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LNER Class Y1

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Title: LNER Class Y1  
Author: World Heritage Encyclopedia
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Subject: Locomotives of the London and North Eastern Railway, Sentinel Waggon Works, Middleton Railway
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LNER Class Y1

LNER Class Y1
Power type Steam
Designer Sentinel Waggon Works
Builder Sentinel Waggon Works
Build date 1925-1927
Total produced 24
Configuration 0-4-0 geared tank
Driver diameter 2 ft 6 in (0.76 m)
Wheelbase 7 ft 0 in (2.13 m)
Locomotive weight Y1/1, 20.35 long tons (20.68 t)
Y1/2, 19.8 long tons (20.1 t)
Y1/3, 14 long tons (14 t)
Y1/4, 19.35 long tons (19.66 t)
Fuel type coal
Fuel capacity 0.6–0.8 long tons (0.61–0.81 t)
Water capacity 300 imp gal (1,400 l; 360 US gal)
Boiler 2 ft 8 12 in (0.826 m) (all but Y1/2)
3 ft 1 in (0.94 m) (Y1/2)
Boiler pressure 275 psi (1.90 MPa)
water tube boiler
Firegrate area 3.97 sq ft (0.369 m2) (all but Y1/2)
5.1 sq ft (0.47 m2) (Y1/2)
Heating surface:
27.73 sq ft (2.576 m2) (all but Y1/2)
36.5 sq ft (3.39 m2) (Y1/2)
Heating surface:
26.7 sq ft (2.48 m2) (all but Y1/2)
35 sq ft (3.3 m2) (Y1/2)
Heating surface:
64.15 sq ft (5.960 m2) (all but Y1/2)
Superheater area 9.72 sq ft (0.903 m2) (all but Y1/2)
Cylinders two
Cylinder size 6 34 in × 9 in (170 mm × 230 mm)
Tractive effort 68130-68142 and 68152-68153: 7,260 lbf (32,300 N)
68143-68151: 8,870 lbf (39,500 N)
Railroad(s) London & North Eastern Railway, British Railways
Disposition 1 preserved, remainder scrapped

The LNER Class Y1 was a class of 0-4-0 geared steam locomotives built by Sentinel Waggon Works for the London and North Eastern Railway and introduced in 1925. They passed into British Railways ownership in 1948 and were numbered 68130-68153 [1] but 68134 was withdrawn almost immediately and may not have carried its BR number.

Power unit

The superheated vertical water-tube boiler and the engine were similar to those used in Sentinel steam wagons. There were variations within the class as regards boiler size and fuel capacity and these were denoted by sub-classes Y1/1 to Y1/4.

The engines had poppet valves and reversing was by sliding camshaft. The advantage of the water-tube boiler was that steam could be raised much more quickly than with a conventional fire-tube boiler.


Final drive to the wheels was by sprocket chain. Some engines had a gear ratio of 11:25 and some 9:25. Tractive effort was:

  • Ratio 11:25, 7,260 lbf (68130-68142 and 68152-68153)
  • Ratio 9:25, 8,870 lbf (68143-68151)


  • Y1/1, 68130-68135 and 68152 (total 7) [2]
  • Y1/2, 68137, 68138, 68140-68151, 68153 (total 15) [3]
  • Y1/3, 68139 (total 1) [4]
  • Y1/4, 68136 (total 1) [5]

There is disagreement between sources. According to LNER Encyclopedia [6] there were six Y1/1s and sixteen Y1/2s.



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