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Kajangala (Bengali: কজঙ্গল), refers to a territory located near Rajmahal in ancient times, in eastern part of India.[1]


It was spread across what is now part of Birbhum district in West Bengal and Santhal Parganas in Jharkhand.[2]


There is mention of a jungle territory in the Rarh region in the Bhubaneswar stone tablet of Bhatta Bhabadeb, a minister of king Haribarmadev in the 11th century AD. It is mentioned that the Chinese monk-traveller Xuanzang (Hiuen Tsang) travelled from Champa (Bhagalpur) to Kajangala and then proceeded to Pundravardhana in the 7th century AD. He says that the northern limit of its territory was not very far from the Ganges. The forests to the south had plenty of elephants. The people were straight forward, talented and devoted to education.[2]

The Pali Vinayaka-pitaka fixed the eastern limit of Aryavarta (land of the Aryans) at Kajangala.[3]


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