On, Cousin 林芯嬌
2015 My "Spiritual" Ex-Lover 迎春嬌 Supporting Character
Young Charioteers 胡芯藍 One of the four heroines


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