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Kintetsu Yokkaichi Station

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Title: Kintetsu Yokkaichi Station  
Author: World Heritage Encyclopedia
Language: English
Subject: Kintetsu Nagoya Line, Kintetsu Suzuka Line, Kintetsu Yunoyama Line, Kintetsu Yamada Line, Kintetsu Toba Line
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Kintetsu Yokkaichi Station

Kintetsu Yokkaichi Station
Prefecture Mie
(See other stations in Mie)
City Yokkaichi
Neighborhood 1-56, Yasujima Itchome
Address in Japanese 三重県四日市市安島一丁目1-56
Opened 1913
Former names Suwa Station
Kinki Nippon Yokkaichi Station
Present name since 1970
Rail services
Operator(s) Kintetsu Corporation
Yokkaichi Asunarou Railway
Line(s) Nagoya Line
Yunoyama Line
Utsube Line
Medium bus terminal at this station

Kintetsu Yokkaichi Station (近鉄四日市駅 Kintetsu-Yokkaichi-eki) is a major Kintetsu railway station in the city of Yokkaichi, Mie Prefecture, on the island of Honshū, Japan. The Yokkaichi Asunarou Railway uses a part of the station as its terminal Asunarou Yokkaichi Station (あすなろう四日市駅 Asunarō Yokkaichi-eki).[1]


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  • History 4
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Kintetsu Yokkaichi Station - three island platforms serving six tracks on the third level

1, 2  Nagoya Line for Tsu, Toba, Kashikojima, Ōsaka, and Kōbe
3, 4  Nagoya Line for Kuwana and Nagoya
4  Nagoya Line a local train starting for Ise-Nakagawa at 6:50 on Saturdays and holidays
5  Yunoyama Line for Yunoyama-Onsen
 Nagoya Line a local train starting for Tsu-shimmachi at 7:42 on weekday mornings
express trains starting for Nagoya
6  Yunoyama Line for Yunoyama-Onsen

Asunarou Yokkaichi Station - an island platform serving two tracks on the first level

9  Utsube Line for Utsube (part of trains depart for Nishihino)
10  Hachioji Line for Nishihino (part of trains depart for Utsube)

Adjacent stations

« Service »
Nagoya Line
Kawaramachi   Local   Shinshō
Kawaramachi   Semi-Express   Terminus
Kintetsu-Tomida   Express   Shiohama
Kuwana   Limited Express   Shiroko
Kintetsu Nagoya   Limited Express "Shimakaze"   Iseshi
Yunoyama Line
Terminus - Nakagawara
Yokkaichi Asunarou Railway
Utsube Line
Terminus - Akahori


Change of Kintetsu lines near Yokkaichi in 1956

The station was originally opened as Suwa Station (諏訪駅 Suwa-eki) and was a junction of the three lines which Kintetsu Yokkaichi Station presently serves; provided that the two branch lines were operated by Mie Transport. In 1956 when Kinki Nippon Railway (Kintetsu) rerouted the Nagoya Line and closed its station by JNR's Yokkaichi Station, Suwa Station of Kintetsu and Mie Transport was moved and renamed as Kinki Nippon Yokkaichi Station. The station was again renamed in 1970 to the present name.

  • 1913-05-16 Mie tramway Suwa - Minami-Hamada opened.
  • 1913-09-24 Yokkaichi Railway Suwa - Ise-Kawashima opened.
  • 1915-12-25 Mie tramway Yokkaichi - Suwa opened.
  • 1916-03-03 Yokkaichi Railway Yokkaichi - Suwa opened.
  • 1916-07-19 Mie tramway was inherited by Mie Railway.
  • 1922-03-01 Ise Railway Miyamado - Shin-Yokkaichi open.
  • 1929-01-30 Ise Electric Railway Kuwana - Yokkaichi and Suwa stn. opened.
  • 1931-03-01 Yokkaichi Railway and Mie Railway merge to Mie Railway.
  • 1936-09-15 Sangu Express Railway mergeed Ise Electric railway.
  • 1941-03-15 Osaka Electric Tramway merged Sangu Express Railway and Osaka Electric Tramway was changed to Kansai Express Railway.
  • 1944-02-11 Mie railway and other 6 companies mergetd to Mie Transport.
  • 1944-06-01 Kansai Express Railway was changed to Kinki Nippon Railway (Kintetsu).
  • 1956-09-23 Kintetsu Line moved to new line. Yokkaichi Station of Kintetsu near JNR Yokkaichi Station was closed. Suwa Station was moved and its name was changed to Kinki Nippon Yokkaichi.
  • 1964-02-01 Mie Transport transferred its railway business to Mie Electric Railway.
  • 1965-04-01 Kinki Nippon Railway merged Mie Electric Railway.
  • 1970-03-01 Kinki Nippon Yokkaichi was changed to Kintetsu Yokkaichi.
  • 1973 Nagoya Line and Yunoyama Line were elevated.
  • 1974-06-29 Utsube Line Yokkaichi Station was moved.

Surrounding area

  • Kintetsu department store
  • LaLa Square shopping center
  • Yokkaichi Dome
  • Yokkaichi Museum


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External links

  • (Japanese) Kintetsu: Kintetsu-Yokkaichi Station
  • 1945 map (University of Texas Libraries)
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