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Kenny the Shark

Kenny the Shark
Genre Educational
Created by Jack Huber
Written by Jay Martel
Philip Morton
Don Wells
Tim Hill
Directed by George Engelbrecht
Voices of Jim Conroy
Kelli Rabke
Karen Culp
Russell Horton
Nicolas King
Rob Bartlett
Composer(s) Jared Faber
Country of origin United States
Original language(s) English
No. of seasons 2
No. of episodes 26 (List of episodes)
Executive producer(s) Bob Mittenthal
Winnie Chaffe
Peter Roos
Producer(s) Kaluska Poventud
Running time 30 minutes (22 without commercials)
Production company(s) Phase 4
Distributor Discovery Communications
Original channel NBC
Discovery Kids
Original release November 1, 2003 (2003-11-01) – February 18, 2006 (2006-02-18)

Kenny the Shark is an animated television series produced by Discovery Kids. The show premiered on NBC's Discovery Kids on NBC from November 1, 2003 and ended February 18, 2006 with two seasons and 26 episodes in total having aired.

It is about an anthropomorphic tiger shark named Kenny that decides to move out of the ocean. He was the protagonist and main character in the series.

This was not Kenny's first appearance, however. In the late-1990s, a series of shorts ran between regular programming. Kenny was not seen, as the camera was from his point of view. A contest was held to guess what kind of shark Kenny was with the result being a tiger shark.


  • Characters 1
  • Episodes 2
    • Season 1 2.1
    • Season 2 2.2
  • Broadcast 3
  • DVD releases 4
  • External links 5


  • Kenny the Shark (voiced by Jim Conroy): The main character and protagonist. He is a tiger shark. Kenny is a comical character with a go-lucky attitude. Kenny was tired of life in the ocean and he went on the surface, where he is able to walk on his tailfins and breathe air like humans. He can't control himself when he hears or sees a seal. Kenny lives with an 11-year-old girl named Kat (who is the only human that can talk to Kenny) and her family (who can also talk to Kenny—rarely). He loves eating chum, Seal pops, seals, and sushi. Like most anthropomorphic animals, Kenny is able to walk, but he uses his tail fins as feet. Age: Approximately 14 years, 15 in "He's Gotta Have It".
  • Katarina "Kat" Cassidy (voiced by Kelli Rabke): An elementary/middle school school student who is the only one who can speak Kenny's language. She is Kenny's owner. Kat is optimistic and fun loving, but prone to trouble, and Kenny is her best friend. She possesses rather unrealistic characteristics. She usually wears sandals like her parents, but later in the series she wears tennis shoes. She is Biracial. In the episode "I Love the Nightlife", it has been revealed that Kat's full name was Katarina. In the episode "The Check Up", it was revealed that Kat is afraid to go to the dentist. Age: 11 years
  • Karl Cassidy (voiced by Karen Culp): Kat's little brother. He thinks that Kenny is a dog. He doesn't appear in most episodes. Age: 1½ years
  • Grace Cassidy (voiced by Karen Culp): Kat and Karl's mother who dresses somewhat like a beatnik, and Peter's wife. Grace is a psychiatrist and runs her practice at her house. Grace is always kind and caring, and she loves Kat, Karl, Kenny, and her husband equally. Kenny sometimes accidentally scares off her patients. Age: approximately 40 years
  • Peter Cassidy (voiced by Russell Horton): Kat and Karl's hippie father and Grace's husband. Peter is eco-sensitive and owns an organic grocery store. He gives Kat and Grace nicknames related to fruits and vegetables. Peter doesn't like Kenny because of his constant eating, shedding his teeth, and his tendency to break public property which costs Peter in fines. He once said, "One baby and one shark are enough" in the episode "Kenny the Dad." Age: approximately the same as his wife
  • Oscar (voiced by Nicolas King): Kat's Mayan best human friend seen in Who Framed Kenny the Shark?. He has a huge interest/obsession in the Mayans, from whom he descended. Age: 11 years
  • The Phoebes: A group of three popular girls that share the same name. There is a blonde Caucasian (the leader), a Latina, and an African-American. The blonde and the Latina wear sandals like Kat. Kat tried to be friends with them, but soon realize they are not nice. They are now Kat's rivals and always call her "sea dweeb" because she loves sharks. They once "stole" the lead drummer (and the song) for Kat and Oscar's band, whom Kenny replaced. At first, they were afraid of Kenny, but they like him for his cuteness after seeing a movie called "Finding Nimoy" about a baby shark named Nimoy on a journey to return to his parents. The girls are a parody of the Heathers. The Phoebes do not hate Kat and Oscar; they just want them to be normal. Kat once said she would enjoy Kenny eating them if were it not illegal. One of the Phoebes alone appear in Who Framed Kenny the Shark?. Ages: Approximately 12 years
  • Burton Plushtoy III (voiced by Oliver Wyman): An obnoxious rich kid and Kat's other rival who wants Kenny to be in his own private collection of exotic pets. He has been foiled by Kat twice. Plushtoy is a spoiled brat and a stuck up snob. He is the only true villain in the series. Age: 11 years
  • Marty (voiced by Rob Bartlett): A Dachshund and Kenny's other best friend who gives him occasional advice, which usually doesn't help. Kat seems to understand Marty as much as she understands Kenny. His owner looks like him (or is it the other way around?). Age: approximately 7 human years
  • Elly (voiced by Amy Love): A Bull shark from the aquarium, on whom Kenny has a crush. She appreciates Kenny being himself, and doesn't like him when he's not. After Marty helps save her from becoming sushi, she is shown batting her eyes at him when Kenny was going to bring her flowers. He throws them in the trash and leaves the aquarium. She is not seen or spoken of outside these two episodes. Age: slightly older or younger than Kenny
  • Capt. Ahearn: The local, somewhat crazy sailor captain who thinks all sharks are dangerous and tried to catch Kenny and kill him thinking that he is trying to protect Kat. After Kenny saved him from guard dogs, only because Kat commanded him to (which presents a real problem in ethics, considering Kenny wasn't even the one who put Capt. Ahearn's life in danger, so they still wouldn't be even even if Capt. Ahearn died), they all become friends. He helps Kat and Kenny sometimes, and they helped him with a sleepwalking problem once in "Over the Ocean". Age: about 60 years
  • Brock: A local muscular former paperboy who appears to be a few years older than Kat. Like Kat, Brock also plays soccer. She used to crush on him, making her lose attention to Kenny. Jealous, Kenny scares Brock away twice, entirely on Marty's recommendation. He quits his job, thinking that he is under pressure. When the new paperboy, Larry, informs Kat about this, she spirals into depression, and Kenny tells her what he did. He insists to make it up to Kat, who says "I doubt it [that Kenny can make it up to her]," even though she deserves to make it up to him, for ignoring him. When she learns that Brock already has a girlfriend, she impulsively lies to him about being in a relationship with Larry (in whom she clearly has no interest). She apologises to Kenny, and a teenage boy comes to fix the pool. Kat falls in love with him (even though he's probably married at his age), and Marty says, "I've seen this before." Age: 14 years
  • Grandma Pat: Kat's grandmother. She loves Kenny. In the episode, "All You Can Eat", Kenny takes advantage of her for feeding him.
  • Lola: Marty's girlfriend as seen in Kenny in Love.
  • Dr. Flossmore: The neighborhood dentist as seen in The Check Up. His last name is a parody on how he wants kids to "floss more". He had a bad eyeglasses prescription, causing him to mistake Kenny for Kat, Kat for Karl (who doesn't appear in this episode; or most episodes), and a water fountain for Grace. Age: 47 years
  • Ms. Hattie: An ill-tempered elder seen in Naughty Naughty Kenny who seems nice at first, but then becomes "bad to the bone". Age: approximately 77 years.
  • Gezabelle: Ms. Hattie's pet cat seen in Naughty Naughty Kenny.
  • Buster the Orca: A fierce-looking orca whale with a temperament to match. He thinks lowly of Kenny (due to tiger sharks being his natural prey), and has him do his bidding by threatening to swallow him.


