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Title: KeyCreator  
Author: World Heritage Encyclopedia
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Subject: CAD software, PSpice circuit file, FastCAD, NanoCAD, ShapeManager
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KeyCreator is a commercial software application for 2D and 3D computer-aided design (CAD) and drafting — available since 2004 as a desktop application.


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KeyCreator is a non-parametric, non-history based, "direct" 2D/3D solid modeling CAD program. Originally known as CADKEY,[1] it was first released in 1984, running on DOS, UNIX and Microsoft Windows operating systems. It was among the first CAD programs[2] with 3D capabilities for personal computers. Besides solid modeling, KeyCreator is also capable of wire-frame and surface modeling, as well as simple 2D drafting.


File formats and versions

KeyCreator’s native file format is .ckd.


KeyCreator is available for English, German, French, Italian, Spanish, Japanese, and Brazilian Portuguese.[3][4]


KeyCreator is capable of translating and editing the following file formats from other CAD softwares:[5]

3D Direct Modeling

KeyCreator provides 3D data without the complexity of a history-based parametric modeling tool. You can start with a sketch, primitives or even imported data and then instantly drive changes to the model. Several editing functions provide an command over basic mechanical parts. The Direct Dimension-Editing function lets users quickly and intuitively measure distances and move a flexibly defined set of parts and features temporarily attached to the dimension. Basic features like fillets/rounds, chamfers, sheet metal bends, and standard holes can be edited with simple selection and adjustment of their parameters. The full power of the KeyCreator modeling approach lies in the total control of shape provided by the freedom to pull apart and reconstruct solids using surface and wireframe techniques or remove features from a solid as tool bodies. Selection includes Kubotek’s Face Logic technology to instantly recognize potential features for hybrid editing.


KeyCreator’s surfaces handle the organic shape-design needs for users who produce or manipulate free-form products. KeyCreator designs precise curves and surfaces with free-form geometry at any point in the design project. It accelerates your concept design process, saving time. KeyCreator surface tools can create, modify, heal and validate sophisticated parts with complex shapes delivering more innovative and stylized designs to achieve highly engineered and manufacturable products that can give your company a competitive advantage.

Add-On Software

KeyCreator has several additional software options for varying functions.

  • KeyCreator Machinist is a 2 and 3 axis CAM solution for Mold, die & tooling, wood working, rapid prototyping and general machining.[6]
  • KeyCreator Analysis aids in the initial design phase to test products against different possible stresses.[7]
  • KeyMarkUp is a standalone viewer that allows most CAD files to be viewed and printed for brochures and other marketing purposes.[9]
  • ECO Manager is CAD comparison software that documents changes between revisions.[10]
  • Validation Tool provides a mathematical comparison between two similar or different CAD models to ensure data integrity is maintained during a translation or data migration process.[11] Validation Tool also has a version specifically to meet Boeing’s D6-51991 Requirements for Boeing’s suppliers.[12][13]
  • Spectrum is a CAD viewer for reviewing 3D models and drawings.[14]

Designed with KeyCreator

Aero Tec Laboratories used KeyCreator to design crash resistant, nonexploding fuel-bladder tanks for aircraft, race cars, and performance boats. They have made custom bladder tanks for NASCAR, Ferrari, Boeing, Lockheed, NASA and the U.S. Military.[15]

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External links

  • KeyCreator Official Website
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