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KB Extraliga

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Title: KB Extraliga  
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Subject: KB Extraliga, RK Petrovice, RC Sparta Prague, Rugby union in the Czech Republic, Czechoslovak Rugby Union
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KB Extraliga

KB Extraliga
Current season or competition:
2012–13 Extraliga season
Sport Rugby union
Instituted 1993
Number of teams 8
Country  Czech Republic
Holders RC Praga (2013-14)

The KB Extraliga is a rugby club competition played in the Czech Republic and is the top level of rugby in the country. There is promotion between the KB Extraliga and the next (and only other) level down, the KB První Liga. As the name implies, the league is sponsored by Komerční banka (KB).

The season usually runs from September to May, although in the 2008 season, it was only from August through November 2008. Since 2008 the final has been played at the Synot Tip Arena in Prague.

RC Říčany are the current champions.


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The league was first played in 1993, with Vyškov as the first champions. Prior to the foundation of the league, clubs competed in the Czechoslovak Championship.

It became known under its present name in 2003, when KB started sponsoring the Czech Rugby Union, as well as the national teams and leagues.

Current teams

2012–13 season

Club Full name City Stadium
RC Dragon Brno Rugby Club Dragon Brno Maloměřice (Brno) N/A
Praga Rugby Praga Rugby Vysočany (Prague) N/A
RC Říčany Rugby Club Říčany Říčany Stadion Josefa Kohouta
RC Slavia Prague Rugby Club Slavia Praha Vršovice (Prague) N/A
RC Sparta Prague Rugby Club Sparta Praha Prague 9 (Prague) Podvinný mlýn
RC Tatra Smíchov Rugby Club Tatra Smíchov Smíchov (Prague) Stadion ragby Císařka
RC Vyškov Rugby Club Vyškov Vyškov Areál Jana Navrátila
RC Havířov Rugby Club Havířov Havířov Astronautů 2


The scores in blue are links to accounts of finals on the site of the Czech Rugby Union (ČSRU) - in Czech
Year Champion Score Runner-up Place
1993 RC Vyškov
1994 RC Vyškov
1995 RC Tatra Smíchov
1996 RC Říčany
1997 RC Tatra Smíchov
1998 RC Sparta Prague
1999 RC Sparta Prague
2000 RC Dragon Brno
2001 RC Říčany 15-11 TJ Praga Stadion Josefa Kohouta, Říčany
2002 TJ Praga 53-30 RC Tatra Smíchov Stadion ragby Císařka, Prague
2003 RC Tatra Smíchov 20-15 RC Říčany Stadion Josefa Kohouta, Říčany
2004 RC Říčany 36-12 RC Vyškov Areál Jana Navrátila, Vyškov
2005 RC Říčany 23-20 RC Tatra Smíchov Stadion ragby Císařka, Prague
2006 RC Říčany 12-6 RC Tatra Smíchov
2007 RC Tatra Smíchov 13-12 RC Říčany Stadion ragby Císařka, Prague
2008 RC Tatra Smíchov 17-9 RC Říčany Synot Tip Arena, Prague
2010 RC Slavia Prague 11-10 RC Tatra Smíchov Synot Tip Arena, Prague
2011 RC Říčany 21-10 (aet) RC Slavia Prague Stadion Josefa Kohouta, Říčany
2012 RC Říčany 25-11 RC RENTAL.CZ Havířov Stadion Josefa Kohouta, Říčany

|- |align=left|2013 |RC Tatra Smíchov |align=center|39-20 |RC Praga Praha |align=left|Stadion Smíchov |}

Performance by club

Club Winners Runners-up Winning Years
1996, 2001, 2004, 2005, 2006, 2011, 2012
Tatra Smíchov
1995, 1997, 2003, 2007, 2008
Sparta Prague
1998, 1999
1993, 1994
Dragon Brno
Praga Rugby
Slavia Prague


The following table lists the Czech rugby champions by region.
Region Titles Winning Clubs
Tatra Smíchov (5), Sparta Prague (2), Praga Rugby (1), Slavia Prague (1)
 Central Bohemia
Říčany (7)
 South Moravia
Vyškov (2), Dragon Brno (1)


  1. ^ With the exception of the 2008 season onwards, all finals were played over at least two legs (an additional match being played whenever both teams have won a leg). The score given is that of the deciding match.

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  • 80 let Českého Ragby 1926-2006 (80 years of Czech Rugby 1926-2006)
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