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Koç Holding

Seker Holding A.Ş.
Anonim şirket
Traded as BİST: KCHOL
Industry Conglomerate
Founded 1926
Founder Vehbi Koç
Headquarters Nakkaştepe, Istanbul
Area served
Key people
Mustafa Koç (Chairman)
Turgay Durak (CEO)
Ahmet Ashaboğlu (CFO)[1]
Products Energy, automotive, consumer durables, finance, retail, construction, tourism, shipping, defence, information technology, investment, food
Revenue 68.6 Billion (2014)[2]
3.33 Billion (2014)[2]
2.71 Billion (2014)[2]
Total assets 63.9 Billion (2014)[2]
Total equity 20.3 Billion (2014)[2]
Number of employees
Subsidiaries [4]

Koç Holding A.Ş. (pronounced: Coach) is the top industrial conglomerate[5] in Turkey. The Koç family, one of Turkey's wealthiest families,[6] controls the company with its headquarters in Nakkaştepe,[7] Istanbul. Vehbi Koç, who established his first firm in 1926,[8] collected all of the companies bearing his name under the roof of Koç Holding on 20 November 1963 in order to centrally manage these companies and to provide optimum resource allocation.


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Founded in 1926, Koç Holding has become one of the largest companies in Europe. The shares of 16 Koç Group companies are traded on the Istanbul Stock Exchange; together, the groups comprise 113 companies, 90,000 employees, and 14,000 dealers, agencies, and after-sales services people. Koç Holding is the only Turkish company to be listed in Fortune Global 500 list. Fortune Global 500 ranked Koç Holding at 248 for the year 2011.[9]


Koç Holding, previously located in Fındıklı, Istanbul, moved to its new headquarters on 12 September 1988 and continues its activities at its present location in Nakkaştepe on the Anatolian part of Istanbul.

Top management

Vehbi Koç, a firm believer in the corporate spirit, handed his position as chairman of the board over to his son Rahmi M. Koç in 1984. Rahmi Koç retired on 4 April 2003 and handed his position over to his eldest son Mustafa V. Koç. Rahmi Koç is still honorary chairman and a member of the board of directors. Currently, Koç Holding’s CEO is Levent Çakıroğlu.


The main competitor of Koç Holding is Sabancı Holding. Koç Holding is Turkey's largest group of companies.[8]

Fields of activities

  • Automotive: Passenger cars, commercial vehicles, farm tractors and equipment, components
  • Durable Goods: refrigerator, washing machines, tumble dryers, dishwashers, ovens and cookers, televisions, air conditioners, PCs, small household appliances including vacuum cleaners, furnitures
  • Food: Pasta, fresh and processed meats, dairy products, tomato paste, ketchup and preserved foods, livestock farm, vegetable seeds, supermarket and shopping mall chain, Do-It-Yourself hypermarkets, real estate development and management,
  • Financial: Banking, brokerage, asset management, factoring, leasing, insurance, consumer finance,
  • Energy: Liquefied petroleum gas (LPG) distribution, LPG storage, Petroleum storage, distribution, refining, pressure reducing and heating equipment, electricity production, industrial and special gases distribution, coal, iron ore, copper and zinc mining,
  • Tourism. Marina operation, accommodation, food and beverage, patisserie products, travel agency, duty-free operations, car rental,
  • Construction: Shipbuilding, insulation materials, radiators, water heaters, contracting,
  • International trade: International trade activities, distribution, representations, logistics, trade finance,
  • Information technologies: Systems integration, services, consultancy and outsourcing, managed network services, ISP and VISP services, hosting, application services provider infrastructure services, B2B and B2C platforms, training and e-learning, cable TV operator, venture capital projects.
  • Defence : İronclad, Coast Guard Search & Rescue vessel.


The Koç School (elementary and high school) and The Koç University was established by Vehbi Koç Foundation.

Recent activities

The Koç Community, which will celebrate its 85th year this year, made a powerful start to the year. The consolidated sales revenue of Koç Holding, reached 53,812 million TL and the group raised its net profit to 1,734 million TL. With a combined investment of 1,881 million TL, 5,000 additional jobs were provided, the number of employees reaching 73,000.[10]

Group companies


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