Season 1

# Episode Original airdate
1/101 Simply Irresistible/Special Delivery November 1, 2003
1/102 Kid's Menu/Will Work for Chum November 8, 2003
1/103 I Love the Night Life/Dolphin for a Day December 6, 2003
1/104 Two Days of the Parrot/My Old School December 13, 2003
1/105 Bill Me Later/Catscratch Fever January 3, 2004
1/106 Kenny the Veggie/Watching Karl January 10, 2004
1/107 The Check Up/Naughty Naughty Kenny January 17, 2004
1/108 Pet Tricks/Who Framed Kenny the Shark? January 24, 2004
1/109 Three to Tango/Ball of Contention January 31, 2004
1/110 He's Gotta Have It/Kat and the Sax February 7, 2004
1/111 Trash Talking/Kenny in Love February 14, 2004
1/112 Fish Tale/Father's Day February 21, 2004
1/113 Family Vacation/Gentle Ken February 28, 2004

Season 2

# Episode Original airdate
2/201 Kenny the Hero/Whaling on Kenny October 2, 2004
2/202 His Fate is Sealed/Surf's Up October 9, 2004
2/203 Boy Trouble/Regime Change October 30, 2004
2/204 Kenny the Dad/Kenny-napped November 13, 2004
2/205 Kenny the Movie/Goodbye Ol' Chum November 27, 2004
2/206 Shark Shrunk/Kenny the Star December 4, 2004
2/207 Ocean's Three/Antiques Roadshark January 15, 2005
2/208 How to Succeed in Business/Mr. Popularity October 1, 2005
2/209 Over the Ocean/A Dog's Life October 22, 2005
2/210 Nobody Move/Seasick November 19, 2005
2/211 Kenny the Rockstar/Scaredy-Shark February 4, 2006
2/212 Revenge of the Shark Nerd/Bed and Breakfast February 11, 2006
2/213 Lawn Shark/All You Can Eat February 18, 2006


The series continued to run on Discovery Kids until the network changed into The Hub on October 10, 2010. Discovery Kids closed with a 4-hour marathon of Kenny the Shark episodes. Despite the closure, it still aired on The Hub until March 26, 2012. It aired reruns on Azteca on December 1, 2013 until June 1, 2014.

DVD releases

The show was released on DVD in the US by Genius Products and Discovery Home Entertainment with 2 volumes in 2007, and a third volume in 2008.

Three DVD volumes from Magna Pacific in Australia entitled "First Bite" (10 short episodes), "Second Bite" (8 short episodes) and "Third Bite" (8 short episodes) were released in 2005.

The first 10 episodes were available for purchase in the United States via the iTunes Store From 2009.

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